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1. playframework tests in intellij idea

I've read this: but not found the answer in fact i have turned on the

in my application.conf but still have the errors when try to launch some test form the ide ...

2. IntelliJ IDEA and PlayFramework modules

After a lot of good comment about IDEA, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the Community Edition and would like to use it for PlayFramework development. I have ...

3. Why is IntelliJ saying: Package secure does not exist?

I've setup my Play Framework 1.2.1 project to run from within IntelliJ using the instructions from the following post on Google groups: However, following the tutorial at, ...

4. Is it possible to debug Play! tests from IntelliJ, with a moduled that is located in a sub-folder?

My folder structures:

  • root
    • .idea folder
    • Other Unrelated projects
    • myplayapp
      • src (the Actual ...

5. Cannot run individual test case for play framework in Intellij Idea

When I try to run individual test case in a test class using Intellij Idea, It runs all the test cases in the class. I think this is due to superclass ...