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1. How to pass a collection/array parameters to an Action

I am reading the documentation about the controller and I know how to define them on the controller side.

public static void show(Long[] id) {

public ...

2. how to call other action in play framework

def a = {
def b = {
  logger.debug("call ok")
When I call a, the logger is working, but it returns the template of a, why? I want ...

3. Playframework routes question

I have this in my applcation routes file:

GET    /new                 Tweets.create
POST   ...

4. How to call action that is in a different controlle in play framework?

I have a controller Foo in play framework scala project:

In Foo controller (in Foo.scala) I have action 
object Foo extends Controller { 
def baz() = { 
In baz ...

5. Why am I getting Action not found when the code does not reference that action?

I changed the workflow of my application, which removed 4 actions that had previously been used. I changed so that I no longer have a creditcardsaved, achsaved, and a couple ...

6. Is there a way to share data between interceptors and actions in the play framework?

In a Play! controller, I can create an interceptor method that will process every request before it arrives to the appropriate action.

public class Admin extends Application {


7. Play Framework How can i pass collection to action create()?

I am starter with Play Framework. I got a problem when i passed parameters.
I want to pass a collection from view to controller. And i do not know how to ...

8. Play framework: merge action only works in the Controller that triggered it

I have a simple Play applicaiton for test. I have 2 controllers, one is a "ListController" that displays a list of entries. Each entry has an "edit" link which goes to ...