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1. Arrow in nav menus in CSS/JS (e.g.

The navigation menu at the top of the site features a small arrow pointing upward for the currently selected section (Home, Learn, Download,...). I tried to get behind ...

2. Need to pass an array in Java to javascript

I am using play framework Is there any way to pass an array in Java to javascript ?

3. RJS in Play Framework

have anyone found a substitution for RJS in "Ruby on Rails" for play? P.S. I don't mean just a tag with script section. I mean real server-generated JavaScript-file.

4. Play framework: setting a java method return value to a javascript var

Is there's a way to get the value returned by a java controller method in javascript in the views ? what I want to do is: i'm in view showX rendered by controller ...

5. Playframework - Append JS outside the main.html

In Play Framework, it's usually have main.html with code like:

        <title>#{get 'title' /}</title>     

6. Playframework: Elegant way to pass values to javascript

Does anyone have an elegant solution to pass server values to javascript (that is not inline) in playframework? just like ${x} or &{'x'} inside html Currently I can think of

  <script ...

7. Java Play Framework Ajax Call

I am very new to AJAX and trying to achieve a 'show more' functionality, What I need is a solution which returns a list of objects, lets say 3 items then ...

8. Access list items from JavaScript

I want to access model items by index from JavaScript into a Play Framework template:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
    window.onload = function()

9. Play framework include javascript problems

I want to include a javascript file to clean my template code. And I found this template function:

#{script 'search.js' /}
And included the following code:
$(function() {
Everything is going ...

10. Play framework: load javascript only on specific method calls

I'm working on an application which involves a lot of ajax calls, and I want each of these ajax snippets only to be loaded when specific pages are requested. Often the ...

11. How to use WebSockets with Play Framework?

I have downloaded Play Framework from GitHub and compiled it. Now I want to use WebSockets and made a JavaScript client and a WebSocket controller similar to the one on

12. Play Framework: Generate PDF from template that uses Javascript for graphing

I have a template that has some Javascript used to generate graphs in the browser. I would like to use that same template to create a PDF and send as ...