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Flex uses by default UTF-8. I have not fount a way to specify a different encoding/charset on the actionscript WebService class. Thanks in advance for your help

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I'm using a web service where the WSDL describes a single string element in each request and response.

<s:element name="SERVICE">

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We have produced a web service in VB.NET against a WSDL file provided to us by our client. In testing, our client has raised an issue complaining that the XML produced by ...

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I can't manage to create code from WSDL that is in RPC/encoded style - does anyone know which framewok can do that? Axis2 with adb and xmlbeans maping aint working (can't deal ...

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I am having some problems encoding the char (unitType). Below is the example request from the .NET wdsl page. I need to know what format to encode the character into, because ...

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I'm using a Flex 4 based application that submits text data to a SOAP web service. The web services are in fact EJB 3.0 methods with proper annotations. When the data is copied ...

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I am trying to load some image meta data in a flash builder mobile application by making a SOAP call to .Net service. I am able to test the web service ...

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dear all, when i deployed into the application server Websphere 6.1 an application.ear file i have this problem: unexpected encoding style: expected=http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/ i think it is from web service that called form static stub client to the webservice deployed in the Application server i try a lot of solutions to make changes in .wsdl file but no successful in that. would ...

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12. Problem in encoding characters in SOAP    coderanch.com

This is a correct behaviour. Even if you add a certain string value in your client application, it is serialized as an XML message (SOAP) before going to the server. XML has some encoding rules that represent special characters differently. However your server application should be able to de-serialize this SOAP so you will get the old characters back.

13. soap and utf-8 encoding issue    coderanch.com

hi all, i am using a webservices to send out email and I am having a problem with displaying proper swedish and german letters. after researching i know that i have problem with encoding. therefore i changed the following segment of code from "ISO-8859-1" to "utf-8". RequestEntity entity = new FileRequestEntity(file, "text/xml; charset=[b]ISO-8859-1[/b]"); post.setRequestEntity(entity); post.setRequestHeader("SOAPAction", str_SoapAction); HttpClient httpclient = new HttpClient(); ...

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15. How to disable encoding in javax.xml.SOAP message    coderanch.com

Hi! First of all, I do not think you can disable the kind of rewriting of characters such as '>' and '<' in XML data that you are talking about. Second, I do not see anything wrong with the '>' character being replaced in your string, since the string in question is the value of an attribute, namely the query attribute. ...