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1. soapUI version problem

My code was earlier working with soapUi2.5. but when I started working with soapUI2.5.1, I started getting this error. com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.mock.DispatchException: Missing operation for soapAction [http://SEWSI.ServiceContracts/2008/09/ReceiveSubscription%5D and body element [{h ttp://SEWSI.ServiceContracts/2008/09}ReceiveSubscriptionRequest] with ...

2. how do I test an MTOM webservice with soapUI?

I've built a webservice that wraps Apache FOP. You send it XML, and it gives you an MTOM stream that contains the rendered PDF. Now that its working, I'd ...

3. can a valid xml body have escaped characters for the '<' and '>' around the element names

My web service is receiving xml from a third party that looks like this:

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
My jaxws web service rejects this with a parsing ...

4. Lightweight alternative to soapui?

I'm developing a soap web service and I'm using soapui to test it. I just need to read the wsdl file, automatically generate a skeleton request and see the results, and I ...

5. Extracting and Parsing data with soapUI

So I am in need to learn how to use soapUI pretty quick. I'm finding it pretty tedious to start so I was hoping I might be able to get some ...

6. SOAP request over HTTP delay

I am trying to send a SOAP request over HTTP for a web service through the following channels:

  1. Telnet (HP-UX)
  2. C client that opens a socket, writes XML and reads reasponse(HP-UX)
  3. Perl client that ...

7. SoapUI : is it possible to autogenerate the value from an element in a SOAP message?

With SoapUI it's possible to send Soap XML message to a WCF service. I've the following SOAP message:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:my="http://myserviceprovider">

8. SoapUI error on request - NoClassDefFoundError

I am new to web services and I have deployed a web service locally ( I am able to see the wsdl) I tried to query the web service by creating a ...

9. Webservice Data Structures

I'm trying to Consume one SOAP webservice with SOAPUI and VB.NET to test. But I can't understand one of the substructs SION_O_0010, it only show :

<SION_O_0010 xsi:type="SI:SION_O_0010"/>
How Can I get the inner ...

10. How do I send an arbitrary message with SoapUI?

I'm trying to implement a web service based on a very complex WSDL. I know how to use SoapUI to import a WSDL and create tests based on it, but ...

11. SOAP

Hi I am having an issue with the SOAP , when I call my services I get this error:

<faultstring>Fault occurred while processing.</faultstring> 
The following response is returned which doesn't give a clue ...

12. SoapUI change endpoint address

id like to change the endpoint addres, but it's giving me defined values, i mean, only one value "/" .. how can i change it? i tried writing there, but ...

13. SoapUI create a template SOAP request - reuse in testcases

I am new to SoapUI. I am trying to do the following in SoapUI but don't know where to start: 1. Create a XML file with the content of a SOAP request 2. ...

14. create a soap request message

HI while trying to use soapUI, I got error; SOAP RESPONSE FAILED: this is my request xml, I just copy pasted this xml under soapenv:Body, and sumbitted a request, do I ...

15. How to change endpoint address for multiple tests?

I know how to change endpoint for each test, but I have 100+ tests so I would like to select project/all tests and say set new endpoint. Is it posible?

16. How to integrate soapUI with jenkins / hudson?

Anyone know a good way to add soapUI tests to my CI builds ?

17. Giving soapui properties through ant

I have a soapui test i want to run. I've written an ant build.xml that uses the exec ant task to run with my test file. My question is, does the ...

18. Is there a way to build persistence in soapui or any similar software?

yeah so, our application would be connecting to not yet existing services. We were given WSDLs for those services and we mocked them in soapiu. Is there a way to build ...

19. Generate request in SOAPUI with arrayofstring type

I am trying to generate the SOAP Request inside SOAP UI Tool. The SOAP Request look like

 <soapenv:Body><pur:purge soapenv:encodingStyle="">
     <name xsi:type="xsd:string">?</name>
     <pwd ...

20. Cisco UCP Web Service Issue AuthenticateUser

Update: This issue has been resolved. I was trying to authenticate various admin accounts which apparently are in a separate database than the user accounts this service talks to. ...

21. How to specify a complex datatype input in a SOAP Request in SoapUI tool

I need some help using the SoapUI tool. I'm testing webServices APIs using this tool. There is an API called "getUsageReport()" which takes 2 input parameters

  • <datasources> of type <akaaurdt:ArrayOfString>
  • <start date> ...

22. Complex Array in SOAP Request

I'm trying to figure out how to write the array part of a SOAP request whose relevant part of its WSDL is this:

<xsd:complexType name="ArrayOfProductInfo">