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1. How can I post a form and show the result on the same page with Play framework?

I've been playing around with Play framework for a few days, and it seems really cool. However, I ran into some problems when I wanted to have a form on a ...

2. Passing variables to a POST request from an outside controller

Since you guys have been very helpful in my early steps into the Play Framework (thanks for that), here it goes again: We have a working registration controller, that POSTS all credentials ...

3. How to handle in Play! framework a form post with jsAction?

I'm struggling with it for some time with no results. I want data entered in a form and submitted to be rendered as a new row of a table being on ...

4. testing POST request in playframework

My controller method is something like this

public static void addItem(byte[] xmlFile) {
   ... //process file
and my ApplicationTest file
public void addItem() {
  Request request = newRequest();
  request.url = ...

5. WSRequest POST a JSON object in FunctionalTest would end up getting 404

I have the following test case that I want to post a piece of json data, but I am getting 404 now, am I doing something wrong here?

public void testIndex() ...

6. Problem with Posting JSON object with WSRequest

I want Play to call a webservice. The webservice accepts application/json and returns this as well. With the following code I'm trying to achieve this. (Note, the headers.put(xxx) are added later ...

7. Can I mark a controller method as POST in Play using annotations?

I didn't find this anywhere - can i tell Play! that a specific controller method should (only) be accessed via HTTP POST? Something like the HttpPost attribute in C#'s Asp.Net ...