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1. Unable to call a web service from Groovy

I'm going through the first examples from the new Java Web Services: Up and Running book. I tried to go through the SOAP client example for Java on page ...

2. Debugging GroovyWS. Get the actual generated XML

I'm using GroovyWS in a Grails app to connect to an external SOAP server. I'd like to see the actual XML that is generated by GroovyWS since I'm getting errors without any ...

3. Mapping complex datatypes to model classes (SOAP)

I'm writing SOAP web service tests in Groovy/soapUI (the web service heavily takes advantage of complex datatypes). To make my life easier I'm looking for solutions to map complex datatypes to ...

4. Using Groovy to send Soap envelope

Is there any way to send a Soap envelope using Groovy

5. Soap in Groovy - keep getting NoSuchMethodError

Newbie question: I'm new to groovy & soap , so I might be missing out on something here: I'm trying to communicate with a very basic web service :

... ...

6. Data Drive from CSV for Soap UI (free) using Groovy

Can someone point me in correct direction on how to data drive with csv file in soapui (free version) using Groovy script. Thanks Kumar

7. SOAP Request using groovy

I created the following groovy program test.groovy to invoke BI Publisher web service. I am able to get the soap response. Can anyone please help me to write the soapresponse ( ...

8. How to compare two run time variables value in groovy script

import groovy.sql.Sql      

db = Sql.newInstance('','XXXXXXXXXXXXXX', 'xxxxxxxx', 'oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver')

def groovyUtils = new context );

def holder = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder( "upload simple tour#ResponseAsXml" );
def p_url = holder.getNodeValue( "//ns1:url" );"url value: ...

9. How to send an array of a complex object with GroovyWS

I'm about to call a webservice created in C#, that takes a parameter KmlSystemVariable[] sysVariables How can I pass a parameter like that using GroovyWS? It doesn't need to have any values, ...

10. How? SOAPUI and Groovy - send different SOAP message (with property from file) each time?

I'm trying to use SOAPUI (4.0) to do load testing, and I want to have each SOAP request be different, with some attribute values and element values in the requests being ...