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1. How do I control the formatting of dates in a URL with Play?

I have a Play application that should list out purchases within a given date interval. If the user does not give any date interval, it should default to showing purchases within ...

2. Play! framework CRUD module: adding default values and change date format?

I'm using Play! frameworks CRUD module but I can't figure something out: my database table has a created field which is basically the time that a row was created. I don't ...

3. Calling a controller method with a date using the Play Framework

This is possibly a stupid question (I'm a bit of a Play Framework noob) but I'm really having no luck with it, essentially I have a display method along the lines ...

4. Date and Time with play framework?

I want to seperated fields in my model: actionDate and actionTime. Can i use the datatypes sql.Date and sql.Time for this? Or should a use util.Date for both? What's the correct way? Thanks ...

5. play-framework getting the last-modification date for file

PlayFramework application, the footer.html file:

 file = new File("footer.html");
 path = file.getCanonicalPath();
 lm = file.lastModified();
 // date = new Date(lm);

<span> Last update: ${lm} </span>
Here I have right path, so the footer.html ...