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1. How do I tell playframework to use my corporate proxy?

I'm trying to get started with the play web framework and its scala support, unfortunately "install scala" fails because play can't fetch the module site. I've got my system settings correct for the ...

2. How do I enable dependency management for PlayFramework behind a proxy?

Hi all
I'm trying to add new dependency to Play application, but it fails to resolve dependencies. I've added a line:

- org.fusesource.scalate -> scalate-core 1.4.1
Now when I'm trying to run 'play dependencies ...

3. Can not generate correct URLs for static resources with playframework when using Apache as a Proxy

I use an Apache server as a proxy for my playframework application. The proxy configure file is like this:

> <VirtualHost *:80>
>     ProxyPreserveHost Off
>     ...

4. Front-end Proxy does not reference resources correctly

I'm having quite a lot of difficulties with running a frontend proxy in front of play. This post is also on the google group, I'll post the received suggestions on both. I'm using ...

5. JSON Proxy in Java / Play! Framework

I have a Play! application and from the JavaScript we now have run in to the Same Origin Policy Problem. What I want is that JavaScript ajax calls go to our own ...