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1. Alternatives to sending an image in base64 via document literal SOAP

I'm currently modifying a document literal SOAP service for a business app which transfers data about customers backwards and forwards. A new requirement to transfer scanned document images has just been identified. ...

2. SOAP with Attachment (SwA) in C#

I need to use .NET in order to consume a JAVA written SOAP service which expects simple MIME attachments on some of its method. Does anybody know how to accomplish it? I ...

3. How do I encode a binary MIME attachment in C#?

I need to send a binary attachment to a JAVA webservice via SwA (Soap with Attachments). After discovering that .Net does not support SwA I am writing my own client. How ...

4. How to send SOAP Messages with Attachments

I have a Win Forms application, written in C#. How can I send SOAP Messages with Attachments (using SwA) to a Java server?

5. Service mix + SOAP Web service + attachments

I've been struggling to build a SOAP web service that can receive attachments. I don't know if this is a good place to ask for help, but the idea is that I ...

6. SOAP with Attachment / MIME content

Need to send and receive a SOAP message in the following format from a third party:

POST /api HTTP/1.1 
Content-Type: multipart/related;  
Content-Length: 2014 
SOAPAction: "" ...

7. How to work with SOAP attachment?

I need to work with SOAP attachment in .NET, if anyone know how to do that please let me know with an example.

9. Can I send DIME attachments by just using JAX-WS?

I am writing a client program that can send a SOAP request over http. In this case, I need to have a DIME attachment (xml file) - Can I just use ...

10. Part content ID cannot be blank for non root MIME parts

When i try to add attachment to my outgoing soapmessage i get the following error. message without attachment gets no error at all.

**javax.servlet.ServletException: SAAJ could not understand request. Part content ...

11. JAX-WS always sends MTOM attachments inline

Basically I want to create a web services client to send a mtom soap message via the proxy method. I have created my service artifacts fine from the web service wsdl. ...

12. MIME attachment parsing in "Service with Attachment"

We have a webservice (so called "service with attachment") where users can send files with their requests. Users can upload up to 256 MB of files. We have a working solution ...

13. ServiceStack client add attachment

I'm using ServiceStack.ServiceClient.Web.XmlServiceClient to connect to a webservice. Is there a way to add an attachment to the request? More info: What I am trying to do is avoid using Microsoft.Web.Services2 because ...

14. Soap with attachments

I will have to invoke web service which will return me soap message with attachments. Now my plan is to create a dummy web service that will do this and subsequently build a client to get this message. But first, how do I construct an xml document with attachments? Any ideas or I am missing something really simple here?

15. Handling SOAP Attachments?

16. SOAP Attachment Issue

17. SOAP with Attachment Problem

HI All, I am getting the following Error when trying to run a Standalone SOAP Request using Pure JAVA API. The Exception trace is as follows Is this related to any jars that i need to put in my classpath. I am not having problem when i am trying to send just a SOAP message, but get the following error when ...

18. Soap with attachments

Thanks DV It worked. But now i got new errors in wsdl file. the errors are as follows. error 1: src-import.0: Failed to read imported schema document ''. error2 : src-resolve: Cannot resolve the name 'apachesoap: DataHandler' to a(n) type definition component. error 3: The part 'parameters' has an invalid value 'getPDF' defined for its element. Element declarations must refer to ...

21. Soap & attachments: encoded or literal??

Hello, I would like for a ws client to retrieve an image from a ws endpoint. I am totally confused as to how to what encoding style to choose as well as how to implement it. Here is the code for the client: package pack; import*; import*; import java.util.Enumeration; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import javax.activation.DataHandler; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException; ...

22. Beginner needs help with SOAP with attachments

Hello, I would like for a ws client to retrieve an image from a ws endpoint. I am totally confused as to what encoding style to choose as well as how to implement it. Here is the code for the client: package pack; import java.awt.Image; import*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class ServletFetchesAttachment extends HttpServlet { protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, ...

24. Java2WSDL and SOAP attachments

I figured you deleted your other post because you saw this one. Actually I think its actually safer to cobble your own WSDL together (SOAP attachments with JAX-RPC). Unfortunately that requires some working knowledge of WSDL. Java2WSDL is OK if you intend to implement Java-to-java RPC over HTTP. If you are truly designing a "SOAP web service" you are better off ...

25. SOAP message with TIFF attachment

27. SOAP with attachments, 3 questions

Hello. if anybody has a minute, I've worked my way through SOAP with attachments using Axis but I just have three brief questions... 1. It appears the Axis web app saves each attachment sent to it in WEB-INF/attachments. Does this mean that the web service implementation class(es) are responsible for cleaning out it's attachment(s) once it is done processing them? 2. ...

28. SOAP Attachment

Hello, I have developed a web service using AXIS2 as my web service engine. I have used POJO feature of AXIS2, so that if i have to migrate from AXIS2 to another engine (surely its gonna migrate to BEA Web Logic), it can be done, without much effort (Only configuration file needs to be changed). One of the problem, I am ...

29. How to Extract SOAP attachments

33. How to get SOAP attachment

34. Extracting SOAP Attachments!! Help!!

Hello all, I have written a web service receiving soap message with attachments. message is like below. I also written a message handler at the service side to extract attachments. and its invoke method is like this. public void invoke(MessageContext arg0) throws AxisFault { SOAPMessage soapMessage = arg0.getMessage(); Iterator attachments = soapMessage.getAttachments(); while(attachments.hasNext()){ AttachmentPart attachment = (AttachmentPart); System.out.println("ATTACHMENT CONTENT ID=" + ...

35. SOAP message with attachment server-side implementation

Hi! If you want to use SAAJ in a web service endpoint implementation class, then your web service endpoint implementation class will have to implement the Provider interface and be annotated with the @WebServiceProvider annotation. Thus you can look for any example of implementing a web service using the Provider interface. If you do not find any, check my SCDJWS study ...

36. Guide me for a SOAP attachment Tutorial.

First thanks to one and all for this rocking forum...i am spending lot of time these days following different threads. Ok now the business, i was trying to build an webservice with SOAP using SOAP attachment. My goal was to return a file from server to client (say picture in few mega bytes), i tried searching from 2 days all i ...

37. Web Service client with SOAP attachment

Hi Srini Thanks for replying and posting the link to the article . I am working on a project the involves developing a web service using apache axis . gladly i have been able to develop a small web service client and server(I am new to web services and have no previous experience about the same) I have also been able ...

38. SOAP with attachments service & client example

Hi, Can anyone provide me with a small sample of a soap service & soap client with attachments using saaj. I have been googling for over two weeks now and i couldn't find even a single example for soap service. Please help as am running out of time. Thanks in advance !!!

40. soap with attachment question ?

hello first thanks for your reply . and please allow me to give you more details in the following i have created a web service client that uses SAAJ Api to send a soap messasge along with an attachment , now on the service side i want to get the attachment sent throught the client from the web service method and ...

41. Reading a binary SOAP Attachment

I am working with a SOAP web service that is sending a PDF as an Attachment. I am unsure as to how to read this so I can get the image of the PDF so I can rename it and save it into a folder. Thanks in advance for any help! ~Beth~

42. SOAP application with File Attachment

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