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Hello everyone ! I can't find a solution for my work. Here is my situation. I have many jobs running on my application. Some run every morning to update my data, before the users start to work. Some run during the day to transmit the new data from the users to a main system. Some run after the worktime to clean ...

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No. This is to prevent accumulation of hundreds of thousands / millions of records in large installs - and different apps would have different needs than others pertaining to what information might be interesting. It's simple enough to build (as you've already posted) a various of a listener that records what your particular app needs.

5. Job execution    forums.terracotta.org

Hi Guys, I know Quratz can be used to schedule jobs, however i have a different set of problem. 1) I should be able to plug in task implementation (Quartz can do this) 2) The execution of the task should happen momentarily. 3) User should be able to query state of the job. 3) Should be able to limit the number ...

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Hello, I am using Quartz .Net (version Quartz.NET-1.0.3) for running few jobs at background in ASP.Net. I am using SimpleJob and executing the triggers every 5 minutes. If any trigger is being misfired, I don't want it to be executed. So, in case of mis-fired triggers, I simply want to ignore it. So far, I created the sample successfully which works ...