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1. how to use "war.context" in Configuration file of Play Framework?

how to use "war.context" in Configuration file of Play Framework ?

2. Play Framework Configuration

I am developing a project using the Play framework. Yesterday, 'something' happened and my Play.Configuration object is null after initialisation. I have tried retracing my steps but I am unable to ...

3. Running playframework tests as a IntelliJ IDEA JUnit run configuration

I've been trying to run the unit tests in a play application from IntelliJ directly from the built in test runner. (To get the nice UI, click through etc.) This works for ...

4. Play: Using a configuration property as the value of an annotation

This (obviously) works:

public class Extinguisher extends Job {
...but this doesn't:
@Every(Play.configuration.getProperty("my.setting", "10s"))
public class Extinguisher extends Job {
When running auto-test, the app doesn't start and ...

5. Configuring Play! Framework to show full stack trace

Is there a way to configure Play! to show a full stack trace on error on the dev error page? The default exception view is very nice, but useless if ...

6. Play.configuration.getProperty with %dev, %prod, %test

Using Play Framework, I saw it's possible to distinct between configuration variables that are used in Dev or Prod mode. The best in-use example is for baseUrl :

# Url-resolving in Jobs
# ~~~~~~
# ...

7. Configuration Variables in Play! Framework

I am new to Play!, and wrote my first application. This app has a set of URL's it depends of, to pull data from and also to return valid URLs on ...