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I don't understand why I have this error. When I use newRequest, I have a RuntimeException when calling the makeRequest(request); method. The exception message is : "play.mvc.results.NotFound : POST /" But what is odd, is ...

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I get the following error on compile: An unexpected error occured caused by exception UnexpectedException: While applying class play.classloading.enhancers.PropertiesEnhancer on controllers.xxxxx I've narrowed it down to the following line in my controller: String sender_alert_string = ...

3. playframework problem with routes:NoRouteFoundException    stackoverflow.com

Trying out the custom editor portion in play tutorial,I created the routes as below

GET     /admin/myPosts/{id}             ...

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I have the following functional test. For some reason, the get() call always end up getting a java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: No response received after 60000ms. Any insights? Also, I tried the same url ...

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I'm using the play framework for a few separate projects and have run into this more than once. I get the following error message on startup: An unexpected error occured caused ...

6. Persistence Exception when using pojo binding in play framework controller    stackoverflow.com

I have the following entity:

public class Client extends Model{
   public String email;
   public String password;
I have the following controller :
public static void  clientSignUp(models.Client client)

7. Unhandled exception type NoSuchFieldException (java reflection)    stackoverflow.com

I am using Play Framework about 1 month and it is a great thing, but I had one big problem . I`ve try to run following code in secure controller:

MyModel myModel = MyModel.all().first(); ...