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1. Gsoap Error in C++

I am using gsoap to create a soap server in C++. Messages are routed through a bus written in Java. Both the server and the bus are multithreaded. Everything works well ...

2. C++ and SOAP -> how to start well

My project is about to introduce SOAP. It's going to be used for C++ <-> Java and C++ <-> Flex communication. I'm responsible for refactoring our apps to take advantage of ...

3. Where have you used gSOAP?

Can you give examples how you used gSOAP and how well it was integrated in your existing architecture? Have you found development bottlenecks with gSOAP?

4. What is the difference between soap_new() and soap_copy()?

What is the difference between:

thread_envs[i] = soap_copy(&env);
thread_envs[i] = soap_new();
Sould we use one of them or both?

5. Are there any lightweight alternatives to gSOAP?

I've tried using gSOAP for accessing a web service (e.g. using supplied WSDL to generate C stubs and then using them in an app). However, I've found that the generated .c ...

6. gSOAP does **not** close sockets?

I've an issue with gSoap - it's not closing the socket.. Here's the situation: the application is working fine, but when I call "reload" function, it cannot reconnect.. Here's a piece ...

7. xs:choice embedded in xs:sequence prevents the use of a union

I have the following xsd

<xsd:complexType name="myID">
        <xsd:element name="testID" type="priv:testID"/>

8. Is gsoap threadsafe as a soap client?

I'm using gsoap 2.8 in order to connect to a WCF service (My application is the client). Is it threadsafe? Should I define some precompiled definition? Thanks, Mattan

9. gSoap: how to gracefully shutdown the webservice application?

I'm using gSoap to write a webservice. It's running as a console application. In all gSoap examples I see, that requests are dispatched in infinite loop like for(;;;) even in multi-threaded ...

10. gsoap ANSI C - Using gsoap defined ANSI C Client-side call stub correctly

I am new to using gsoap. I have 4 small successes using c++ only, however am constrained by my current project to set source code generation options to create pure ...

11. gSoap - service call returns with SOAP_OK, but return struct unitialized

This is a dereference of null pointer problem - in both the ANSI C & gSoap domains: I am using the following public WSDL:
and have tested its behavior using soapUI.
I created ...

12. GSoap QT undefined reference to `soap_new'?

I'm trying to use gSoap in QT. When I compile my project I get:

undefined reference to `soap_new'
undefined reference to `soap_delete'
undefined reference to `soap_end'
undefined reference to `soap_free'
undefined reference to `soap_delete'
undefined reference to ...

13. gSOAP does not return information from web service, but it returns only schema

I am trying to retrieve project information from Microsoft Project Server Project web service. I use gSOAP to implement the client. Here is how my code looks like:

if ( project.ReadProjectStatus(&read_project_status_message, &read_project_status_response) == ...

14. XML+SOAP: are newlines permitted?

I'm working with SOAP and XML to interact with some web-services. I noticed that gsoap-generated routines do not have newlines and they work correctly. I successively tried to write my own routines ...

15. Howto to use gSOAP to communicate using WS-ReliableMessaging

I have trouble using WS-RM from gSOAP. I'm already using gSOAP to communicate with a SOAP-webservice (no WS-RM), but I can't get the service and WS-RM working together. As I'm ...

16. Why am I getting a HTTP 400 error calling a web service running in IIS 7.5 when called from gsoap?

I am trying to call a web service running on a Windows 7 machine inside of IIS 7.5. I can call the web service from the local machine using soapUI and ...

17. NDFD soap service with gsoap client

I try to get data from the NDFD SOAP web service with the following gsoap client:

#include "soapH.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>

int main (void)
    struct soap *soap = soap_new();

18. Gsoap undefined references

I'm trying to use and web service with gsoap. I've already generated all *.h and *.cpp using wsdl2h and soapcpp2, included all libraries, at least I think so, but when I ...

19. how to efficiently delete soap content

I'm using the latest version of gSOAP toolkit to communicate via web services. And i'm running the visual studio performance analyzer in the current project that is using the gsoap toolkit and ...