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1. Access db manager from PlayFramework

I was to a conference with Guillaume Bort yesterday evening in Nantes (France) and Play! is really awesome !! I use it from about 2 weeks. Guillaume used the URL http://localhost:9000/@db ...

2. Access mem or fs database tables using H2 console

I'm trying to access my application's tables in Play! Framework, but I can't find it using the console. For instance, I have two entity models: Address and Campus. I can create objects and ...

3. Database migrations support in play framework?

Ruby on Rails has ActiveRecord and migrations for database schema and data migrations. Does play framework has support like this (both schema and data migrations)? What if NoSQL database is used in play ...

4. Play Framework automatically deletes all records in the database when you run unit Test

Whenever I run Automated Tests on my site, all the tables get cleaned to 0 rows. Is that by design? How do I prevent them? Update: Found the real 'culprit' %test.jpa.ddl=create

5. Does play! framework work with membase, or maybe in general NoSQL database?

Membase seems pretty promising. Just wonder if Play! can work with Membase. Can anyone tried it share some experience and if possible some samples/documentation etc?

6. playframework: -- Database/Test Framework/Cache bug

I have fully isolated this problem to a very simple play app I think it has to do with some DB caching, but I can't figure it out 
import ...

7. How do I apply evolutions to test database in Play framework

I noticed couple of issues while running in test mode in play framework.
after modifying application.conf for enabling test database, and if the test database is not created, it automatically picks ...