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1. WSRP portlet integrated in a non portal J2EE application

I dont't know much about portlets so maybe what I'm asking does not make sense, or there is a better way to do it. The thing is that we have a ...

2. How to Write a WSRP portlet

Hi, I have a requirement where i need to deploy portlets on Websphere Portal Server using WSRP. As far as the IBM Documentation is concerned, it has not showed how to develop these portlets using RAD 7 and Websphere portal 6 version. Can any one let me know how to develop and deploy WSRP portlets?

3. Federated Portal(wsrp)--> page render of another jpf / url rewriting ?

hi , i am working on Federated Portals(wsrp)weblogic 9.2 . i m facing a issue that when i am in one JPF and calling another JPF's begin/other method in remote portlet , i m not able to do that . means i m not able to switch jpf in remote/fedrated portal environment with page render. And also when creating Remote portlet ...

4. Please advice WSRP implementation

WSRP has seemed to come in and out of favour. I used WSRP when it was built right into WebSphere 5 Portal, but it really seemed to disapper with version 6. However, it has been very tightly aligned with JSR-286, so hopefully we'll see better support for it in the next generation of portal servers. -Cameron McKenzie

5. WSRP consumer for Vignette

Hi I want to install a WSRP consumer on vignette.I tried using Add Remote Portlet server but it did not work.I could connect to WSDL site but it gave registation error on the next a consumer portlet availablpage.Do you have some clue on this or is there a ready made cosumer portlet available for vignette. I did install a producer and ...

6. WSRP - Runtime Exception

I am trying to get a remote portlet using WSRP but I am getting the below exceptions. Please suggest what can be done. Both of my producer and consumer are WPS and default WAS installed with the portal server has version javax.portlet.PortletException: EJPWC1100E: Policy has denied access. at at at at at at ...

7. WSRP and Flex

Hi, I am totally new to portlets. But i had done some samples on this. My requirement is this. We have an application in Flex. And We need to embed a screen in that application in the portal. The portal is running on Websphere, and the application is on Weblogic. I am trying to use WSRP to do this. I am ...

8. WSRP ?

9. Implementing WSRP in WPS 6.1