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1. Redirect to previous url after logout

On login, a user can be redirected to the page that requested login using the url value set in flash. Is is possible to have the same use case, redirect the user ...

2. Incorrect behaviour of the authenticate controller in the Secure controller

I know there are already articles that covered this, but I'm having an issue that hasn't been resolved, even after reading those articles. Here it goes: I have 2 controllers, a ...

3. ApplicationError when trying to implement an edited version of the Secure module

I'm implementing an edited version of the Secure controller, default in the latest Play Framework. I have read several times that, if you want to customize the Secure behaviour, you're better off ...

4. Restrict actions based on User's auth status (e.g. logged-in, cookied, anonymous)

I am looking for ways to restrict certain actions in Controller(s) based on whether the user is logged in or not. I looked at the Security interceptor but how would the ...

5. Check user profile in view in PlayFramework?

In my Play application, I've added Secure module. But I haven't found a way to check user profile in views. For example, one of the possible roles is "admin". When viewing ...

6. @Check does not work when action is called from other action

I have an action in Controller that is secured with @Check annotation.

public class Application extends Controller {

    public static void securedMethod() {

7. VerifyError; Expecting a stack map frame in method controllers.Secure$Security.authentify

I followed the tutorial introducing the Play framework, but it gives me an error:

Execution exception VerifyError occured : Expecting a stack map frame in method controllers.Secure$Security.authentify(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Z at ...

8. Secure in Playframework

I'm trying to install secure module in playframework, I tried with but Secure.class isn't found

 import models.Task;
 import play.mvc.Controller;
 import play.mvc.With;

 public class Application extends Controller {


9. Playframework Secure module and Internationalization

I'm using the standard Secure module from Play! 1.2.2. In this discussion I've seen how to copy the view template for the Secure module:

play secure:ov --css
play secure:ov --login
play secure:ov --layout
or ...

10. letting only admin user to enter playframework admin crud area

I am trying out authentication using playframework's secure module.I have two users -one an admin,the other with normal previleges.They are defined as


11. Is ReCaptcha too weak?

Possible Duplicate:
Has reCaptcha been cracked / hacked / OCR'd / defeated / broken?
I recognized that during some time reCaptcha is used without the horizontal ...

12. Object ACL and Channel Security

I'm interested in building a web app using the play framework. I like what I see. However, upon reading the security documentation there only appears to be controller/action authentication using the security ...

13. Security module

I am new with Play! and I want to implement my own login page. I have read this : and did all this My view : Secure/login, shows up, but it ...