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1. test data in yml file and many-to-many relationship    stackoverflow.com

I have software<-m:n->tag where software is main part of the relationship (tag has mappedby="softwares"). So, then, when I want to import test data to database I put:

   title: title1

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How to reference local modules using dependency.yml Thought I would just drop this question as it shows in the forums on a regular basis. Answer should follow. Take the following application hierarchy:

I am ...

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I'm trying to install this pagination module for my Play! application, but can't get it to work. I've extracted the zip file inside /play/modules/paginate-head/ and I an example here ...

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I have been playing around with java play framework and following tutorial. While was trying to implement this section "Using Fixtures to write more complicated tests" I faced such an error ...

5. Why this .yml file doesn't get loaded properly?    stackoverflow.com

I've been trying to load the following .yml file using the following code, and it just don't seem to work. How I'm loading it:

public void testLoadData() {

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In my application, I want to initialize it with large data. when I wrote all these data in one YML file it was about 4 MB but then the application didn't ...

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I'm using the dependency mechanism of the play framework to download libraries (see http://www.playframework.org/documentation/1.2/dependency). However one of our maven repositories is not public and requires a username/password in order ...