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1. How to develop authentication with resteasy?

I'm making small web service(1) and I decided to use resteasy to make it. But I need to know what would be best practise to develop authentication with resteasy. And what ...

2. ExceptionMapper issue in RESTEasy

So in my JAXRS application, I have 2 ExceptionMapper registered as @Provider

public class MyExceptionMapper implements ExceptionMapper<Exception> {...}

public class MyCustomRuntimeExceptionMapper implements ExceptionMapper<MyCustomRuntimeException> {...}
When my application throws a new "MyCustomRuntimeException", the exception is ...

3. Rest Easy Client Framework value lost after unmarshaling

Yesterday I tried to use the client side of the RestEasy framework. The interface has a method:

BaseClientResponse<String> insertPointOfInterest(PoiDocument poiDocument);
and the call to some (Jersey) rest service looks like:

4. File upload in Resteasy

How to upload files using RESTEasy framework ?

5. RestEasy @Path Question with regular expression

Is it possible to define path with optional path variables. like the uri below: /app/make/{make}/model/{model}/year/{year}/mileage/{mileage}/fuelType/{fuelType}/maxPrice/{maxprice}/transmission/{transmission}/engineSize/{engineSize} URI may be composed of any 0 or more combinations of the parameters? Is there a way to tell ...

6. JAX-RS implementation of link/element expansion?

While reading documentation of Google Data API and Atlassian REST API, I found interesting functionality - link (or title, element expansion) - I would like to implement this ...

7. RestEASY Interceptor Not Being Called

I've created a RestEASY Interceptor to allow me to set header values on the HTTP response after my webservice call has completed. My code looks like this...

public class MyHeaderInterceptor implements

8. How enable JSONP in RESTEasy?

Title say about my issue. I need wrap DTO in to a javascript method callback. Currently I return on request JSON. But problem with using this in Ajax because I send ...

9. Using Rest for Image File Upload in RESTEasy

I need to build a REST web service that will need to accept the following. Any help getting started would be greatly appreciated. I'm using RESTEasy 2.1.GA. -accepts a ...

10. Create Rest Web Service to receive an Image

How would you design a REST based web service that receives an image file in the form of an InputStream? If the InputStream is posted to a REST end point, how ...

11. Use REST client to call multipart/form-data Rest web service

I have the below RESTeasy based REST web service and I'm trying to use the google REST client to execute a request to test my service but I'm unsure as to ...

12. Testing @MultipartForm RestEasy Rest Based Web Service

Does anyone know how to test the below @MultipartForm RestEasy Webservice? I'm unsure of how to setup the request to the below service, any ideas?

public Response create(@MultipartForm FileUploadForm form) ...

13. Timeout webservice call from client side

I'm calling a webservice using RestEasy Client. One requirement is to abort/timeout the call if it runs for more that 5 seconds. How wupold i achieve this with RestEasy Client? I ...

14. How do I satisfy void return warning in a restful java service

Java Code:

      public void stop(
      @PathParam("id") String id,

15. How do I change the REST context generated by enunciate?

I have the following annotation in my RESTEasy code:

Enunciate generates a "Mount Point" in the documentation as:
I have tried using the following in my enunciate.xml, to override the "/rest" context:

16. NoMessageBodyWriterFoundFailure at sending ByteArrayOutputStream through REST service

I have to send a ByteArrayOutputStream through a rest service, and I got this exception: org.jboss.resteasy.client.ClientResponseFailure: Unable to find a MessageBodyReader of content-type text/html;charset="iso-8859-1" and type class I don't understand why ...

17. Need help with generating links for REST clients (HATEOAS)

I am working on developing a JAX-RS webservice using RestEasy 2.2.2 to be deployed on Tomcat 7. The webservice returns JSON (via Jackson) to the clients. I got it working so ...

18. Resteasy/JAX-RS URL Encoding @PATH

I am trying to build a client for a restful webservice with Resteasy. The issue is with my client code(below)

public interface TestClient{


19. Exclude attribute in @BadgerFish in RESTEasy

I am going to make one WebApplication which is RESTful. I am using RESTEasy API for that. I am using @BadgerFish annotation for mapping with POJO in POST request. But ...

20. JAX-RS + RESTEasy service return JSON String without double quote

I'm new to JAX-RS + RESTEasy What is impeding me is that the service return the JSON String without double quotes.

public class HelloService {


21. openid with resteasy restful services in java

i am using java resteasy API for restful services in my application i wont to include openid in my restful application
which is best api for openid with restful application

22. Resteasy - import cannot be resolved

Hi I am working with a rest api using Resteasy, simple printMessage samples work however I am getting error with this code:

Error: import cannot ...

23. Return File From Resteasy Server

Hi I wantt to retun a file from a resteasy server. For this puspose, I a have a link at client side which is calling a rest service with ajax.I want ...

24. How can I override the decisions made during JAX-RS Content Negotiation?

I'm using RESTEasy 2.2.1.GA as my JAX-RS implementation to create a client to connect to a third party service provider. ('s REST API if it matters) To make sure I haven't missed ...

25. How does RestEasy YAML support work?

I've managed to configure RESTEasy to use YAML, or I think I've done that. After struggling with the documentation, thanks to help from the mail lists, I've included the right dependencies ...

26. Is there a good BrowserCache implementation for RESTEasy? (better than LightweightBrowserCache)

We're using the LightweightBrowserCache provided by RESTEasy 2.2.3.GA but have noticed that when the cache size limit is reached, the cache is cleared completely. This obviously severely reduces the chance of ...