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1. Registering Client side SOAP handlers in AXIS

Hi All, I am developing a webservice client. I used WSDL2Java to genereate the client side stubs. I need to call a remote method getInfo() of the webservice. This method takes in parameters that form the Body part of the SOAP message. I need to add header part to the SOAP message. I have read that I can use Message handlers ...

2. Apache Axis and SOAP

3. How to set Username and pwd in SOAP header using Axis 1.4

I was trying to invoke a call a webservice with static stub which was built using axis1.1 and was getting this exception: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: WRAPPED Since I was using axis1.4 inmy classpath and the package containing this constant between Axis1.1 and 1.2 has been changed. The problem occurs when you run a 1.1 generated app stub/skeleton against the 1.2+ libraries. I rebuilt ...

4. Easiest path for learning SOAP Web Services with Axis?

I am an experienced Java developer who has been developing RESTful web services for the past two years (on one project I rolled my own using Spring MVC and another I used a bare-bones JAX-WS approach). I want to learn how to develop SOAP based web services. I'm also interested in learning Axis, as this seems to be the most widely ...

5. Axis2 and Soap Handler

6. Empty Namespace in SOAP (Axis 1.4)

Hi all, I'm using Axis 1.4 in my project. Below is the fictitious WSDL to illustrate the similar problem that I face. WSDL: ...

7. how to throw and catch SOAP Fault in Axis2?

Hello I am just trying to throw and catch a SOAP Fault (well, AxisFault) from a simple Axis2 web service. The Axis2-1.3 distribution comes with a faulthanding example, but it seems rather complicated and has lots of auto generated classes. I am sure it is simpler than that. Let's take the StockQuoteService example, in axis2-1.3\samples\quickstart. The client sends a string like ...

8. How do I view the SOAP messages in Axis 1.4

I have a standalone Java client making SOAP calls to a published service. I need to be able to see the SOAP messages being sent back and forth, how do I view these or turn these on for debug purposes programatically? Using AXIS 1.4 on client. [ May 12, 2008: Message edited by: Todd Baxter ]

9. Printing AXIS 1.4 SOAP messages

10. axis 1.2 dime and mime soap attachments

Hello ! i've got web service which receives an attachment from .NET service as DIME , adds this attachment to it's own response and sends back to client which accepts only MIME attachments. When client receives attachment some data seems to be lost, if original file size were 356 000 bytes , client receives only 208 000 bytes. would be glad ...

11. Axis Custom SOAP Header

Hello, I'm having issues adding a custom SOAP header to Axis when the flag "must understand" is set to 1 (true): AxisFault faultCode: {}MustUnderstand faultSubcode: faultString: Did not understand "MustUnderstand" header(s):{}MessageHeader faultActor: faultNode: faultDetail: {}stackTrace: at org.apache.axis.handlers.soap.MustUnderstandChecker.invoke( at org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient.invoke( at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invokeEngine( at org.apache.axis.client.Call.invoke( As I said, everything works when "must understand" is 0 (false). What am I missing? Regards.

12. Axis 1.2 or 1.3 Putting Service Params in SOAP Header Section

I am trying to use Axis 1.3 (also tried 1.2) to consume a web service published by Remedy ARSystem. I know the service / WSDL is configured properly and works with at least one test client tool (SOAPSonar) so I somewhat sure the Axis client library is the component that is misbehaving. The problem is that WSDL2Java produces code that puts ...

13. invoking a Axis2/Soap webservice

I need some technical help in webservices. I should invoke a Axis2/SOAP WS-I compliant Web Service from a web application. I tried to use stubs, but it is not working. When hitting the end point url, I should pass object (complex datatype in wsdl file) as parameter. Could any one help me where to start?

14. SOAP Header missing using Rampart w/ Axis2 Generated Stub

I used Axis2 WSDL2Java to generate a client stub, which works just fine and dandy against an unsecured version of the service. However, I need to use simple UsernameToken for a "secured" version. I have followed the rampart samples and tried to accomplish this both via a config file: UsernameToken userblah client.PWCallbackHandler ...

17. capturing SOAP envelope in axis

Hello, I have a situation where i need to get the actual SOAP envelope (including the SOAP body ) before making a request. ie just before calling "call.invoke ( object )" in axis. Is there any way to get the actual SOAP envelope request that is being sent? I checked the APIs available for axis, but could not find any.

18. Axis 1.4 - SOAP serialization format suddenly changed after re-deploy

Hi, I've just experienced quite a strange thing - I had a webservice, which returns array of simple Java beans with couple of properties of simple types (int and Strings) as follows: ... public class Channel implements Serializable { private Integer channelId; private String code; private String name; private Integer defaultOrder; public Channel() { super(); } public Integer getChannelId() { return ...

19. axis and soap

Hi! Think of SOAP as an envelope in which you can send "letters" in XML format. XML over HTTP does not necessarily mean that you have to use SOAP - you can do RESTful web services which return raw XML data which is not wrapped in a SOAP envelope. As before, Axis is a web service stack, that is a lot ...

20. Axis SOAP return value deserialization

Hi guys, I am a very new to Axis and SOAP. I recently working on a Axis SOAP poject, I have create a SOAP server and need to create SOAP client by using java. The probem is when I get the response value from SOAP server I get a exception that "No Deserializer found to deserialize a ...". The following is ...

21. AXIS2 : Inclusion of Headers into SOAP fault message and changing the namespaces

Hi ALL, I have a query on AXIS2 and this is regarding the inclusion of customized headers into the fault message sent from the service to the client. Please find my queries described below 1. I have a INOUT message receiver in axis2 server side and now am able to send in requests with headers and after processing the same, the ...

22. Axis SOAP Web Service with Attachments

In order to build a web service that sends SOAP messages with binary MIME attachments, is there support for this in the generated Axis stub objects or in the JAX-RPC API? Right now we can only approach this by "hand-crafting" the SOAP message from scratch. Is this statement correct? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

23. Axis2 - Handlers for SOAP headers

I have a service created using contract first approach in Axis2. Now the client, needs to pass header information to this service with the user credentials. Only if the user is valid the service call should succeed. Otherwise a fault should be raised. To add information to header (in the request), I have created the following handler-chain.xml ...

24. Using Axis2 to send multipart/mixed SOAP messages with attachments

Hi, is there a way to send from an Axis2 client a SOAP message with more than one attachment with mulipart/mixed content type? In this manner, I need to specify a content-ID at attachment top level and content-IDs for each single attachment, as is requested by an external WS I want to call. Thanks in advance.

25. SOAP over SSL using Apache Axis

26. Given JAX-WS and Apache Axis, how well do I need to learn SOAP?

Hi, I'm very new. I may be asked to write web services, but of course I don't know anything about how to do it other than what I read on the w3schools tutorial. Do I need to learn how to write a SOAP service from scratch, i.e., not using jax-ws or axis? Or is this the day and age where SOAP ...

28. Soap With Attachment Axis Fault

Dear Sir, I am using a webservices which uses Soap with attachment to transmit zip file to their server. I followed the sample code provided and getting the error. The stack trace is paseted below. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Regards Anoop AxisFault faultCode: {}Server.userException faultSubcode: faultString: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The markup in the document preceding the root element ...

29. Axis2 Rampart issues with SAML token inclusion in SOAP message

Hi all, I'm trying to secure an Axis2 (+Rampart) message to a proprietary WS-Security enabled server. The message must contain a signed SAML token. I'd like to ask for opinion/help on the following issues which I observed: 1) WS-SecurityPolicy (for WSDL policies) defines if Axis is supposed to contact the STS server and if the token is obtained by ...

30. Axis2 won't respond to empty SOAP body

31. Setting CDATA in SOAP message using Axis2 client

Hi All, My application has an Axis2 based client which sends requests to a remote server. The SOAP request which is sent from the client side has three parameters, one of which should be a CDATA elemet (the data within the CDATA section is unescaped). But, I am not finding any way, how to put a CDATA section in the SOAP ...

32. Axis2 Soap envelope not generating required namespaces.

Hello All, I used Axis2 ADB to create a service stub class from a WSDL provided by a company but am having trouble writing the client to consume the service. I am using Eclipse IDE to generate and develop my service clients. Everything works fine when I create the stub class and let Eclipse automatically test it I see the SOAP ...

33. Web Services + WSDLs, SOAP and AXIS + Newbie Question

Hi everyone, hows it going? I am quite new to web services and XML and i was hoping i could get some assistance. I am creating some server-side skeleton code to test against and i am trying to match XML response-code to some samples i have. I have Axis 1.4 deployed on Tomcat 5.5 and i have a WSDL which i ...

34. Trying to do a XML dump for soap using AXIS

Hi there, I'm trying to get a dump of the XML I am generating for a SOAP transaction. I've done a bit of a seach, and it seems that I need to put the following in my JRX-RPC security file : The only problem being..... My jrxrpc jar doesn't appear to have a security file. I thought therefore ...

35. Unabel to call soap webservice (axis)

36. Question on SOAP/WSDL, AXIS2 and digital signing a SOAP message.

I have been asked to sign a soap message using a certificate that includes a private key. I am very new to this so i have a few questions that i hope someone might be able to clarify. 1. I am using Axis2 and Rampart to digitally sign the SOAP message. I am slightly confused as to whether i need to ...

37. arrays in axis soap

I don't know if this is a bug. I do know that axis may be configured to create xmls in defferent format, e.g. it may be multireferenced or not. I just want to know how and what should i configure Otherwise why would you want it differently? The reason is the my application has 2 clients. One can accept xml regardless ...

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