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1. Docking framework for Eclipse Forms/SWT

I have a few composites in an Eclipse editor, and the user would like to resize, maximize, restore, and move those composites around in the editor, as if each of those ...

2. eclipse doesn't show portal project type

Hi Ranchers, I installed JSR168 and JSR286 plugins for portal development for eclipse using 'software updates' option wherein i give the url '' in the Add Site option. I installed the plugin. But the project tab doesn't show any portal project type. If i see in 'WIndows -> Preferences' option, it will show portlet. My requirement is to create a portal ...

4. Portal development with eclipse and jetspeed 2

There are many commercial Portal Products.. 1) SAP Netweaver Enterprise Portal 2) Oracle/Weblogic Portal Ofcourse Open Source is a good alternative to WebSphere but i would recommend _not_ using open source for development environment and WebSphere for Production/Pre Production. Go open source all the way or stick to commercial all the way. Hope this helps. Kishore Chekuru ( Kumar )

5. create portlet in Eclipse 3.4?