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1. SOAP UI Pro vs Fitnesse, has anybody used SOAP UI Pro?    stackoverflow.com

We are using Fitnesse for subsystem testing i.e. WCF & RESTful services. Now as writing Fitnesse test requires lot of effort, we are thinking of using SOAP UI Pro which gives this ...

2. Story Teller and SOAP UI testing tool experience    stackoverflow.com

We are currently using Fitnesse for sub system testing. [All our applications are in c#.net] We are having lot of issues around Fitnesse. We are planning to use another software for subsystem testing. I ...

3. Debug Soap UI tool calls    stackoverflow.com

We are planning to use SOAP UI Pro to test our Services (developed in c#.net) I am getting an error in the service and would like to debug the service call. I am ...

4. Flash UI blocked during flex rpc.soap.Operation::send    stackoverflow.com

I've got a Flash UI that does a periodic server call to get some updated information. The call uses the flex sdk's rpc.soap.Operation class. It looks something like this:

var wsOperation:Operation ...

5. Create request with SOAP ui    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to create soap ui request with data ? right now I know how to create new request which gives you template what you should send to your webservice ...

6. How to test fileupload using SOAP UI    stackoverflow.com

How to test fileupload using SOAP UI. There is a service which accepts file as input I want to simulate that using SOAP UI
It gives me . content should be inline .

7. How to get started with soap ui    stackoverflow.com

Hi i am new to web services and looking for someone who can help me in working with some simple example to understand testing webservices using SOAPui tool. Thanks

8. SOAP UI not working on my machine    stackoverflow.com

I tried many version of SOAP UI (3.6.1,3.6,3.5.1) on my machine but after couple of minutes, my screen filled with bubbles.Not sure, if this tool conflicts with anyother tool on my ...

9. XMLvalidation using Soap UI    stackoverflow.com

I have been asked to validate an XML file using SOAPUI. Does anybody know if this is possible? I cannot find anything helpful in the Internet. The validation needs to be done ...

10. Can I use SOAP UI tool for web testing which do not have any web service    stackoverflow.com

I have to use SOAP UI tool for my new project. I do not have any details about its functionality and use. So can I use SOAP UI tool for web ...

11. How to transfer the value from one test suite to another test suite in soap ui    stackoverflow.com

Here i am giving my requirement if any one help me on this to resolve. I have two test suites.

  1. Test Suite 1 it has 40 test cases
  2. Test Suite 2 it has 30 ...

12. How to get the value and transfer the value RUN TEST CASE in Soap Ui    stackoverflow.com

I have two Test cases in soap UI. Test Case 1: Groovy Script which exports consumer Id. def groovyUtils = new com.eviware.soapui.support.GroovyUtils( context ); // create holder for last response and log requestId def holder = ...

13. How to control Datasource loop in Soap UI    stackoverflow.com

I am having two test case in the Soap UI and one Data driven excel sheet which contains 10 rows. Test Case 1:

  1. DataSource
  2. Register consumer request
  3. Take consumer id.
Test Case 2: 1) Run TEST ...

14. Alternative to SOAP UI    stackoverflow.com

I've started using SOAP UI recently to test web services and it's pretty cool, but it's a huge resource hog. Is there an alternative application (for Windows) that won't bring my computer ...

15. conditional goto is not working in soap ui    stackoverflow.com

I have created soap ui rest service test case with 4 steps.

  1. Addconsumer request.
  2. conditiongoto - if customer is premiere target step4
  3. addpointrequest
  4. gainpointrequest
When the second step gets true, i am being navigated to step ...