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1. Why and when to use EJB-based web services?    stackoverflow.com

To transfer data from one system to another, through data interface, by web services, we normally get a result set by SQL query, and format them as a web service endpoint, ...

2. Problem with WebServices using EJB. The error is: "..does not contain operation meta data.."    stackoverflow.com

I got an error as I mentioned above. My application has EJB WebServices, developing with MyEclipse and running on jboss4.2.2.GA. I use Eclipse's Web Services Explorer to invoke a WSDL operation. ...

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I have a pre-existing SOAP-based web service with which I'd like to provide a long-polling based notification system. How can I implement this? The client is currently a Java desktop rich ...

4. How can I return an interface to an EJB through SOAP?    stackoverflow.com

I want to build a factory class which:

  • instantiates a new instance of an EJB on a server
  • returns the remote interface to that bean to the client
  • via SOAP
Practically, what I'm trying to ...

6. EJB's and SOAP    coderanch.com

Hello All, I started yesterday with SOAP for the first time. What I'm attempting to do is to make a SOAP request from an ejb, after I passed jsp form data into some collection object. I didn't find much on the web either! My questions are: 1.) What is the best way for receiving jsp form data placed into the HttpServletRequest, ...

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8. EJB3 SOAP WebService with SFSB    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, I'm wondering what the general or best approach is to maintaining state with EJB3 soap based webservices? I've done some research and as far as I can see the approach seems to be using Apache Axis2 with Tomcat or Glassfish to allow the use of ws-addressing (which will allow the session identifiers to be sent and recieved) then coupled ...

9. web service ,soa ,soap , ejb, good book    forums.oracle.com

In recent years, additions have been made to the Java EE Reference Architecture to make it more compatible with SOA. However, there are still significant differences between the two styles of application development. You should be able to distinguish between the two and be able to focus your learning in a meaningful way.