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1. Is the SOAP webservice API availiable in the SSRS 2008 express edition?    stackoverflow.com

In other words, if I set up SSRS Express edition will I be able to consume and make calls through the webservice?

2. JIRA SOAP API documenation?    stackoverflow.com

I'm building some custom tools to work against a JIRA install, and the exposed SOAP API is great, except that none of the arguments are named. For example, the prototype for getIssue ...

3. Does Oracle Applications API expose Web Services? (i.e. WS-* SOAP Web Services?)    stackoverflow.com

I see Oracle has a comprehensive Integration Repository online (http://irep.oracle.com/). Question is... how can one call these procedures? Do I have to do it through PL/SQL? Or do all ...

4. SugarCRM: Deprecated SOAP API calls?    stackoverflow.com

Is it true that most of the web methods available in SugarCRM's SOAP API are now deprecated and replaced by set_entry() and get_entry() ? For example, if I want to create a ...

5. Does a .NET library for the W3C Markup Validator API exist?    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to validate that users of my WPF application are putting proper XHTML into its TextBox control. I found that there's an API for the W3C Markup ...

6. how can JIRA soap API not have this method?    stackoverflow.com

I want to be able to get a list of issues given a: Project Name and Release Version this seems like a basic JIRA soap API 101 request It seems, looking at the documentation:

7. What is excatly the technology stack defining Web APIs?    stackoverflow.com

What are the abstract levels of technology that are used to build a Web APIs such as GData?

8. What is the safest way to implement Web Services / API?    stackoverflow.com

I have a web site with users and their data accordingly. What is the safest way to implement web services / API such that users' login credentials and in turn data are ...

9. JIRA SOAP API : get the list of users    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a tool in C# that interfaces the JIRA SOAP API. I have read the doc one can find here: http://docs.atlassian.com/software/jira/docs/api/rpc-jira-plugin/latest/index.html Does anyone know how I could get ...

10. JIRA SOAP API : link an issue to another    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a tool in C# that interfaces the JIRA SOAP API. I have read the documentation but I can't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone know ...

11. Rendering a Report in SQL Server Reporting Services using SOAP API    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to render a report in SQL Server Reporting Services using SOAP API without specifying the format such that you get the report toolbar?

12. Can't connect to SugarCRM Soap API    stackoverflow.com

I've just started on a project where I need to insert contacts into a SugarCRM system using the SOAP interface. So far I have created a reference to the service

13. Is it possible to call Complex soap API from QTP web-service addin?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible invoke the SOAP API which returns object of some class or which takes the object of class as input parameter via QTP web-service addin? Is there any way ...

14. Sending an API CAll with PayPal SOAP API    stackoverflow.com

Ok, so I have the service reference in my .NET project. And yes I know that you now have access to proxy classes. But in the past, I am used to ...

15. VMWareLabManagerSoap interface    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to connect to the Lab Manager SOAP API and have followed the instructions in the API guide: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/labmanager_SOAP_API_Guide.pdf. However, I constantly get an error in Visual Studio that ...

16. Search API, find RSS Feeds?    stackoverflow.com

Im looking for a search api that will allow me to search for rss feeds. It will either be a regular search feed that then returns the content type - allowing me ...

17. How to get the project version description in Jira via the Soap api    stackoverflow.com

Does anybody know how to get the version description field for a Jira project? Using the ProjectService.getVersions method we can get an Array of RemoteVersion objects but these RemoteVersion objects ...

18. API not accepting SOAP requests    stackoverflow.com

I'm fairly new to WCF and API's in general so i don't know if this is even remotely possible. I have a web service created using WCF that works fine when being ...

19. Is there a replication delay in Salesforce.com via the APEX API?    stackoverflow.com

I have been using SOAP to deal with Salesforce.com and have been using the getUpdated() call, using the timestamp I retrieve from the getServertimestamp() call. I have watched my process check, ...

20. how to use web service API?    stackoverflow.com

Our application is written in Java. Now we are integrating with a different company which offers web service API. This API allows Microsoft.NET or SOAP enabled application to integrate. Please consider ...

21. SOAP API with Transaction Numbers    stackoverflow.com

Looking at creating a SOAP web service with Sping-WS We need to have transaction identifiers, currently it looks like we are deciding that the client can define a transaction number (which I ...

22. Consolidate VM Chain via VMware Lab Manager 4.0 SOAP API    stackoverflow.com

I am searching for a way to consolidate the VM chain for a VMWare 4.0 library Configuration programmatically - and I wonder why cloníng to workspace via API and deleting of the ...

23. What public APIs are provided by Governments to the public?    stackoverflow.com

I stumbled across NOAA's SOAP Service and it got me thinking. What other eGovernment services are provided to Business and the general public by Governments? ...

24. SoapUI Api - programatically calling project service method?    stackoverflow.com

Hey all, I am trying to call a service method defined in my project programmatically from a test step script. I am at a blocker and can't seem to figure how to ...

25. Is it possible to create a SOAP API using C# and JavaScript    stackoverflow.com

I am looking to create a SOAP API using C# which I can then call using JavaScript. I use C# regularly but do not have any experience with creating API's. ...

26. How do you manage change with your web services?    stackoverflow.com

Over time your web service might changes, what do you do and how do manage change? (Different versions; add more features, modify or even remove features etc)

27. Documenting webservice API Reference guide?    stackoverflow.com

Online webservice API/reference guide - What software application do you use to document your webservice/API technical specification/reference guide?

28. Create a SOAP header?    stackoverflow.com

How do you add create a SOAP web service header? Example

    <myHeader xmlns="https://www.domain.com">

29. SOAP header: why authenticate in the header and not the body?    stackoverflow.com

SOAP header: why authenticate in the header and not the body? whats the differences between putting the user's credentials (username/password) in the header vs the user's credentials (username/password) in the body?

30. Creating a SOAP proxy?    stackoverflow.com

I Want to create a SOAP proxy, that modifies the original web service SOAP header, nampespace and keeping the body the same) What is the best way to do this? Create a ...

31. Who is supporting SOAP API    stackoverflow.com

I thought to practice SOAP API. I know it is a time for REST but I thought to give a try to SOAP. I somehow got Flickr.com API supporting SOAP but ...

32. Jira Soap API get project version start/end date    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to the get start and end date of a jira project version. Can I do this with the Jira SOAP API, and how cand I do this?

33. Akamai CCU SOAP API in soapUI    stackoverflow.com

Has anyone been able to successfully use the Akamai CCU SOAP API? I'm trying to use it with soapUI with the following (Java) WSDL: https://ccuapi.akamai.com/ccuapi-axis.wsdl. When I run the ...

34. How to make a public web service API private?    stackoverflow.com

I have an API, that is used by the iphone, android, and blackberry mobile application only, I dont want to let anyone else use the API or see the SOAP API. How ...

35. Using an XML Soap Service with a web proxy that has authentication (eBay Trading API)    stackoverflow.com

We have done some eBay integration work for a client, and they have introduced a challenge for us - they have a Proxy server that has a username and password for ...

36. How can I return a key-value targeted order from the DoubleClick API for Publishers?    stackoverflow.com

Essentially I want to get a list of orders that were targeted to "key=foo;" in the doubleclick ad tag. I can't seem to find it in the API documentation, and ...

37. In Reporting Services, how to use SOAP API to acquire the list of accessible reports for one authenticated user?    stackoverflow.com

I'm asked to implement an ASP.net page for domain users to access their accessible reports, and hidden all unauthorized reports. I've checked the MS SSRS Web Service API document for that, ...

38. zimbra calendar api?! soap java    stackoverflow.com

I've a question about the soap-java implementation for zimbra. I'm writing a java-client wich should show calendar entrys from a USER. for example: user=testuser, all entrys between 01.01.2011 to 31.01.2011. i searched the ...

39. Jira SOAP API custom field    stackoverflow.com

Hi I'm am trying to get the list of issues from a JIRA server using the SOAP API provided by JIRA. I'm trying to filter the issues based on a ...

40. Java - Throttling SOAP API calls    stackoverflow.com

I'm building a Java application which makes requests to a SOAP API. Certain methods that the API exposes are throttled and these methods have different throttling rates, ranging from 5 p/m ...

41. building java SOAP client to access comscore api    stackoverflow.com

I am looking for a simple java client which allows me to access simple SOAP api's. they expose their SOAP webservice as a HTTPS service with ‘Basic Auth’ protocol for authentication. ...

42. What are good methods for transferring XML with encryption and integrity validation?    stackoverflow.com

We've been asked to start developing a standardised approach to transferring XML data in a project, which will eventually be used throughout this particular industry. Some of the requirements include:

  • XML must ...

43. Can't get proper rateReply from Fedex API    stackoverflow.com

I'm integrating fedEx rateService into my application and I keep getting the same error when sending a rate request:

<v9:Notifications xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

44. Where to find information on SOAP/XML queries for Microsoft Dynamics CRM API    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a project for a client that wants to integrate their web site (built in PHP) with their Microsoft hosted Dynamics CRM 2011. I've found a great resource here for ...

45. Group by domain in Bing search API    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to return some results via simple soap request (just searching for keywords on a bunch of websites), but i couldn't find in the docs if it's possible to group ...

46. How do i set a label on an issue using the JIRA SOAP API    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to set the "Labels" field for a ticket when creating or updating a JIRA ticket using the SOAP API? A search for "label" in the WSDL reveals ...

47. Sugar CRM SOAP API - Problems with Auto Incrementing Key and set_entry    stackoverflow.com

I've tried the SugarCRM forums for this problem as well, but I was wondering if anyone here has run into a similar issue and would be willing to share the solution. We ...

48. Zimbra SOAP API authenticate using zm_auth_token in java    stackoverflow.com

I want to authenticate a user using the zm_auth_token that I dispose : For the moment, I'm doing this :

    LmcAuthRequest auth = new LmcAuthRequest();

49. PayPal SOAP API - Version is not supported    stackoverflow.com

I use .Net, and Visual Studio 2010. I downloaded the WSDLs and corrected the maxOccurs error, and adding the WSDL as a Web Reference works just fine. The problem occurs when ...

50. eBay SOAP api returning failure    stackoverflow.com

Can anyone please tell me why this request keeps returning with failure. It only started happening when I added itemFilter(1).name=Seller&itemFilter(1).value(0)=sellerName When I take that out, it works fine. I know I can ...

51. JIRA SOAP API: "Email This Issue" possible via SOAP call?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to call the "Email This Issue" method (url shows "com.metainf.jira.plugin.emailissue.action.EmailThisIssue") from SOAP? I would like to email this issue to the assignee with a custom description.

52. Help getting started with the Paypal web site payments pro API    stackoverflow.com

I want to start off by saying this is a difficult API to get started with. There's a ton of documentation but it's extremely difficult to navigate it and pin point ...

53. Jira SOAP API custom select list value    stackoverflow.com

We have a number of custom fields that are select lists, when we retrieve an issue via the SOAP web service the values for these fields are integers. Presumaby these ...

54. Proper use of PictureMarkerSymbol using ExportImageData - Arcgis 10 SOAP API    stackoverflow.com

I've been trying to export map image with custom graphics using arcgis MapServer SOAP API. My goal is to export map image with custom graphics. We need to put some markers ...

55. JAVA WS-SECURITY SOAP DHL Tracking service    stackoverflow.com

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I've successfully managed to get the responses from FedEx and UPS APIs, however dhl ones is driving me crazy. Well below is my code, which is generating following request.


56. Getting "org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The prefix "api"" sending a soap request in jruby    stackoverflow.com

as a newbie to ruby and Soap I need to send a request from a jruby test suite, after some research I tried the following code just sending the body not ...

57. What are the disadvantages of allowing multiple mixed character field delimiters?    stackoverflow.com

We are designing a SOAP API and we will return results as a string of comma separated values. We want users to be able to specify the field delimiter that is ...

58. Can you use JIRA's SOAP API in a VB.NET desktop application?    stackoverflow.com

I tried using JIRA's REST API but the function that I needed wasn't there and found it at JIRA's SOAP API. A newbie like me wants to know if you can ...

59. Is this the right JIRA SOAP API? and can someone give me a sample coad using JIRA's SOAP API in VB.NET?    stackoverflow.com

I'm not sure if this is the right JIRA SOAP API. http://docs.atlassian.com/software/jira/docs/api/rpc-jira-plugin/latest/index.html?com/atlassian/jira/rpc/soap/JiraSoapService.html If it's not then can someone give me the right JIRA SOAP API. I would also like to ask ...

60. How do i get all the linked issues using jira 3.13 soap API    stackoverflow.com

Hello we are using jira 3.13 for out bug tracking and i didnot find any method in soap API to find the all the linked issues for a particular issue can ...

61. Salesforce SOAP api clientId    stackoverflow.com

How do you set the clientId when using Salesforce com.sforce.soap.enterprise.Connector in Java?

62. Soap error using MS Dynamics gooddata callout    stackoverflow.com

we are using the gooddata MS Dyanmics wrapper found at https://github.com/gooddata/GoodData-CL/tree/master/connector/src/main/java/com/gooddata/msdynamics and trying to integrate it with our on-premise Dynamics 2011 installation. We are getting the following error and ...

63. I am having some problems querying relationship within our schema using the SOAP API?    stackoverflow.com

    I am trying to query the relationship "Assigned_To__r" within the "Case" object, so I can return the Name of the User that is currently assigned to the ...

64. How to call NetDocuments SOAP API by java?    stackoverflow.com

I can call NetDocuments SOAP API by C# as following:

// Authenticate to the NetDocuments directory service
ndDir.Directory ndDirectory = new ndDir.Directory();
ndDirectory.CookieContainer = new System.Net.CookieContainer(); // enable cookie handling
ndDirectory.Login( username, password );

// Connect ...

65. VMWare LabManager Internal API: GetMediaByName() not returning Media object    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to grab an .iso media object from a Lab Manager media library to insert into my VM. When I call GetMediaByName([my_media_name]) I get the following:

"Error: Could not ...

66. APACHE soap api vs SUN API    coderanch.com

Apache SOAP is not supposed to be JAXM compliant, nor SAAJ compliant. So as far as you are talking about Apahe SOAP 2.3, it seems "normal" to observe differences with the Sun's APIs. If you are looking for a JAXM implementation...well, I don't know one :-) But Axis 1.1 implements the SAAJ [ November 11, 2003: Message edited by: Jean-Louis Marechaux ...

68. javax.xml.soap API - HTTP compression    coderanch.com

70. Create / Generate Soap Header client stub / java classes using JAX-RPC API    coderanch.com

I guess what he meant was the Netbeans IDE does not generate the stub which includes handling the Authentication. Let me explain a bit. I'm having the same issue currently. I'm trying to consume a web service created in .NET which needs SOAP authentication. Here is a link to the webservice. The part that you would be most interested is this: ...

71. Inserting data using webservice gives javax.xml.ws.soap.SOAPFaultException: Component Interface api    coderanch.com

Hi, I am using jdeveloper 11g to consume a peoplesoft webservice using the wsdl file and JAX-Ws approach to build the proxy. I have been successfull in getting to work the "get", "find" methods for the webservice but while trying to access the create/Update(inserting data) method, it gives me the following exception. In CREATE method Exception in thread "main" javax.xml.ws.soap.SOAPFaultException: Component ...

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