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1. help needed in importing yahoo contacts to my page through play framework

I am working in Play framework and I am trying to import yahoo contacts. I have cleared the yahoo authentication api's to get the access_token and guid. With that, when I try ...

2. How do I redirect the user to another page in Play Framework?

I need to direct the user to another URL after the server has received some form data. How can I redirect the user in Play Framework? I have tried with:


3. Where to store static contents for home/index page

I'm developing a vehicle portal using Play framework and most of the search-display-paginate functionality has been implemented. I'm a bit confused when it comes to designing the home page with caching ...

4. Managing page flow in Play! framework tags

In a web app built using Play framework, I have a checkout page which lists the user's shopping cart as well as an address form. I created the address form as ...

5. Play Framework causing SIGSEGV fault on first page load with crud moduel

Found this bug, which states the problem as well as I could. The question is - are there any potential workarounds? Thanks

6. Render/redirect to new html page while downloading binary file in background?

Our website was recently rewritten in the Play framework. We offer file downloads to users, and files download correctly using renderBinary(). Now I'd like to display/render a new html page to the ...

7. How can one pass a non-string parameter between page and master templates?

This shouldn't work: page:

#{extends 'master.html'/}
#{set} //foo is passed from contoller
#{list items:parameter, as item}
Is there any way to do this trick?

8. Where do I put code that I need to run on all web pages in Play Framework?

I apologize in advance for this somewhat ignorant question, but I have researched this as much as possible on my own over the last week. My last resort was to come ...

9. How do I make the logout action redirect to a specific page in Play?

I am using a custom Security controller that extends Secure.Security. Currently the "logout" action leaves me at the login page. How can I redirect it to another page? This doesn't work:

public class ...