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1. How to implement a JSR Specification    stackoverflow.com

I'm considering implementing one or two JSR APIs. I have not yet read the entire specification (the plan is to read them as I code the implementation) but I am very ...

2. ResourceResponse.setCharacterEncoding() not working    stackoverflow.com

I need to return some special Latin letter (e.g. á) in the response of a portlet serveResource() method. I have tried the following ways:

response.setCharacterEncoding("ISO-8859-1") ;
PrintWriter out = resWrapper.getWriter();
response.setContentType("text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1");
PrintWriter out ...

3. Debugging JSR 168 portlets    stackoverflow.com

I would like to ask people their testing strategies for portlet controllers, particularly spring portlet mvc based portlet controllers. Do you use the eclipse debugging function? What kind of portlet container set ...

4. Java Portals and Portlets    stackoverflow.com

The Java world has a JSR-286 standard for how portals and portlets should interoperate: software components sharing a unified web page. There seem to be a number of portal implementations. ...

5. Problem using external paging in a portlet    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use external paging in a JSR-286 portlet with DisplayTag 1.2. I would like DisplayTag to generate the paging links from a parameterized Action URL that i have defined, but ...

6. Jetspeed2 (JSR 286) support for 2 Portlet instances on the same Portal    stackoverflow.com

That's a pure newbie question.. actually not even newbie.. still investigating! I want to know if 2 instances of the same Portlet would have separate scopes? What is this scope ...

7. Support JSR 286 without writing a portlet    stackoverflow.com

We've been given a requirement that our new project be JSR 286 compliant so that it can eventually be hosted in SharePoint. But in the same breath we were told ...

8. JSR 168 Portlet Development + Sun Portal 7.1    stackoverflow.com

I'm new to portlet development, but not app development. And I'm working on "new to us install" of Sun 7 Portal Server and we are going to try to do ...

9. Which JSR 168 compatible Java web frameworks are there?    stackoverflow.com

There are many Java web application frameworks available but what are my alternatives when developing JSR 168 portlets? I found a couple:

10. Accessing URL Parameters in a JSR 286 Portlet?    stackoverflow.com

is there a way to access URL parameters in a Jetspeed2 Portlet/Portal? like: www.bla.com/portal/page.psml?param=12345 I can only find some tools for liferay (PortalUtil.java) to access the httpservletrequest, but as far as i ...

11. Remote User Information in JBoss Portlet    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to do some logging in a JBoss Portal Server; I would like to log the IP Address (and possibly the Remote Host Information) of the user accessing any ...

12. Approach to testing a JSR 168 portlet    stackoverflow.com

For a simple project when I don't need an MVC framework like Spring - how should I test my JSR 168 portlet? The business layer is easy enough with jUnit but ...

13. Portlet client-side service    stackoverflow.com

I try to create portlet, which act as "web-service", only on client. In other words: Portlet wait, until somebody send to him several parameters (over http in exmple), and then perform some actions. It ...

14. Adding meta tag to head element of JSR 286 portlet in Webspehere portal    stackoverflow.com

We have developed JSR 286 portlet. While loading the JSP page in IE8, we are facing some alignment issues due to which our screen is not loading properly. We could figure ...

15. JSR 168 and J2EE    coderanch.com

16. JSR v/s IBM portlet    coderanch.com

The major difference is the IBM portlet API lets you define an abstract portlet application and using this via concrete portlet applications. In JSR 168 API, there is no concept for concrete portlet application. But JSR 168 API is independent across platforms. You can choose any of the API as per your requirements.

17. ibm api or jsr 168 api?    coderanch.com

Not sure if there is a difference or not. But JSR is a specification, not an actual implementation. So IBM Api should be an implementation of the JSRs specification. You want to use anything that is complying and completely implementing the SPecification so you are following a standard that everyone agrees on, which removes you from vendor lock/porting issues, and make ...

19. JSR 168 form submission problem    coderanch.com

20. javadoc for JSR 168    coderanch.com

Yes, I find if frustrating that Sun wants you to download their JavaDoc and extract it locally, as opposed to being able to just browse through it on their site. Like, wouldn't that be a reasonable service to offer? I can download the JavaDoc myself, and I'd love to put it up on my site, but I think that's violation somehow ...

21. Error in JSR 168 , Pg 36    coderanch.com

22. Pronlem in enabling source/target: JSR 168 cooperative portlets    coderanch.com

Hi, I am trying to develop JSR 168 compatiable cooperative portlets on RAD. I have two portles, Demo1portlet and Demo2portlet. Demo1portlet is a source for sending an output parameter and Demo2portlet is a target portlet. Although i added wsdl files for these two portlets configuring output/input parameters and i added com.ibm.portal.propertybroker.wsdllocation in the portlet deployment desciptor, when i right click on ...

23. Difference between JSR 168 portlets and WSRP Portlets    coderanch.com

JSR168 is the standard API for developing portlets. Basically, it's the API. WSRP is Web Services for Remote Portlets. It allows a portal server to provide a portlet to a client, even though the portlet may be hosted on a separate server, or even a different type of portal server (BEA, WebSphere, JBoss). Web Services are used to take content from ...

24. How to check the User's Groups in JSR 168 portlet?    coderanch.com

PortletServiceHome psh; User user = null; try { // get the puma user object javax.naming.Context ctx = new javax.naming.InitialContext(); psh = (PortletServiceHome) ctx.lookup("portletservice/com.ibm.portal.um.portletservice.PumaHome"); if (psh != null){ PumaHome service = (PumaHome) psh.getPortletService(PumaHome.class); PumaProfile pp = service.getProfile(request); user = (User)pp.getCurrentUser(); } // get the groups for this user if not already Collection groups = new ArrayList(); List puma_groups = user.getGroups(); Iterator iter ...

25. How to pass Global parameter across portlets which are using JSR 168 API    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using WPS We have developed, deployed few custom portlets (JSR 168) and added those to Portal page. There is one portlet called locale portlet. In locale portlet one dropdown list box is present. It contains locales like en_us,de etc., When the user changes the locale in dropdown, this parameter(or value) should be stored somewhere else globally and ...

27. Issue in JSR portal development    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am working in RAD6 with Websphere portal server 5.1. I am using JSR 168 with JSF of Sun RI. My portlets are retaining the state within the same session. I have set the expiration cache of the Portlet to '0' in the portlet.xml and also programmatically but to no effect. Example i have two pages search and home ...

28. JSR 168    coderanch.com

29. JSR 286 discussion    coderanch.com

30. downloading file from jsr 168 application    coderanch.com

I am trying to download a text file from a jsp. Portal server is VAP. This appplication is deployed and shared to an other site in the portal. controls from a jsp has been forwarded to the above jsp. Since this is an portlet application so I can not set header,content-type from the first jsp. Right now whole file is being ...

31. Pop ups in jsr 168 portlet    coderanch.com

Can i use popups in jsr 168 portlets.I am trying to open a jsp running in an application server as pop up from a portlet application.Pop up is working fine fine and i am able to set values from popup to parent portlet jsp.But wen i submit the portlet jsp i am losing track of the current state.What can be done ...

32. Pop ups in jsr 168 portlet    coderanch.com

Can i use popups in jsr 168 portlets.I am trying to open a jsp running in an application server as pop up from a portlet application.Pop up is working fine fine and i am able to set values from popup to parent portlet jsp.But wen i submit the portlet jsp i am losing track of the current state.What can be done ...

33. jsr 168/vignette/weblogig 5.1    coderanch.com

34. Aren't IBM Portlet API based on JSR 168?    coderanch.com

Hold on, hold on, hold on!!! An IBM portlet uses something called the JetSpeed API, and it is IBM's own implementation of the JetSpeed API that you are using when you create an "IBM Portlet." This is an ancient API found alongside the dead sea scrolls in the middle east many years ago. JSR-168 is a portlet development standard agreed upon ...

35. JSR 168 - restoring the window state of a portlet from maximized to normal.    coderanch.com

I am having several portlets in a home page. If any of the portlets is in maximized state, on click of "Home" link in the Web Sphere Portal page, the window state is still remains in maximized state. so the user gets an illusion that the home link is not working. How to resolve this problem? can any one help?

36. bidi tag in JSR 168    coderanch.com

37. WPS 6 support for JSR 168    coderanch.com

WebSphere Portal 6 certainly supports JSR168. If you're doing WebSphere portal development, you likely have access to Rational Appilcation Developer. That tool provides a portlet development toolset that allows you to create, compile and deploy JSR168 portlets. It also provides extra features such as C2A and Portlet Services. Having said that, WPS can handle a standard JSR168 portlet developed in any ...

38. Hyper link in JSR 168    coderanch.com

39. JSR portletWindow    coderanch.com

40. JSR 168 ObjectID    coderanch.com

41. How to display the results of one portlet in another portlet(JSR 168 )?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I have a portal page with 3 portlets developed following the JSR 168 specification standards. Now, I want to display the results of 1st portlet in 2nd portlet when a submit button is clicked on the first portlet. Is there any solution to achieve this ? All the portlets are developed using Spring porltet mvc framework, portal server is ...

43. using log4j in jsr portlets    coderanch.com

HI parveen, if you are using Jboss Portal 4.2 or 5.0 then just go through the following stuff: Set the LOG4J_PATH environment variable to C:\ or anything else where you want to create the log file. Place the log4j.jar file in your \WEB-INF\lib In your JBOSS_INSTALL/bin directory there will be a file called run.conf. Around line 42 (+tee hee+) you will ...

45. consuming web services jsr 168 portlet    coderanch.com

I am building portlets (jsr 168 api in Websphere Portal 6.0 using web service client of Rational). Now needed some suggestions on caching the web services data on the portlet. We have a number of portlets (somewhere around 4 or 5) on a portal page which basically rely on a single wsdl Lotus Domino Web Service. Is there a way I ...

46. jsr development tutorial sites    coderanch.com

47. hide portlet using JavaScript developing in NetBeans for JSR 168?    coderanch.com

Is there anyway to hide portlets on Portal Page using Javascript?? or some others way?? Actually i want is: I have PORTLETA that contains textbox and button in openPortal So the thing i want is when i click on button, the value passed to other portlet like PORTLETB i.e not visible yet. After clicking on button PORTLETA should be hide and ...

48. Free JSR 168 portlets?    coderanch.com

49. Good Tutorials/Books on JSR 286    coderanch.com

51. How to set the locale in JSR 168 API portlet?(using wps 6.1)    coderanch.com

And this entry will indicate that a portlet being deployed supports a given locale. However, the portlet must have appropriate translations incorporated to support this locale. And the client will need to either request this locale through registration or browser settings. Of course, if this is the only locale that the portlet supports, this locale will always be used during rendering. ...

52. JSR 286 Validation caching    coderanch.com

Hi As per teh new specification, the ETag can be set on the response. I have a couple of doubts here: 1. The ETag is in the http header. However, when i implemented a sammple JSR 286 portlet, there was no caching infomation in the page rendered, although the caching was working fine. Why is there no cachhing header in the ...

53. JSR168 vs JSR 286    coderanch.com

Hi all, How big are the differences between the portlet V1 and V2 specs??You see unfortunately I bought a JSR168 book that was quite expensive when it turns out we are going to be using 286 from now on... I'm hoping that studying the 168 book will still give me most of the info I need to develop the 286 portlets... ...

54. JSR 168 and JSR 286 books    coderanch.com

Hi there, I can find a lot of books about JSR 168 but not a single one ocovering JSR 286. The best book for me would be if both standards where covered in one book. Does any one know if there are books out there on JSR 286 or planned to be released shortly? Regards Erik

56. JSR286 Reference implementation    coderanch.com

57. creating singleportletrefresh url in JSR 286    coderanch.com

Hi , WSRP is not working for me when I use createActionURL. error code : com.ibm.wps.state.accessors.utils.ObjectIDMapperOnIdentification logException exception com.ibm.wps.services.identification.SerializationExceptionImpl: EJPFD0047E: The object supplied is no valid object ID [null] I switched from JSR 168 to JSR 286 now. What are the methods I need to use to generate the single portlet refresh url for making ajax calls in JSR 286 for ...

59. A web framework for JSR 286 portlets    coderanch.com

Well the application under consideration here will have no forms, neither will it access any database. It will rather get data from various WS as XML and display the data on screen. There is no transaction involved , and even if it has to go that route it has to go the XML over the wire way. In that respect would ...

60. share (user/preference) data between portlets (ipc with jsr 286 ?)    coderanch.com

Hello all, i am new to that great forum and a newbie in developing portlets. I hope you can help me. I have two portlets. The first one should be the peferences Portlet. There i use the 'PortletPreferences' Class to store user specific preferences. The second portlet needs access to those preferences. I tried it with the PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE In the doView() ...

61. Response.addProperty(lCookie) does not work for JSR286 portlet    coderanch.com

We have set the cookies by invoking the addProperty method : Cookie lCookie = new Cookie("testCookie", data4Cookie); lCookie.setPath("/"); Response.addProperty(lCookie); in evironement IBM WPS 6.1 (JSR 286). But, we cannot retrive the cookie that we have set, what's wrong in the configration ? Anyone can give us some suggestions, please ? Thans in advance,

63. How to change portlet title on basis of some paramerter value at runtime in jsr 168    coderanch.com

Hi, Few days before someone asked me that how I can change the title of the portlet. So i told him by using the settitle() method in render phase he can change the title of portlet at run time. but then he asked that he want to change it on basis of some parameter value. for ex. if var1=hi then title ...

64. Remote Portlets + WSRP + JSR 168    coderanch.com

assuming you're clustering the JBoss instances and JBoss server supports WSRP (I haven't checked) it depends what your require in Session Management. eg I just finished doing some fairly extensive WSRP testing using Liferay and the support is very good, but while the Portlet spec defines management of state between portlets and portlet instances it does not define any inter-portlet state ...

65. navigation between the pages in different portlets using JSR286    coderanch.com

Hello everybody, I am new in JSR 286, I have to portlets and i want to move from page in first protlet to page in the second protlet. how can i do that? my scenario is: i have menu in a page contains ordered links in the first protlet, when i click on any link i want to view the page ...

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