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1. Manage dependencies in a Play Framework app

I'm trying to figure out the proper tools for managing dependencies between JARs. I have a Play Framework app, which imports a JAR (based on another project I'm writing). This JAR ...

2. Play Framework 1.2: How to add custom module dependencies

I'm a bit lost in a migration to Play 1.2. We have a set of custom modules in our application. In Play 1.1.1 we used this structure:


3. How to set up dependencies that should be enabled only in test or dev mode in play framework?

Currently the play framework documentation says how to setup dependencies for the whole project without dividing them between running modes. The previous method allowed this by putting something like ...

4. Declaring a Test Dependency in Play!

Is there a way to declare a test dependency in the dependencies.yml file for the Play! Framework? I don't see any information about test dependencies in the documentation. For ...

5. Copy Play! core module into app via "deps"

Play will normally reference core modules such as crud and secure out of the Play installation directory. Is there any way to force these dependencies to be copied to my project ...

6. Download dependency Jar's with with source and Javadoc with Play framework

Is it possible to specify sources and/or javadocs to be included in dependency JAR's with the Play Framework? I want to be able to browse the source and javadocs for 3rd party ...

7. How to declare third party library with dependencies in PLay framework

I have some custom libraries in my application lib folder which get deleted if I run the play dependencies --sync command. Is there a way to declare the jar files in the ...

8. How can I configure the play framework to use my artifactory repository for all dependencies?

I am trying to add a local maven repository that I have set up using artifactory which I use to cache maven repositories. Following the dependency instructions I ...

9. Generating Dependency Report Using Play Dependency Management

Play's dependency management uses ivy under the hood. Is there a way the play can be asked to generate a dependency report? This is typically done in ivy through

10. powermock dependencies for playframework app

I try to configure dependencies for my playframework application to use powemock. In my dependencies.yml: require:

- play
- org.powermock -> powermock-mockito-release-full 1.4.9
- org.powermock -> powermock-module-junit4 1.4.9
I have test class:
import org.powermock.modules.junit4.**PowerMockRunner**;

import static org.mockito.Mockito.mock;
import static play.test.FunctionalTest.GET;

public ...

11. Do I have to specify a version for Play 3rd party dependencies?

I was trying to add a dependency on StringTemplates. This is how my dependencies.yml file looked like:

    - play -> secure
    - play ...