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1. Getting binary HTTP GET parameter in Play Framework

I need to get binary data in GET request by Play Framework. This is used to get info_hash from BitTorrent clients. I get it like this:

byte[] infoHash = params.get("info_hash").getBytes("ISO-8859-1")
Unfortunately all non-ascii symbols ...

2. Passing action plus appended string to tag in Play

I'm trying to pass an action to a custom tag, but instead of just the bare action, I also want to append a string to the generated url. With just an action ...

3. Can't get a string field from an object in another object in siena

I'm having trouble getting a field which is in an object which is inside another object. I can get some fields, but others no. This is the test I created to reproduce ...

4. Playframework: Best Solution for loading & using constant Strings

I have a bunch of static Strings that I'd like to store in a .yml file. What's the best design practice to load them to a Java Class & use it. In ...

5. Playframework: Can I reference previously defined property in the messages file?

I'd like to do the following (only because it is elegant to do it here than in Java/javascript code)

messages file
message= ?greeting? world!

6. Play! templates - passing dynamic string to javascript doesn't work?

Basically, in the controller, something dynamic happens, and I pass a non-static string to the view:

String token = "";
I can easily do:
<div id="token>${token}</div>
...and grab the contents:
But what doesn't seem to work ...

7. playframework. insert string into template as html?

Assume the template consists of only one variable:

and the corrsponding Conttoller code is:
String html = "some html markup";
As a result i get a quoted string, but want to recieve ...

8. Assigning String array to js variable for autocomplete in play?

I have a js variable in the index.html file and i want to do an assignment like this:

var names=["${stateNames}"];
where stateNames is a Java List containing state names. How do i ...