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1. ASMX WebServices issue

We are sending the following request to a .Net 3.5 ASMX web service.

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""
    <SOAP-ENV:Body SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="">
        <Login xmlns="" id="o0" SOAP-ENC:root="1">

2. How do I make a SOAP(ASMX) call with MS Office Access 2007?

I have a set of .ASMX API calls exposed and have a client that would like to call them using MS Office Access 2007. I have never used Access before and ...

3. Child class not showing inherited properties in SOAP document (ASMX web service)

I am writing a .NET webservice (VB.NET). One of the methods DisplayChild() returns an object of type Child. Child is defined:

<Serializable()> _
Public Class Child
    Inherits BaseClass

4. Why are SOAP and GET disabled in asmx webservices by default?

I'm about to turn on the missing protocols for my asmx webservices. They're already behind two layers of authentication and has a role checking attribute, so otherwise it is secure. This ...

5. How do I debug mangled soap requests?

Lately, we've been seeing exceptions like this in our .NET (.asmx) webservices:

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to read request. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: There is an error in XML document (868, -3932). ---> System.Xml.XmlException: ...

6. Get IP Address of the requested client (Soap message)

I builded a ASMX Service and in the code that process an Error Log that comes from ELMAH. I add into the database all the fields and I add some more, one ...

7. Get a DataSet returned from SOAP as XML?

We have a .NET 2 SOAP web service meant for consumption by another app that is internal to our organisation. The web service returns a .NET dataset like so:

public System.Data.DataSet GetStatementFor(string ...

8. ASMX web service with Soap extension - problem with Encryption method

I try sing and encrypt SOAP message in ASP.NET Web Service.

//I have Crypt class, which input parameters is Stream:
public class CryptUtility
      public virtual Stream EncryptAndSingXml ...

9. How to view ASMX SOAP using Fiddler2?

Does anyone know if Fiddler can display the raw SOAP messages for ASMX web services? I'm testing a simple web service using both Fiddler2 and Storm and the results vary ...

10. Find the size of a data which i am sending to webservice

Is there any way to find the size of a data which i am sending to webservice from the client in Csharp dotnet

11. Invoke other webmethod with SoapExtension

I've a WSDL defining a web service named CalendarService:

<soap:address location=""/>
The WSDL defines following methods:
String setDate(String date)
int setTime(int time)
CalendarService is not deployed anywhere. CalendarServiceProxy is a proxy generated from CalendarService WSDL.
I've a web ...

12. difference between soap web service and webservice

i saw that in .asmx file, we create webservices

//method definition here

now for soap webservice

[SoapHeader(some parameters here)]
//method defination here
my question is what's the difference between both webservices type and how ...

13. Capture SOAP Envelope (C# WinForm calling .ASMX external vendor service)

I'm calling a third-party vendor's external SSL web service from a .NET 3.5 client (WinForm). The vendor has asked me to send them the Soap Header to verify why things aren't ...

14. ASMX Web Services with SOAP Extension

I am in the process of setting up a web service for an external client to connect to my client's application and update some information. I went the ASMX route (the ...

15. Intercept SOAP messages from and to a web service at the client

I have a client that communicates with a web service. The class that I communicate with is a C# class that is generated through wsdl.exe. I now want to log all ...

16. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.??? in soap?

Got an error while trying to invoke the webservice "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Error on this line

if (Authentication.Username == "x" &&

17. ASMX Web service to read and parse XML?

Can anyone help me on creating a web service to consume XML (passed in as SOAP???) data, convert the XML to C# object and do some manipulations with the object (such ...

18. Validate SOAP against XSD Schema?

I have a SOAP web service that was based on an XSD Schema (the schema generated the classes that was used as the input parameter for the web service method), as ...

19. Invoke a SOAP method with namespace prefixes

My C# web service client sends following soap message to Java-based web service:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""

20. XMLStreamException occurs when invoking a .NET ASMX (Soap) web service using JAX-WS

I am trying to call a .NET web service using NetBeans. One of my web method returns a complex type and Java is throwing an exception while processing the response. The ...

21. Complex type data in .NET Web Service

I'm developing a .NET web service that receives as parameter a complex type object that represents a xml message (OTA_HotelResNotifRQ) and returns another object OTA_HotelResNotifRS. I generated the objects from the XSD ...

22. Get SOAP Message dynamically from asmx/wsdl

How can I get or create a SOAP Message dynamically if I am able to generate the proxy for the passed service url in c#?

  1. I have a webpage with a ...

23. C# extending SoapExtension -

Background: I'm trying to write a simple SoapExtension class to log inbound/outbound Soap messages from an asmx web service. Following this article on msdn, I have been able to get ...

24. .NET SOAP web service serialization error

I want to create universal class (with object type parameter) for sending object to SOAP web service.

   public class ReturnObject

25. Serializing encapsulated lists in a Web Service

I have a class MyClass containing a private List<MySecondClass> myList. The list is exposed through a getter as follows:

public IEnumerable<MySecondClass> MyList
    get { return myList.Select(a => a); ...

26. How do I call a SOAP based Web Service from within a .asmx page?

I am trying to create a sort of "bootstrap" web service using a classic .net C# .asmx page and not WCF. (The business requirements for this project are specific and ...

27. What are the SOAP Messages on the Help Page of an ASMX Web Service Method?

I am currently studying Web Services and after doing a sample practise in a .asmx file, I notice that below the sample method output page, there's many SOAP related messages like ...

28. ASMX Web Service deployment issue on IIS7 - Win7

I'm getting the following error when trying the basic HellowWorld SOAP Web Service. It works fine when debugging from Visual Studio. Any ideas?

System.InvalidOperationException: Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1).
error CS2001: ...

29. hosting asmx web service in .net 2.0 clr without iis

I have .net 2.0 asmx service. Have windows xp sp2 without IIS, with .net 2.0.
I know about hosting wcf server in your app, but it's only in 3.5 framework.
i have no ...

30. Please help with extending SoapException

I am stuck trying to extend SoapException in order to add two additional string attributes. I have a webservice method that should throw CustomSoapException derived from SoapException and I want to catch ...

31. Wrap a request in a Soap Envelope?

I have a request without the SOAP information, but I need to wrap it in a SOAP envelope. In the past I have manually built the envelope using StringBuilder and ...

32. how to capture SOAP request from client side?

I have a C# client application that works with a web service using SOAP request. I've generate the requests C# code from the services web address using VS05 WSDL. I want ...

33. Capturing the soap request/response from a webservice

I am working on an SSIS package that uses a c# script task. For debugging and logging I would like to capture the soap request/response from the webservice. Now is this something ...

34. XSD validation on incoming SOAP messages

I was hoping this would be simple, but apparently every solution on the web isn't what I want. By this I mean having a validation method that web services call, or ...

35. Modifying SOAP requests with GetWebRequest

I am trying to dynamically modify XML data in SOAP requests to ASMX services. I overrided GetWebRequest() method in SoapHttpClientProtocol class in order to read and modify XML data that the RequestStream ...