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1. Make Play! Framework "play" nice with source control

I'm using Play! Framework and Netbeans as my IDE, so that means that I've used

play netbeansify
to generate the appropriate project files for netbeans. However, I've noticed that this generates only ...

2. Play framework + Netbeans 7, unable to expand project node!

I'm using Play 1.2.1, and have netbeansified a project, and opened the project in Netbeans 7. I am able to open and run the project, but the Projects sidebar won't allow ...

3. Netbeans ide for development modules in Play!

Hi I started to use Play Framework and I want to develop modules to use my next projects using Netbeans IDE. But when I write "play netbeansify my-module" command, I get ...

4. Configure Netbeans IDE for Play Framework

I know running:

play netbeansify
configures the IDE for the Play Framework. My Problems:
  • I have no JavaDoc for the Play Framework
  • I cannot navigate to the Play Source
Has anyone managed to get that done. BR, Rene ...

5. Netbeans 7 code completion doesn't work with Play framework

I've created Play appliacion with play new project command, and then play netbeansify project. I've opened the poject, and Ctrl+space shows "no suggestions" in my, and there is a wrench ...

6. Exclude files from beeing checked in NetBeans 7

I'm using the Play framework with NetBeans 7. Play uses template files with the ending .html although it is not pure html. NetBeans checks the syntax of these files ...