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1. Play! Framework: Best practice to use URLs in separate JavaScript files?    stackoverflow.com

I am currently reorganizing a Play! project where there is a lot of JS code in the HTML template files. This code should be moved to external JS files for better readability and ...

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The play framework has a function in the view to create an SEO friendly URL via the slugify() function. There does not seem to be an "unslugify" function, so how ...

3. How to generate complex url like stackoverflow?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using playframework, and I hope to generate complex urls like stackoverflow. For example, I want to generate a question's url:

Note the last part, it's the title of the question. But I ...

4. How to get the anchor of url in play's controller    stackoverflow.com

Suppose I have a controller and an action:

public Questions extends BaseController {
    public static void show(id) {
        // how to get ...

5. URL generation weird in Playframework    stackoverflow.com

I am facing a wierd issue regarding in URL generation in Playframework. Here is my code snippet in template:

@{Rooms.list(customerId?:customerId, location?:location, roomId?:roomId)}
Obviousely I wanna to generate a the URL like this:

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I would like to create Vanity URLs for web application built ontop of Playframework. I have tried to add a parameter for index method in main page Application, ...

7. Play Framework double url encoding    stackoverflow.com

given the following controller method where username = bob and emailAddress = bob@bob.com

    public static void resetPassword(String username, String emailAddress) {


8. Encoding url's the Play! Framework    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to make the Play! Framework ignore slashes and ? in parts of the URL? Typically, if I have the following: www.123.com/api/link/http:www.bla.com/?contenId=123&User=test It won't work. In that case, ...

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Is it possible to hide/mask the urls in the java play framework. The problem I have come across is I want a user to be able to log in and view ...

10. How do I implement vanity url in my play application?    stackoverflow.com

I would like for each user on my app to have a dedicated vanity url in the format http://user1.example.com. How can I implement this in Play Application. Thank you.

11. How to turn a url segment into a single parameter in Play! Framework    stackoverflow.com

Problem I want url segmenthere/is/a/reuqest/to/letsay/a/user to turn into one single parameter orginalRequest in Play! route Why To solve Same Origin Policy with json and ajax, we have decided to have a