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1. Books on Portal

2. Suggest a book

Hi, The book market is pretty immature still for portal/portlet development. If you cant find what you want from Amazon then you should still be able to find all the info your after on the web especially in places such as the Websphere Portal Zone (other resources link on main portal forum page). This info is still relevant even if your ...

3. Best Book on Portlets -- Recommendation

Anyone has a recommendation on the best (or at least good) book on Portlets. It looks like I am about to jump into a large project that uses portlets as a component for a large part of it. BTW, I know absolutely nothing about portlets. For example, this project also makes references to flash... and I don't know if the two ...

4. Open source Address Book portlet

5. Address book portlet

7. Portal/Portlets book

Well, I'd humbly recommend the one that I wrote. JSR 168 Portlet Programming I think Amazon has a pretty heavy discount on the book right now, although that can always change. The link above takes you to the latest release on amazon. The older release has a number of reviews if you want to see what people think of it. The ...

8. need a good book

9. Which Book to refer?

10. This Msg is for Jonas X. Yuan for any new release of book on Liferay5.x(Share Space)

Hi Jonas X. Yuan, This is reg the Book you have written on Building Intranets using Liferay portals as this was using the 4.3 version of the Liferay product as there were so many changes right now they have released 5.X and it is also getting Integrated with Share Space(WebSynergy) just want to know are you going to release any new ...

11. Portlet Reference Book

Hi, If you are using WebSphere Portal server and want to use JSR 168 (which is Portlet 1.0) then I will recommend that book. In case you are doing fresh development (which is reflected from your first post) I recommend that you use JSR 286 (which is Portlet 2.0 specification) for developing your portal. As of now books are not available ...

12. Best book for Portlets

13. book for beginner portlets

14. IDE that was used to test examples in the book?

The book uses Eclipse IDE and Liferay as reference portal server. A separate appendix and codebase exists if you want to deploy examples on GateIn portal. The source code for GateIn portal is located here: The source code for GateIn and Liferay examples are same, with slight differences to address the specific requirements of portal server. GateIn examples contain a ...

15. books for portlet development

16. portal and portlet book