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1. Java Playframework Internationalization doesn't work

I used the instructions from here: and created files for different languages. I call play.i18n.Lang.change method to change the language file, and it still takes the captions from the English file ...

2. Play framework i18n and urls

I want to be able to do the following:

i get this error
play.exceptions.TemplateCompilationException: unable to resolve class secure.logout , unable to find class for annotation
if I do
#{set 'logoutUrl'}@{secure.logout}#{/set}
it works just fine Do ...

3. How do I translate #{get 'title' /} in a Play template?

I have a template (main.html) with #{get 'title' /}, and I want it translated using the &{'title'} tag, but obviously I can't do

&{ #{get 'title'/} }
What is the proper way to ...

4. How can I divide i18n resources into several files?

Instead of putting all the i18n resources into a single message file, I want to divide them into several files. Anybody can kindly tell me how can I do that? because ...