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1. Time triggered job Cron or Quartz?    stackoverflow.com

I already asked a separate question on how to create time triggered event in Java: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1029164/large-scale-time-triggered-event-handling. I was introduced of Quartz. At the same time, I also google it online, and ...

2. Fetch the "Last Ran At" time for a quartz job    stackoverflow.com

Is there an API to determine the last execution time of a quartz job. Thanks, Sandhya

3. Quartz trigger start time before current time    stackoverflow.com

Lets say that I have a quartz trigger SimpleTrigger that fires every second and start time is set to 12:00:00 today. It seems that when I schedule that trigger at 12:00:10 ...

4. quartz hardware clock    stackoverflow.com

I am using quartz in my project and have one cron job. The cron expression I give the trigger (CronTrigger) as the running parameter is alighnt with the ...

5. How does quartz track the time    stackoverflow.com

How does quartz track the time ? Is it a continuous timer running in background or does it somehow uses the OS scheduler or is it something else ? Which class actually ...

6. how to make multiple instances execute the same job at the same time not concurrently    stackoverflow.com

I have 4 instances of Quartz Server. All of the instances point to one ADO JobStore. All I want to do is to make each Quartz instance execute the same ...

7. Immediate one time task with Quartz    stackoverflow.com

I am using a Quartz to build a clustered ThreadPool and I have number of tasks that run at various times. What is the best way to ...

8. Ways to deal with Daylight Savings time with Quartz Cron Trigger    stackoverflow.com

I have a quartz cron trigger that looks like so:

<bean id="batchProcessCronTrigger" class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.CronTriggerBean">
    <property name="jobDetail" ref="batchProcessJobDetail" />
    <property name="cronExpression" value="0 30 2 * * ?" />
How ...

9. Job execution time in Quartz.net    stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with getting the value form Trigger.GetNextFireTimeUtc() I have four tasks, I can return their names, get triggers for each one of them (each has one) and then call ...

10. Exclude time blocks on particular day [Quartz Schedular]    stackoverflow.com

I am using Quart Scheduler. I want to trigger to in such a fashion so as it excludes timing from xx:xx:xx to yy:yy:yy on day specified (monday, friday. sunday). I know ...

11. quartz cron trigger first fire time    stackoverflow.com

Is there any way setting crontrigger to begin after a specific date .That is crontrigger going to fire after a specific date using its cron expression.I try using crontrigger starttime ...

12. Quartz scheduler does not trigger at given time    stackoverflow.com

I have a program which reschedules jobs for one hour. Sometimes it triggers at the given time, and sometimes it misses the trigger time. There is no exception or error in the ...

13. how to get the next scheduled trigger fire time in Quartz.net    stackoverflow.com

This is my first Quartz.net project. I have done my basic homework and all my cron triggers fire correctly and life is good. However Iam having a hard time finding a ...

14. Quartz.NET Push forward/pull back time on a daily schedule    stackoverflow.com

I've recently come across Quartz.net, and would like to know the best approach on setting up daily (weekday) tasks. So let's say a bunch of tasks needs to run daily from ...

15. How to determine time to stop org.quartz.JobDetail during execution?    stackoverflow.com

How can I schedule time to stop and kill a single job from the begining of execution task ? For example determine that if after an hour the task is still working, it ...

16. Quartz CronTrigger - Getting next fire time    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the Quartz CronTrigger facility to parse cron schedule format strings to determine when a specific job should run. I'm not actually using Quartz to schedule the job though. There ...

17. Quartz - change how the current time is determined?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to change how a Quartz scheduler decides what the current time is? I am developing a service-based application, including a time service that is responsible for providing the current ...

18. What time am I dealing with in Quartz.net?    stackoverflow.com

I am wondering when I set something like this

  Trigger trigger = TriggerUtils.MakeDailyTrigger("abc", 5, 00);
I am setting it for 5:00am. Is this 5:00am server time or UTC time?

19. Use quartz composer for creating time lapse videos    stackoverflow.com

Hy there let's say I have 1000 pictures which were taken with a delay of 1 second.

  1. Is it possible to create a video from these pictures using quartz composer?
  2. In a ...

20. Prevent job from executing multiple times at a given time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, I have a question regarding job execution with multiple triggers. The scenario is the following: I have a job with lets say 2 triggers. One trigger will fire every 5 minutes, the other every 10 minutes. This means, every 10 minutes the scheduled job will be executed 2 times. But I only want the job to be executed once. Can ...

21. End job when execution time exceeds endtime    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, It is been some time since we are using quartz on our projects with success. Now we have encountered that some jobs occasionally remain stuck, mostly due to problems with external resources, for example a socket, that remains connected more time than it should be. Considering that the trigger has a lifetime of 30 minutes (endtime in SimpleTrigger) is it ...

22. An alternative to SimpleTrigger, that take job execution time in consideration?    forums.terracotta.org

ezapata wrote: You could have your first job schedule the next job just before exiting the execute() method. Or you could just a job or trigger listener to detect the completion of one job and scheduled the next. Hi ezapata, and thanks for your input. Your first suggestion feels a bit like mixing responsibilities (a Job should not have ...

23. In JBoss, Scheduler is not run at schedule time.    forums.terracotta.org

Hi everyone, I am using JBoss Application. In my application the scheduler should not running at scheduled time. *Example When should I set a time (10:30) in my application at 10:25? But scheduler is running 10:45(10:30 + 00:15). Scheduler has take action after 15 min. how should over came this issue, please give your answer to me. (: Using Simple Scheduler). ...

24. getTriggersOfJob() reports wrong fire time when using TerracottaJobStore    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, I'm currently evaluating Quartz coupled with the Terracotta Job store so it can be used across a cluster. I have knocked up a small webapp that will let you view jobs and their triggers. The problem I am having is that when I get the Trigger back for the Job, the previousFireTime and nextFireTime values are not the same for ...

25. Problem with Quartz in cluster and daylight saving time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, We have two Web applications which are running Quartz 1.6.5 in cluster mode. All worked fine before daylight saving time, just after the change time (changed from 2 to 3 o'clock), the same job is launched at same time by the two schedulers around every three launchs. Is anybody has already encountered this problem ? Is there a workaround or ...

26. Quartz in cluster with diferent zone time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, I detected this scenario: Quartz is running on clustering in two server with the same time zone. If accidentally one server change from one time zone to another (for example TSD -3 to TSD -2, in this case one server will have one hour of difference from another), and quartz starts twice the same job (one job starts at a ...

27. Jobs are no longer fired after an arbitrary period of time    forums.terracotta.org

... [Application specific data] org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool 1 5

28. Cluster Jobs working past next trigger time    forums.terracotta.org

Say i have a cluster of three scheduler instances, and i have a job which fires every minute. If said job takes over a minute to run, will another instance overlap? For example.... Job 123 is setup to run every minute 0:00 Job 123 starts, Node #1 0:35 Job 123 finishes, Node #1 (35 second run, everything is fine) 1:00 Job ...

29. scheduler.triggerJob() not updating previous fire time    forums.terracotta.org

That previous fire time value is for the given trigger (every trigger will have it's own independent value for it, even if they refer to the same job -- it is the previous fire time of the trigger, not of the job). When you use triggerJob(..), it's a one-off trigger that is created to kick-off the job, so once the job ...

30. Using Calendars to block a time period across a few days..    forums.terracotta.org

Hello, I'm wondering if there's a way to say block a time period like: Friday 5pm - Monday 8am using a calendar? From what I've read and investigated, it seems as if you would need to have 3 calendars combined to achieve this. Is this the case or am I missing something? Thanks

31. Fired trigger executing job only the first time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi all, I am facing this weird problem when using quartz in one of our environments. We are using a JDBC Job Store and Quartz 1.7.3 with JBoss 1.5 . The scheduled job gets triggered and executes successfully but only the first time its triggered. I monitored the states of the trigger and it looks like the trigger is shifting from ...

32. set interval calculated from last job termination time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi guys I have a newbie question. What is the best way to set interval between job execution end and start. As i understand scheduling triggers are firing job thread every given time, but my job can take some time to execute and I want to execute it again after interval calculated from job's last termination time. hope i was clear ...

33. Quartz TRIGGER_STATE being in ACQUIRED for a long time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, Im using clustering of 2 quartz nodes.. Few days after continuous quartz running it was observed that a TRIGGER went into ACQUIRED state and refused to trigger. I manually changed the state to WAITING.. Could someone plz explain why does this happen?? Also plz provide me good resources on quartz clustering and fine tuning the same.. I am using quartz ...

34. How to Pause and Resume a Job using a one time SimpleTrigger    forums.terracotta.org

We have a requirement to list currently running jobs and Pause and Resume a Job from UI. We are using JDBC Job store using StateFulJob. Jobs are not expected to repeat, so I created a SimpleTrigger with no Repeat count. I am able to Schedule the job and the SimpleTrigger getting created and i see its state is going to COMPLETE. ...

35. Job running past its next fired time.    forums.terracotta.org

This question was also posted on CodeRanch's forum: http://www.coderanch.com/t/521109/Spring/Quartz-Scheduler-Jobs-running-past#2360276 This question might have been answered somewhere but i couldn't find it. I have a job that fires at a set interval and handled data. The amount of data is dynamic (can be a lot or a little) which means the job might take a lot or a little time to run. ...

36. Job misfires increase suddenly when a job takes long time to finish up    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, 1.Can someonle explain under what cirucumstances does a job misfire?? 2.On what basis is it guaranteed that the job would misfire AGAIN during its next scheduled time? 3.How many misfires can a job go into in its life time?? 4.Can we force a job to run at its 3rd misfire etc... 5.Why do all my jobs go into misfire state ...

37. Latest job start time    forums.terracotta.org

No direct way via the API, no. That's actually an extremely computationally expensive question to answer, and almost impossible to answer accurately, unless all of your triggers are non-repeating (singe-shot) SimpleTriggers. If you want to give it a try you can use the API to retrieve all triggers, and then use methods on TriggerUtils to compute future fire times of each. ...

38. Quartz's jobs stops after some time of correct executing    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, I have a webapp (no GUI) that is deployed on WebLogic 10.3 AS. In this webapp 5 quartz's job are executed (cron trigger). Two of them run 3 times a day, the next two of them execute every 5 seconds and the last one starts every 20 seconds. The problem is that after some time of correct execution (about 20 ...

39. start time ignored by CalenderIntervalTrigger    forums.terracotta.org

i am on a different machine now, but i am pretty sure i use TriggerUtils.computeFireTimes(:::). I just looked up the Javadoc, it says "Returns a list of Dates that are the next fire times of a Trigger." As i remember correctly i didn't pass in a calender object, as i assumed the start date would be taken from the trigger object ...

40. Set up schedule which runs from start time to end time each day    forums.terracotta.org

Hi I need to set up a job which runs from say 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM DAILY every five minutes. Every time the job runs it checks to see if a particular file is received in a given location ,if it finds that the file has be received it stops executing for that day. Say job starts at 10:00 AM ...

42. Some Quartz jobs could not start at the specified time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, We are using Quartz 1.8.4. We created servel statful jobs(about 10) and configed them to run at different time from 0 oclock to 8 oclock by CronTriggers. Some config items in quartz.properties are as follows: org.quartz.threadPool.class = org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount = 20 org.quartz.threadPool.threadPriority = 5 org.quartz.jobStore.class = org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreTX org.quartz.jobStore.driverDelegateClass = org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.StdJDBCDelegate org.quartz.jobStore.useProperties = false org.quartz.jobStore.isClustered = false The data source is ...

43. Set Up a schedule from start time to end time withIntervalInMnutes    forums.terracotta.org

I am trying to define periodic schedule using SimpleTrigger.My aim is to provide start time and end time for trigger. I am also giving minutes parameter for repeat interval.But no success. job is executed only once in start time.Then all triggers and job listeners are deleted.Here is my definition. Providing start time, end time and interval is not sufficient for periodic ...

44. Updating Cron Expression is not updatating NEXT FIRE TIME.    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, My requirement was to modify existing job schedule time. Before job used to run daily, but i need to change it to run from sun-thu. I have used API to setCronExpression to modify the cron expression, and reSchedule the job. Cron expression in [QRTZ_CRON_TRIGGERS] table is getting modified but, NEXT FIRE TIME is not updated according to cron expression. Does ...

45. Is UTC time supported in Quartz?    forums.terracotta.org

I have a requirement for a cluster of servers (some of which will be geographically distributed) to run Quartz. I would like to know if Quartz will store the next trigger times in UTC, or will they be stored in local time to the database? Ultimately it doesn't matter as much to me what form they are stored in, but I ...

46. start time is getting updated automatically in Quartz1.4.2    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, we are using the Quartz1.4.2 (with cocoon). We are able to schedule the jobs, but it is not scheduling correctly. When we are trying to save the JOB & Trigger, it is storing the Job and Trigger values properly in the Database tables, but with in few Milli seconds the Triggers start time is getting updated automatically to current date ...

47. How can I execute the same job few times at different time intervals?    forums.terracotta.org

As an example, let's say I want to execute a particular job at 10:30 am, 12:45 pm and 18:00 pm. 1. What is the best way to do this? 2. At the moment I use quartz expressions to schedule my jobs. Is it possible to write a single expression for this purpose or do I have to write 3 different expressions ...

49. Triggers not firing after some time    forums.terracotta.org

Hi, I am using quartz 1.6.2 as osgi bundle. We are executing 1000 jobs every 15 minutes. Processing time of jobs is very less(fraction of second). It worked perfectly fine for 2-3 days and after that trigger firing slows down for 4-5 hours. During this 4 hours there were lots of misfired triggers. And after that quartz stopped firing triggers completely. ...

50. Time synchronization    forums.terracotta.org

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