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1. How to create play heroku procfile?    stackoverflow.com

I am following the directions here http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2011/8/29/play/ but I do play run and then git push heroku master but a procfile is not found.

-----> No Procfile found. Will use process: ...

2. How to run Play! background jobs on Heroku    stackoverflow.com

I'm hardly using heroku for my Play! applications nowadays and I am new. I can deploy my web application but background jobs don't run. I tried to add worker but I ...

3. How to set framework id in a Heroku deployed Play! application    stackoverflow.com

my question is simple. I want to set the play framework 'id' in my heroku deployed copy, different than the one I have locally. To do so, I followed

4. Greenscript in Heroku    stackoverflow.com

I'm having an odd issue with Greenscript (1.2.6l) in Heroku using Play 1.2.3 for Java. Locally, using the Play launcher or Foreman start, in both modes (DEV and PROD) Greenscript works fine, ...

5. How to configure Play not to listen on jpda port when using Heroku?    stackoverflow.com

I'm getting this error when trying to start my play app on Heroku:

heroku[web.1]: Error R11 (Bad bind) -> Process bound to port 8000, should be 46275 (see environment variable PORT)
I think ...