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1. Industry Coding standard for Portlets    coderanch.com

3. multipage portlet    coderanch.com

4. generate email    coderanch.com

5. portlet    coderanch.com

7. difference between TIM and TAM    coderanch.com

8. Websites based on portlets!!    coderanch.com

i think that it is hard to get portlet examples. we worked on weblogic portal by using weblogic workshop for only few days because the project was delayed. for developing portlets in weblogic workshop(uses eclipse IDE internally) we had gone through the following url http://e-docs.bea.com/wlp/docs92/ in a portal we will have n number of portlets if we want to exchage data ...

10. Problem in stalling portal5.1    coderanch.com

I have tried several times to install 5.1 on my machin but it always says cd doesn't found. I am giving proper path doing according to documenation but no use. I am downloading software from IBM site and it is specifically mention that for installation of I need to have cd5-1 and 5-3 and I downloaded both of them but ...

11. Emailing form data in a portlet    coderanch.com

13. Launching flash in a portlet    coderanch.com

14. Portlet APIs    coderanch.com

15. integration of RAD with portal6.0    coderanch.com

16. uPortal + ant    coderanch.com

17. How to handle pagination?    coderanch.com

18. Portlets Development Envoirnment -and other questions    coderanch.com

As a proof of concept we are trying to convert our existing web application ( a simple JSP application) into a Portlet.We have shorlisted Liferay Portal on Tomcat (Reason : free !!). Since I am working from scratch with little previous knowledge , I have a lot of questions and and few/no answers . 1.Application Development Envoirment : What is the ...

19. News system    coderanch.com

20. Retrieve user Information    coderanch.com

21. Getting aRequest params to doView    coderanch.com

22. Portlet    coderanch.com

Portlets are pluggable user interface components that are managed and displayed in a web portal. Portlets produce fragments of markup code that are aggregated into a portal page. Typically, following the desktop metaphor, a portal page is displayed as a collection of non-overlapping portlet windows, where each portlet window displays a portlet. Hence a portlet (or collection of portlets) resembles a ...

23. doubts in portlets    coderanch.com

24. portlet content caching    coderanch.com

Developers write small content pieces called Portlets. Clients decide which portlets should be displayed on a page. When the portal server, such as WebSphere Portal Server, or JetSpeed, runs, the portal looks at the client, looks at the portlets the client wants to see, and checks all the variuos security settings, and shoots out an aggregated portal page to the client. ...

25. If "enctype=multipart/form-data" form sumission fails    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have migrtaed a struts application to Portal application using Struts-Portlet Framework and using the controller as below in struts-config . Now I have a jsp that needs to have a form of enctype=multipart/form-data. But when I submit this form my application just hangs. My form tag looks like this

26. Portlet specific css/js?    coderanch.com

Hi all, I'm in the starting of a development of a portlet project on IBM. This project would have some complex control like data grid (sortable columns, editable rows, etc), date picker. In a normal web app, we can separate the behaviour and presentation from the page by using external CSS/js files. But in portlet, in only contains html fragment and ...

28. Framework    coderanch.com

29. How can I reset the state of a Portlet    coderanch.com

I have a link on my page,on clicking that it takes me to the portlet under consideration here. The purpose of the portlet is to search some text and return the results in a new results page. Now let's say we want to search again on another text I click the original link but it still tries to display the search ...

30. stock ticker symbol portlet    coderanch.com

31. Future of ATG Framework ?    coderanch.com

I have experience with ATG portal framework for the last two years. I am surprised to see that ATG is not that popular(someone doesn't even know if ATG exists) in the east side of the world(Asia). ATG is also pretty expensive when compared to other competitors. And it does not have that much resources such as online articles and samples to ...

32. Difference between website & web-application    coderanch.com

Hello, Could you tell me the difference between website/portal and a web application? As i understand a website is one which is deployed on webserver machine & serves request by giving response which is static web page. while a web application is also deployed on a web/application server machine & processes the request & gives response which is dynamic, one that ...

33. Inter portlet Call    coderanch.com

Wow, you asked a loaded question. One option is to use Jetspeed legacy messaging, but that's gone away with JSR-168. Another way is to have the 'second' portlet read some data placed in a shared session. Portlets in the same portlet app can potentially share their session space, but if the two portlets are in different wars, you're out of luck. ...

34. custom-portlet-mode    coderanch.com

Hi, i tried to create a custom-portlet-mode portlet and tried to deploy it in Apache Pluto.but its showing error when i try to create a action URL specifying portletmode.saying its unsupported as follows.I have specifed the custom-portlet-mode in portlet.xml and also the overridden the doDispatch method. Nested Exception is javax.portlet.PortletModeException: unsupported Portlet Mode used: save at org.apache.pluto.core.impl.PortletURLImpl.setPortletMode(PortletURLImpl.java:96) at org.apache.pluto.tags.ActionURLTag.doStartTag(ActionURLTag.java:64) at org.apache.jsp.mediaview_jsp._jspx_meth_portlet_actionURL_1(org.apache.jsp.mediaview_jsp:173) ...

35. Portlet for an internet application    coderanch.com

Hi There, Most of the portlet / portal usage I have seen is for corporate intranet applications. Is it a good idea to use portlets for a internet application. I want to provide some customization / personalization for my users, is it advisable to go for a portal software only for this reason. How is the general performance of a portal ...

36. Anyone know Sakai here?    coderanch.com

37. Portlet to Portlet Help    coderanch.com

I'm a WebSphere dude, so I only know the jetspeed API and JSR-168. I don't know about BEA, so there may be some BEA tricks I don't know about. However, from a portal perspective, I think you're going down the wrong path when you are thinking about one portlet calling another portlets Process Action method. Is there data that needs to ...

38. Tomahawk with Portlets    coderanch.com

39. Multi Platform free installer needed    coderanch.com

40. Portlets+AJAX - accessing portlet objects    coderanch.com

Hi, Portlet noob here. What I'm trying to do is make my static portlets update parts of itself using AJAX. I've successfully done this when the updating parts do not use portlet tags. Given the following: dynamic.jsp - a jsp fragment that contains urls generated with portlet.jsp - a portlet view that simply jsp:includes dynamic.jsp - this works fine portlet-refresh.jsp ...

41. Help    coderanch.com

42. Mahesh    coderanch.com

43. Lotus Domino Portlet, where to find ?    coderanch.com

Well, IBM recommends the IBM WebSphere Portlet Catalog. Perhaps you can find what you're looking for there? IBM WebSphere Portlet Catalog The WebSphere Portal Catalog describes the offerings that are available for the WebSphere Portal products. These offerings are created by IBM and IBM's Business Partners. The catalog enables you to search for information that meet specific criteria such as: * ...

46. Which redbook to read for IBM 399 ?    coderanch.com

Hi Vivek, my company asked me to take up IBM 399 exam ASAP. and currently I dont want to hop on multiple books and guides. Can you please guide me on followings. 1. Softwares needed - download links 2. Book(s) to go through. 3. Any good articles on Websphere Portal. Looking forward to your much appreciated response. cheers Joe

47. How to run a simple portlet?    coderanch.com

48. Head First series    coderanch.com

49. Can anyone tell me where i can purchase HR and CRM portlets    coderanch.com

Nobody has replied, so I'll throw my IBM centric hat into the ring. IBM has the WebSphere Portal Catalog Of course many of hte offerings are focussed at WebSphere, but the third party vendors are creating JSR168 portlets that can run on any platform. It may be a good start. Good luck on your quest. -Cameron McKenzie The WebSphere Portal Catalog ...

50. Search For Documents and metadata    coderanch.com

Hi, I have the requirement of search for the documents along with the meta data (in Documentum product). Now I am looking for the option like search with in a Folder for the documents or files(File System Search) using WebSphere Portal Server 6.0. On the other side i want to search for the metadata(Database Search) also. How can I achieve this. ...

51. portelt namespace encoding    coderanch.com

so far i was in the impression that the portletApi:encodenamespace encodes the parameter, based on the portletid. but this scenario proves that its not only based on the portletid.. but also follows some other logic... i have a portlet that conditional includes either a.jsp or b.jsp. I have a variable var on both the jsp. the variable is encoded... but then ...

52. Problem with Portlet    coderanch.com

54. Portlet    coderanch.com

55. JetSpeed2 Binary 2.1 available?    coderanch.com

Is there a binary available for download for Jetspeed2 release 2.1 ? The Jetspped source for 2.1 and all of the portlet applications sources are massive, I can't even comprehend and won't attempt to compile this massive collections of src into binaries. Or Is the source code for Portlet-Application (j2-admin (version 2.1)) compatible with the Jetspeed2 core release 2.0 ? Or ...

56. IBM Portlet API question    coderanch.com

57. Class Loader for Portlet Application    coderanch.com

58. Future of 399 exam    coderanch.com

With IBM announcing that it is withdrawing support for WebSphere 5.1 in late February 2007 , I was a bit concerned about the future of IBM 399 test . Since 399 deals with WPS 5.1 which runs on Websphere 5.1 , is it likely that 399 will be scraped in near future. Also since test 829 has come in , is ...

60. IStrutsPrepareRender fails ...    coderanch.com

Hi, I am trying to migrate a struts application to a portal application using Struts-Portlet framework for IBM WebSPhere. When I go through the sample application they say it is mandatory to implement the Interface ISrtutsPrepareRender for the action class. If I do this I get this exception: Appreciate any thoughts.. [I][2/11/07 15:57:38:809 PST] 2263b9c6 WpsStrutsView E com.ibm.wps.portlets.struts.WpsStrutsViewActionCommand WpsStrutsViewActionCommand.execute - EJPYE0006E: ...

61. newbie    coderanch.com

Well, if you're new to Portal, there's a few things you've got to decide. Which portal are you going to use? I'd suggest JetSpeed2. It works with Java 1.4.2, and comes with an embedded Derby database. It's a real easy install, and I have a full tutorial on my portal tutorials website. From there, what are API are you going to ...

62. Specifications?    coderanch.com

I think most technologies go through a standardization process, getting requests from vendors and the linke. For Portlets, the JSR that represented the agreement on the first, standard portlet API, was JSR 168. The next one will be JSR-268. There are all sorts of JSR's out there. Just head over to sun's Java website and search for them. Here's a link ...

63. createRenderURL to another portlet    coderanch.com

I would say no, although when a portal page is rendered, the doview method of all the portlets on the page are invoked, so indirectly, I guess it is being called. By the way, how do you know that other portlet will be on the page? Users can add and remove what they want. Not to be rude, but it sounds ...

64. Transfer data from Java beans to portlet    coderanch.com

Hi, How to transfer data from a form to the Portlet. I mean can i set the data in JavaBean with the values in the form ?. Do the bean needs to stored in renderRequest and what should be the scope ? If you have an example doing that. Can you provide a url. I tired the following, but it did ...

65. Any good recommendations?    coderanch.com

Hi all, First off, an apology to the site moderators, I posted this thread 2x (once on the JSP forum, and the Portal Section), didn't know exaclty where this topic belongs... Can anybody recommend any good websites/book out there that will help how to code JSPs and JPFs to use within Weblogic Portal 8.1 framework? I was going to buy the ...

66. regulate preferences    coderanch.com

I would like to know how I could regulate the preferences in a JSR168, so that there is a similar situation with the PortletData & PortletConfig objects from theIBM API. Because what I'm missing is a preference object by user (edit mode) like in the IBM API. At the moment this is solved by putting the userid in the preference name, ...

67. Displaying records    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a problem in displaying records fetched through search. My problem is, I have a search in my application.I have to display fetched records 10 by 10 or 20 by 20 and so on when user clicks Next>>. Same as like any mail list. i am not getting any idea how to resolve my problem. If any one help ...

68. Issue with PageURL.createPageURL    coderanch.com

69. I am looking for some ideas for a portlet    coderanch.com

There's actually a different book coming out that focusses on JSR-168 portlet development that I wrote myself, and is of much higher quality. That's a good look at JSR-168. But that won't be out for a few weeks. There are some free mock certification exams for portal that I just put up on my website. They are very good indicators of ...

70. integrating flash into WCM    coderanch.com

72. MISSING_BLOCK_LABEL    coderanch.com

73. Jetspeed-2 and Cutom mode    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am trying to deploy a portlet on JetSpeed-2 portal server, I ve added one custom portlet mode called "config" however its not displayed when I log-in as administrator. I ve following entries in portlet.xml text/html view edit help config also config also I ve a overridden doDispatch() method, which calls the doConfig() method if ...

74. Javasctipt problem    coderanch.com

Does anybody have an example of how to include javascript in a portlet and call the function. I am trying an example by including js on the jsp page like : I have the js file in the same location as the jsp page. I am getting an error saying: "Object doe not allow call" Thanks in ...

75. want basic info and get start?    coderanch.com

You want to get started with Portal? Well, here's what you need: Get a used computer, like a Dell GX150 or better. In Canada, I can get one for about $175. But a gig of RAM in it. Then, install JetSpeed2. It's a free portal server available through Apache. JetSpeed-2 Portal Server Then you need a development tool. For a free ...

76. RenderParameter problem    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have a problem with clearing RenderParameters below is the scenrio that i am going through First i am using JSR 168 on WebSphere Portal In the processAction of the portlet i set a render parameter as following response.setRenderParameter("paramname", "false"); i use the parameter in the view jsp as following <% if(null != renderRequest.getParameter("paramname") && "true".equals(renderRequest.getParameter("paramname"))){ %> Mainly i ...

77. Create New Aunthentication Module    coderanch.com

Hi Friends I wanted to use my custom authentication module in Sun ONE server. How can I configure it in Sun ONE's Access Manager. I have a made a jar out of the classes which are doing the authentication part. I am not able to proceed from there on. Can anyone guide me through this configuration or give some valuable links. ...

78. how to forward from one portlet to another?    coderanch.com

Nope, I can't give you an example, because you can't do it. Essentially, what you are saying is that you have a portal page, with a portlet on it. A user has intentionally added a portlet to that portal page. And what you want to do is, when a button or something is clicked, flip out the portlet a user wanted ...

79. Accessing SAP    coderanch.com

How would you access SAP from a Servlet or a JSP? You can do it pretty much the same way from a portlet. Remember, a portlet is just a rendering tool, in its most basic sense. Connecting to back ends shouldn't be any different from a portlet than a Servlet. Of course, service out as much as possible. If you can ...

80. IBM 399 Question challenge    coderanch.com

Hi guys.. I ve some IBM 399 Qs but unsure of the answers..anybody would like to comment.. 1. For which portlet feature is local debugging with Rational Application Developer V6.0 NOT supported? A.Vault service B.Cooperative portlets C.Struts D.Personalization Ans - B 2. The WebSphere Portal log file contains messages and trace information, if tracing is enabled. Which of the following is ...

81. Portlet section replacement    coderanch.com

Hi, Can anyone help me with this problem?? I have a portlet with 4-5 sections in that. Each section can be maximised & collapsed. I want to replace one of the section with the new section. Is there anyway i can do it without performance hit?? I appreciate earlier reply. Thank you, Sowmya.

82. Assert doesn't work    coderanch.com

Hello, I've tried almost everything to enable 'assert' in my portlet - but my portlet ignores it completely (although the file size increases when using assert statement in the code). The variable MAVEN_OPTS=-ea is also set. Even a simple statement like 'assert false;' doesn't lead to an assertion. Could anyone help me or give me a hint? Thanks!

83. jasper reports with portlets    coderanch.com

84. New to portlets    coderanch.com

Hi, I am absolutely new to portlets. I have a few questions. 1. What is special about a portal server. How is it different from a web-server or app-server. 2. What is needed for a portlet container run. I mean is it required that it run inside some web-server, app-server or portal server. 3. Does Tomcat have a portlet container plugin? ...

85. mapping user with the portal/portlet state    coderanch.com

The specification doesn't state where this data has to be stored, only that it must be. WebSphere Portal Server uses a centralized database, so that regardless of which cluster memeber a user logs into, they can access their custom data. I don't know WebLogic too well, but with thousands of users, that data has to be stored somewhere reliable and accessible. ...

86. portlet.tld missing    coderanch.com

87. portlet:actionURL-please help    coderanch.com

What does the actionURL do? It takes you to the action processing phase of the portlet. You're doing it with a custom tag in a JSP, but here's the same sort of thing all done in one portlet below: package com.examscam.portlet; import java.io.*; import javax.portlet.*; public class StateShifter extends GenericPortlet { public void doView (RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response) throws PortletException, IOException ...

88. localizing a portlet    coderanch.com

89. Portlet Mobile browsing    coderanch.com

90. how to add Groupware portlets    coderanch.com

91. Problem with displaying remote protlets in consumer side.    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am new to portlets and wsrp portlets.I have created a producer application using weblogic workshop and make it as producer and add some portlets. Next i created a consumer application in that i have created a 2 remote protlets and added to portal.I have created a SSO layer between producer and consumer.Finally if i access the consumer portal ...

92. Basic of Portlet    coderanch.com

Hi Everybody! I am new to portal and portlets, Please explain the different vendor product and the alignment between them. Q-1 Jetspeed is a portal? Q-2 Pluto is a portal? Q-3 Jboss is a portal? I used IBM Developer Studio with websphere 5.1. but only 1 or two time. What I have to change in the portal that I develop by ...

93. Problem with coolMenu in IE7    coderanch.com

95. getHeader() in do view    coderanch.com

Hi friends I am developing a simple portlet . I want to access an object set it into the header in the doView() method of the portlet. The RenderRequest used in doView() method doest not have a getHeader() method, so is there any way I can get the object set into the header in the doView() method? Thanks in advance Swetha ...

96. Problem in using portlet:param    coderanch.com

97. great link from BEA    coderanch.com

98. Unable to retrieve User Info    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using Sun Java Portal Server. I tried to retrieve the lastname and firstname of the user following the guidelines given in the JSR 168 specs. But I got a null in each case. To get these value I set the user.name.family and user.name.given in the portlet.xml and used the same to retrieve the value in the portlet code, ...

99. IBM-399 Exam.    coderanch.com

Hi! I need a small help. I'll be writting the IBM WebSphere Portal - 399 exam next month. But I do not have IBM Rational Application Developer software which I can use for developing and deploying sample portlets. I had downloaded the trial version of RAD 7.0 but it does not have the provision to write/deploy the portlet. Please let me ...

100. Changing the log file name and location in RAD6    coderanch.com

I want to change the log file location and the name of the log file which is set by default in portalserver. Default location is wp_root/log/wps_date.log But when I change the file in location wp_root/shared/app/config/log.properties with logFileName = wp_root/log/bharat/wps_date.log the new log file is not getting generated on path wp_root/log/bharat/ What could be the possible reason. How to solve this issue. ...

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