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Hi supriya, can you tell me what is your requirement? i mean which kind of portlets you want to learn & create?.Because currently in market lots of API's are available to develop a portlet.for ex., JSR 168,IBM Jetspeed API,Oracle JPDK API portlets..e.t.c.So it will be easy for us to provide you proper links according to your requirement.

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Hello Ranchers, Now i am into Portal Development project. Though i have got concepts behind the portals and a bit of how they work, i m not aware of how to do with code. What i am looking for is, from the scratch (step by step) tutorials to do it! My present need is to do with IBM WebSphere Portal. I ...

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Hi Can someone please help me in finding some good books or URL's where I can get some real good portlet development guidance. I am looking for Struts based JSR-168 portlets on RAD. Basically I want some sorta guidance on how we can play wiith the portlets, what all can be done and how, starting from basics to the extent of ...

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Hi Everyone, I am new to Portals/Portlets. I am getting a project based on Portals and Portlets within a month because of some re-shuffling in my office. I would like to know some good tutorials and e-books on this to start off with considering that i am a novice in this area. I have searched the net and narrowed it down ...

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