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1. How to access playframework's controller data in view javascript?

I have a javascript application where I'd like to add autocompletion to a form. Therefore, I render an array containing all available names in the controller so the array is available ...

2. Need idea for general view mode differentiation

I am creating a web application that will have 2 view modes. One mode is just normal web site. The other view mode will be as a facebook app. In facebook, ...

3. How do I use data stored in a Blob as a view?

We're currently doing a project that accepts user-provided html and has our own injected into it. This perfectly matches Play's abilities. However, I am at a loss as to ...

4. How to put Play! controllers in an arbitrary sub-package

I'm using the Play Framework for a web app in Java. I'd like to put an Account controller in an "account" subpackage, for example:

|- controllers
   |- account

5. Is there an eclipse plugin for editing PlayFramework views?

I really love Play! It has great features but still I'm missing some basis advantages of code editing. For example, I'm used to Eclipse and I would really like to continue ...

6. doubt about implementing search facility in playframework

I have a web app which has 3 page views. index page where all Items in db are listed ,and details of only the Item with latest creationDate are shown. 2.An itemDetails ...

7. How do you make a view that works with both HTML & Ajax request?

Some of my Play Framework views will accept normal request (GET via a link) and ajax request (called from a javascript code if the user have js enabled). My actual problem is ...

8. Is there a way to point a controller method to an arbitrary view?

I want to have multiple controller methods point to a single view. the Messages controller will have two methods, newMsg and newMsgWithParent that each point to app/views/newMsg.html, and the view will ...

9. Play! CRUD module overwrite new view

How do you overwrite the "new" view of the CRUD module, I've tried

$ play crud:ov {Project-Path} --template Posts/new
But I get the following error:
 $ app/views/CRUD/new.html not found in any module
Any ...

10. Play! framefork renders incorrectly arguments from a controller to a view

My controller action:

public static void showGalery() {
    render(subPhotos, size);
A part of my view:
<img id="mainImage" 

11. Multiple views for 1 controller - Play Framework

Possible Duplicate:
Does Play Framework support “snippets”?
I've just started making a website using the Play Framework, but i've run into a problem. I'am having a problem ...

12. Play Framework config value in view

How can I access the value from conf/application.conf in a view?

13. Play Framework date in view

What is the best way to add a dynamic date (year) in a Play Framework view. I want to add a copyright at the bottom of the page, but I ...

14. PlayFramework. JSONP view. How?

I need that controller return JSONP response. Something like this:

jsonp123({"name" : "Remy", "id" : "10", "blog" : ""});
I know, that PlayFramework can send response as html Template, JSON, XML... but how ...

15. Can I escape a multi-line snippet in the view?

I need to generate an multi-line HTML snippet, to be escaped and presented to the user. This is the raw HTML I want the user to get:

<h1>Here is your HTML:</h1>

16. How to define a html subtemplate inside a PlayFramework view?

From a master html template I'm calling #{doLayout} which renders my view html. I'd like to call a custom html template as well such as #{happyHeader} which I'd like to define ...