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1. disabling color correction in quartz 2d

Ok, I know that it's not possible to actually disable color correction in quartz. What I'm looking for is a device-independent color space setting that dosn't change the RGB values I ...

2. Cocoa: Quartz, Core Graphics, Context vs View. Oh My!

Heads starting to hurt. I think I dropped into this too fast... Perhaps someone could help me visualize how these (excluding OpenGL ES) high level drawing libraries fit together - or ...

3. How do I draw a shape in Quartz Composer for every element in an NSArray?

I have an XML file that I have parsed and have put the information I want into several NSArray objects. I want to be able to draw them in a ...

4. Can't load Quartz animation in screen saver: "You cannot use the XXX screensaver on this computer"

I've written a simple screensaver that loads a Quartz animation using a QCView. But when I install it on Snow Leopard it appears in the Screen Saver preview with a ...

5. NSImage color shift on Snow Leopard

My app creates NSImages by compositing various other NSImages together. The original images are loaded from files using [NSBitmapImageRep imageRepWithContentsOfFile:]. The final image is then displayed on the screen. A few 10.6 ...

6. Is there a way to initialize ImageKit's IKSaveOptions to default to TIFF with LZW compression?

I'm using Mac OS X 10.6 SDK ImageKit's IKSaveOptions to add the file format accessory to an NSSavePanel using:

- (id)initWithImageProperties:(NSDictionary *)imageProperties imageUTType:(NSString *)imageUTType;
- (void)addSaveOptionsAccessoryViewToSavePanel:(NSSavePanel *)savePanel;
I have tried creating an NSDictionary to ...

7. quartz composer view output: How can I get immediately the new values of outputs, if they change?

I created a cocoa program with a quartz composer view. I can get the output values with:

[qcView valueForOutputKey:@"Output"]
But how can I get immediately the new values of outputs, if they change? ...

8. Draw over screen with Quartz

I'm trying to work out what the best way to draw over the top of all other items on the screen on OS X. I don't want to impede the user's ...

9. Getting resolution from a CGImageRef

I'm creating a CGImageRef out of, in one case, a TIFF file, through a CGImageSource, in another case raw bitmap data via a CGDataProvider and in another case, from a PDFPage ...

10. XCode/Cocoa + Quartz Composer + Interface Builder woes

So, I can't seem to get this (I thought rather simple) Cocoa app working properly. I have a Quartz Composer patch which writes text files based on GUI input, then ...

11. forKeyPath troubles with Quartz Composer and MacRuby

I am having some issues with setting values using MacRuby and Cocoa. I have the inserted the QCView and the QCPatchController into the XIB and loaded the composition into the QCPatchController. ...

12. CGDisplayCaptureWithOptions (kCGDirectMainDisplay, kCGCaptureNoFill) still fills the screen with black

Hi I've recently been moving some of our old quickdraw code to use quartz and I've run into one little snag. According to the docs ("Display Capture Options" ...

13. Detect whether a Quartz Composition in a QCView will be rendered through software or hardware

I have a feeling there are combinations of Cocoa Quartz Compositions and GPUs which can't be handled by the GPU and which fall back on the software renderer, even if Core ...

14. Core Graphics: Drawing along a path with a normal gradient

There are a number of resources here and elsewhere on the web regarding how to draw with a gradient - fill or stroke. However, AFAICT, none addresses the following requirement: how to ...

15. How do I process a mouse click using Quartz events?

I have a CGEventTap and I would like to observe and process all system mouse click events. Detecting a mouse click event is easy, but I don’t want some of the ...

16. Cocoa + Quartz Newbie: Getting the color of pixels in an NSImage & drawing offscreen

I'm attempting to create a custom color picker for my Cocoa (Mac, not iOS) application, and I'm having some trouble. I'm familiar enough with the various patterns of computer graphics and ...

17. First Quartz 2D program giving errors... What's the mistake?

I am trying to make my first Quartz 2D app for MAC. I just have my app delegate and a myView class which is as below - mydrawAppDelegate.h --

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@class myView;

@interface mydrawAppDelegate ...

18. Strange CGEventPost mouse click behavior

In my Mac application I am trying to intercept right mouse down/up events using CG Event Taps. I have the code that is registering as a listener working just fine. What ...

19. Need help with the tranform property in CGPathAddEllipseInRect

I am using CGPathAddEllipseInRect to draw a circle and then using that in CAKeyframeAnimation. My issue is that the animation always starts in the same spot. I thought that ...

20. Decode values ignored in CGCreateImage

I am creating a monochrome image with the following code:

  CGColorSpaceRef cgColorSpace = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceGray();
  CGImageRef cgImage = CGImageCreate (width, height, 1, 1, rowBytes, colorSpace, 0, dataProvider, decodeValues, NO, kCGRenderingIntentDefault);
where ...

21. Code to Draw simple PushButton in Quartz?

I know that, Cocoa uses quartz underneath to render the UI. Thus can anybody share source code underneath that generates this PushButton displayed on screen? I need this as a part of my ...

22. Quartz code to create a button?

Cocoa/Carbon uses quartz underneath to create the UI. I am trying to get the quartz code generated when we create button in cocoa?

NSButton *myButton = [[NSButton alloc] initWithFrame:NSRectFromCGRect(CGRectMake(20,20,200, 44))];
[myButton setTitle:@"Click Me!"];
[myButton ...

23. Multiplying colors when compositing with Quartz

I'm trying to draw an image with a certain color. To get this effect, first I draw the image (consisting of mostly white and black), and then I draw a rectangle ...

24. Cocoa Screensaver Embed Quartz

I am trying to create a screensaver in Xcode to deploy as a .saver file. However, I want to embed a Quartz Composition file (QTZ) into it. As there is no XIB or ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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