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1. How do i select value from dropdown box in netui:repeater tag    coderanch.com

Need soem help on this . I am displaying data using netui:repeater tag. Eah row in a table has data from DB and there is one column in each row that is dropdown with fixed values in it "First Choice" , "Seconf Choice" , "Third Choice." and one more column to click update this row example of one row of table ...

2. How to access RenderRequest in a custom Tag?    coderanch.com

Hi All, I've mentioned this problem in a previous posting - I can't seem to get a working example of Struts with JSR-168 portlets. Someone suggested the MVCPortlet framework, but then it's got it's own learning curve. The result is that I'm having to work on the JSP bit without the wonderful Struts tags. I'm having to use for loops and ...

3. Portlet body tag    coderanch.com

Hi, According to JSR 168,"Portlets generating HTML fragments must not use the following tags: base, body,iframe, frame, frameset, head, html and title." But you can still have a body tag where you can add onload attribute in your original xxx.jsp(for instance,view.jsp).You can look the examples with the IBM portal application development redbook. I have not experience on portal development.If I am ...

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10. Problem with netui:select tag    coderanch.com

Hi, I am facing a problem with tag. The code I am using is Now as soon as I change the selection the pageFlow variable should get updated. But I am getting the old value itself.

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