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1. JAX-RS, Map to JSON without the overhead?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using JAX-RS to create restful webservices in Java. I am getting to much overhead in the produced JSON. Data class:

public class Test {

    private Map<String,String> data;


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I writing here to clear my and may be many people 's misconceptions about them... first my question is: SOAP is xml based protocol REST is web based architectural web service JSON is ...

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I'm trying to create a REST based web service with data encapsulated using JSON. My problem is when I pass the string version of JSON in the URI it turns to ...

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Typically I have been using xml web services and have used JAXB for marshalling/unmarshalling the xml. In this case, I have an xml schema for generating the classes and then at ...

5. Partial JSON Serialization at Run-Time (for RESTful Queries)    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to convert a Java object to JSON in Tomcat (currently using Jackson). Based on the fields in a RESTful request, I want to serialize only those fields. I ...

6. J2ME, how to encode and decode Json?    stackoverflow.com

how to encode and decode Json in J2ME?

7. Creating a Groovy Portlet    stackoverflow.com

I am getting started researching / creating a groovy portlet that will connect to a REST based ESB service that returns JSON; I will also need to pass the username in ...

8. REST/JSON Web Services Java EE Framework    stackoverflow.com

I'm will build a web service. I'd rather like REST/JSON than SOAP. Anybody can tell me what is the best Java EE framework for that? Thanks!

9. One WCF Service to Rule them All? (SOAP w https, oData, JSON, POX, etc...)    stackoverflow.com

I've been playing around with WCF and I have managed to a WCF service to generate both SOAP, POX, and JSON formats pretty easily based on this example (I added the ...

10. Parsing JSON with Javascript    stackoverflow.com

I have a webservice (RestEasy) returning a JSON object containing a List<..> element. I am trying to parse the results in a Javascript for loop. If the List<> element ...

11. How to learn about web communcation standards (xauth rest soap oauth json)?    stackoverflow.com

I am an android application developer (trying to be one) and I want to learn how to communicate with web sites from my applications. However, I don't know where to start. ...

12. SOAP, JSON and POX in same restful wcf    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to have SOAP and RESTful in the same WCF service. I have ahieved it as well apart from one issue. Following is my web.config:

<service behaviorConfiguration="webBehaviour" name="MyServices">

13. .Net & WCF - How to create REST instead of SOAP?    stackoverflow.com

I created a couple of services, but they are all running as soap web services and return soap messages. 1- How can I make my wcf project to be restful instead of ...

14. The correct way to PUT a JSON object to a RESTful server    stackoverflow.com

I am having trouble correctly formatting my PUT request to get my server to recognise my client application's PUT command. Here is my section of code that puts a JSON string to ...

15. JAX-RS and JSON messed up    stackoverflow.com

I've Set up this simple Java Class: import javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlRootElement; @XmlRootElement public class Person {

private int id;
private String name;
private String gender;      

public Person() {       ...

16. WCF 4 Soap and Json Endpoint Secured with DotNetOpenAuth    stackoverflow.com

I have a WCF 4 service project that I created using the WCF REST Service Template 40. My goal is to expose a single WCF service out as both a SOAP ...

17. WCF service method to return json or soap    stackoverflow.com

I have been reading lot of posts on retrieving/returning json objects in a WCF method. Correct me if I am wrong: Adding an endpoint and WebHTTp behavior in the config in ...

18. JSONObject serialization using template    stackoverflow.com

i have to build a text from a JSONObject and a Template up. The template seems like this:

"Hi ${user.name} ${user.surname}, 

greetings from ${sender.name} with "${message}"
The template is not static. i mean, ...

19. Backend for RESTful (JSON)    stackoverflow.com

I have a question regarding RESTful client implementation. At this moment I have developed the server using RESTeasy and EJB. Method return JSON in much case. And now we are starting ...

20. BlazeDS VS REST +JSON    stackoverflow.com

Can anyone tell me: What are the advantages/disadvantages of BlazeDS compared to using Java REST web services that return JSON data for a fairly data heavy flex application?

21. JSON and WCF Web service    stackoverflow.com

First off, this is my first post on stack overflow. I have been visiting this site for a long time and have never really asked a question because of the abundant ...

22. how to pass json object to a java rest webservice using jax rs    stackoverflow.com

I need help with the method signature on the updateGroup method. Here is the json im passing - its an array of actions.

this is the method its ...

23. MyObject[] return json object instead of array when size < 2    stackoverflow.com

In my REST webservice that produces json, I have a method that return an object that contains an array of MyObject. Now I have the problem that when the MyObject[] has ...

24. JSON parsing in JAVA problem with Control Characters    stackoverflow.com

I'm receiving via HTTP a JSON petition. When coming from Internet Explorer 8 parsing fails with the exception:

InPart inPart = mp.next();

MyClass myClass = inPart.getBody(MyClass.class, null);

com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxUnexpectedCharException: Illegal character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 12))  ...

25. REST Service doesn't work after a simple change    stackoverflow.com

I follow this tutorial to learn some REST services and AJAX calls: http://www.mkyong.com/webservices/jax-rs/integrate-jackson-with-resteasy/ I changed this endpoint:

public Product getProductInJSON() {

    Product product = new Product();

26. WCF IErrorHandler to return FaultException to SOAP and WebHttpException to POX and Json endpoints    stackoverflow.com

I have a set of SOAP webservices that are wrapping exceptions using IErrorHandler, specifically:

public sealed class ErrorHandler : IErrorHandler
    public bool HandleError(Exception error)

27. Need to write a RESTful JSON service in Java    stackoverflow.com

Here is my requirement:

  1. I have a simple table in mysql(Consider any table with a few fields)
  2. I need to write a simple RESTFUL JSON webservice in Java that performs CRUD operations ...

28. Passing a complex type containing a DataHandler    stackoverflow.com

Not sure how to approach this implementation. We have some SOAP service use as a content management. One of the service is 'getFile' that responds with a complexType composed of some ...

29. Wrap RestFul WS in CallBackResult    stackoverflow.com

I've developed a RestFull web service with JAX-RS that returns JSON and XML response. One of the consumer of web service requires that response (JSON) should be wrapped in CallBackResult to ...

30. Axis2 REST Web Services using Mapped JSON    stackoverflow.com

Has anyone managed to make Axis2 work with Mapped JSON (not Badgerfish) for both serialization and deserialization of REST web services data? I am using Axis2 1.6.1 and not even the example ...

31. RESTful Web Service Upload/Download Large Data With JSON    stackoverflow.com

What is the best practice if you are implementing web services that will send and receive large files to/from clients. Normally we are sending JSON objects, but it could be ...

32. Using "REST Assured" to assert on JSON    jmeter.512774.n5.nabble.com

33. SOAP Vs REST Vs JSON    coderanch.com

Hi, I am very much interested in Web services. We are using REST in our project. My PM said that JSON will be the feature. He also said that most of web application will be based on JSON. is that true? Whether SOAP, REST, JSON are same or entirely different. clear my confusion. Thanks, Manimaran K

35. REST using Apache Wink 1.1.2: limitation with Service not returning JSON Object    coderanch.com

Hey All Environment: Eclipse Helios, Apache Tomcat 6, Apache Wink 1.1.2 JAX-RS Is there any known issue/limitation with REST services which are using apache wink to be not able to return a JSON object ? I got to know talking to my peers that one needs to write a helper class to convert your object into a JSON array explicitly? I'm ...

37. REST JSON EXAMPLEEXAMPLE    forums.oracle.com

Hi Im convenient with axis2 and its features were amazing. Comparing to jersey which supports only REST, axis2 can operate as SOAP, REST, supports JMS... Currently REST+JSON is getting popular. But REST+JSON sample is not available in axis2. I tried to implement my service using REST+JSON but only getting exception that namespace error. Can anyone spend fee minutes to provide me ...