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I have a REST based webservice that was originally deployed to WebSphere and errors were being returned properly as we expected (HTTP Status code plus a text message in the response ...

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I'm interested in creating a client/server app in java, but not certain which framework to use. Here are simple scenarios to check disk space: Scenario 1 1. A user would click on a ...

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I just added JAX-RS web services to my project in MyEclipse and did my export/deploy to jboss 6/jdk 1.6, but I keep getting this error and I have no clue why ...

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I am using the JBoss issue tracker for my project. Does anybody know how I can make a REST call to JBoss bugs (JIRA system).

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is it possible (JEE, JBoss 6) to cleverly annotate Java code to provide both RESTful and SOAP webservices without implementing two methods? I'm thinking about:

public interface SomeService {
    @GET ...

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I have a wierd problem. I'm using @Provider to annote my Mapper Exception and it's work fine, but when I'm using it to annote the class below it won't work at ...

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I am using restEasy(Restful implementation for jboss) ejb3.0, Jboss5.1.1 AS I did restful service which accepting simple object. this is at the server side:

public String testObjects(GrandSun sun)

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