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1. How do I find the absolute path to a play framework app?

At the moment I'm working in a team on a play! framework app.
The next user story I have to implement needs some different file modifications, e.g. move a file to ...

2. How to get Real path of the app in the play

like this in servlet use:

public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)  
  throws ServletException, IOException {  
    String  filePath = config.getServletContext().getRealPath("/");  
How to getRealPath ...

3. Getting module route import paths in Play

If I have a typical entry in my routes file for importing routes from a module

*       /admin         ...

4. Getting full path URLs in views/templates

<link rel="stylesheet" href="@{'/public/stylesheets/main.css'}">
@{'/public/stylesheets/main.css'} returns the relative path: /public/stylesheets/main.css How do I get the full path? i.e. inside the view/template?

5. Play framework + Greenscript + 'url' CSS rules = wrong path

When using the configuration option greenscript.minimize=true with Greenscript, all CSS url resources becomes wrong. For example, with jQuery UI,

.ui-widget-content { border: 1px solid #dddddd; background: #eeeeee url(images/ui-bg_highlight-soft_100_eeeeee_1x100.png) 50% ...

6. Purpose and usage of "application.path" variable

In the Play! framework source for the main method in I found these two lines:

File root = new File(System.getProperty("application.path"));
if (System.getProperty("precompiled", "false").equals("true")) {
    Play.usePrecompiled = true;
Where can I ...

7. How do I reference play framework third party modules without referencing an absolute path?

Here is my situation. I have a play app which uses the guice module. In order to work with the guice module:

  • I installed it using play install guice. This ...

8. Full target/current URL in play framework?

Any ideas how to get the current URL with the play framework? I'm also looking for the full target URL. I know I can use @{Controller.method} but I need the full url ...

9. issue with java and environment variables on windows

I've got a curious problem. After installing java jdk 6u25 I tested the installation by typing java in the command prompt. Everything worked fine , the console displayed the usage options ...

10. Retrieve file relative to play application path

I created a Play! app and deployed it under TomCat. This works well. The only problem is the management of a properties file, currently in the conf folder right next to ...