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1. Bind to an inner class in SnakeYAML / Play framework

I have a model like this:

package models;

public class Order extends Model 
    public static class Line extends Model 

2. Bind a Date in milliseconds representation

I need to bind a Date using the milliseconds representation in a controller (i.e. milliseconds from 01.01.1970). I tried using @As("S") but had no success, it fails as soon the value ...

3. How to bind Enum to routes static parameter

How do I bind a enum from my Model to a static parameter in my routes definition? Example (made up): Model:

class User (..)
    public static enum TYPES { Default, ...

4. How do I bind several actions to one template in Play! framework?

How do I bind several actions to one template in Play! framework?

5. HTTP binding to a Map property using Play framework

I just started a Play project and one of my model classes has a Map property. I generated a CRUD admin interface and then customised the edit form to allow adding ...

6. Play framework FORM binding to Set instead of List

Is there any way to properly bind to a Set on a form? I'm doing POJO binding and my controller takes in a User object

public static void create(User user)
public class User implements ...

7. How do I bind a checkbox to a boolean in Play! framework

An app I'm working on using the Play! Framework has an object called gift with a boolean property, called Taken. How do I show the state of this value as ...