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1. Play framework memory usage

I would like to ask you about your experience with play framework and it's memory usage. The thing is that I'm looking for a hosting for my play project (with Scala) ...

2. Play server memory usage

I have installed Play on OSX 10.6 and wanted to test the baseline memory usage. I read the deployment documentation and noticed that running Play behind a reverse proxy server is ...

3. Why does java wait so long to run the garbage collector?

I am building a Java web app, using the Play! Framework. I'm hosting it on I have been puzzling for a while over the ...

4. Play Framework: How can I change the default password for in-memory sa user?

I'm trying to set a custom password for the sa user. My application.conf contains

...and the play framework appears to be overriding it inside play.db.DBPlugin
if(p.getProperty("db.url") != null && p.getProperty("db.url").startsWith("jdbc:h2:mem:")) {