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1. TreeLoader: Not firing ajax request for child nodes?

Ok so, i have this site that i am putting together in the play framework. It basically connects to an FTP site on the back end, retrieves a list of folders/files ...

2. Play! Request charset

I'm converting a Servlet into a Play! Controller but I can't find the Play! equivalent of

HttpServletRequest request;
String charset = request.getCharacterEncoding();
A helping hand needed over here.

3. Customize how Time field is populated from HTTP request

I have a java.sql.Time field in a model that I'm trying to populate from a form submission. Whatever format it's expecting for those values isn't the one(s) I want to use, ...

4. How to trim request parameters automatically in playframework

Play will assign the parameters from request to action parameters, like:

public static void createArticle(String title, String content) {
But it won't trim them, so we usually to such code in the actions:
public ...

5. Play! Framework: Reuse of instances over multiple requests

I develop an application using the Play! Framework which makes heavy use of the javax.script Package, including the ScriptEngine. As ScriptEngines are expensive to create and it would make sense to ...

6. Play: Accessing Current request from Async Job

I'm just getting a hang of using Jobs for long running tasks. Jobs are run on a seperate thread, therefore I cannot access any ThreadLocal variables like the current Request or the ...

7. How do I send a request using the PATCH method for a Salesforce update?

I'm using the Play framework to build a web app which integrates with Salesforce via their REST API. In order to send an upsert command to their interface, it seems ...

8. Where should Play! feature requests be submitted?

Should all feature requests be submitted under Play 2.0 in Lighthouse, or under Play Framework (Play 1.X is in maintenance mode)? Is there something I should do to ...

9. how to pass request parameters to a java annotation

i am using play framework , i need to check the user's permissions with @secure annotation , but i get a problem here :

public static void removeFavorite(Long storyId,Long userId){

can any one ...