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1. retrieving data from a html select form with Play Framework

as the title say, i'm trying to retrieve the selected item from a html select form. I tried to do so with the following code but it doesn't work ! the ...

2. Form shouldn't be submitted if Check box is not selected

Possible Duplicate:
Recommendation for javascript form validation library
In my HTML page there is a radio button, if that radio button is selected it will enable ...

3. play framework: how to repopulate form on validation-failure when using datamodel?

I'm building some crude CMS-like functionality (to get acquinted with Play Framework). For this test-case I've build 2 pages, 1 for listing tags and 1 for creating/editing/saving tags. The flow is ...

4. How to get form field array in play framework

I'm using groovy to render templates in Play framework. I have a checkbox inside a list loop:

<input type="checkbox" name="chkUser[]" id="chkUser{users.getId()}" value="${users.getId()}">
How can i get the state of the checkbox array in ...

5. how to create an html form for a model in playframework

In my application ,I have to present the user with an address input form.I have an Address model as given below.Do I need to create an html page from scratch to ...

6. Play Framework flash variable adding commas to form data

I'm validating a form in Play framework(java), and it is adding commas to my form values after submission. Here's the form:

#{form @doCreate()}
    <input type="text" name="session.sessionName" value="${flash['session.sessionName']}"/>

7. Is there a way to filter some fields from Play's CRUD form?

I'm using this tag in a custom view, to generate a CRUD form for my object:

<div class="configForm">
  #{crud.form /}
This generate a CRUD form inside my own view. Is there a ...