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1. Play Framework: Real-world production experiences?

Has anyone used the Play framework for a reasonably complex or large, deployed production app yet? If so, I would like to hear what the pros and cons of that experience ...

2. play framework production version includes source codes

I can see source code in production version of play framework based applicaton? Do I need it? Can it be removed in production version?

3. Play in Production - Secure cannot be resolved to a type

I have developed a little program for myself. After testing and finishing it locally I now wanted to put it on my server. I get this error:

Compilation error ...

4. How to setup Play!Framework Production on Mac Server?

I am trying to setup play to run in production mode on a mac server. Is there a specific way to get the mac server to link to the broadcasting port that play ...

5. Playframework route file: Separate Production routes from Dev routes

Is there a way in Play to annotate routes to inform that a certain section/group routes is only available in dev or prod mode

6. Playframework cannot read database table on production?

I use play 1.2.1 to generate my war app. I use tomcat 6 in production with mysql 5 db. I've created my database, and importing all local tables to production database. After I ...

7. How to safely use a "catch all" in production mode?

Play Framework has the file routes. This file list all the routes needed by the application. By default, the route file has a line:

# Catch all
*       ...