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1. Application specific metadata in SOAP header    stackoverflow.com

Do you think its a good idea to put our application specific metadata in the SOAP header? E.g. In our organization, we want to track each message as it passes through various ...

2. How to sign custom Soap Header?    stackoverflow.com

I've added a custom soap header <MyApp:FOO> element to the <soap:Header> element and the requirments states that i must sign this element , how would one do that? <MyApp:FOO> contains a number ...

3. Testing custom SOAP Headers in ASMX    stackoverflow.com

The test form generated by ASMX is pretty handy for testing operations. However, there is no apparent way to include SOAP headers. How can you test your headers without programming a ...

4. Error handling using Soap Headers    stackoverflow.com

We are developing a new web service and are looking into the "best practice" for returning errors in the soap response. We were looking into creating a error response object ...

5. Is there a better way of customizing SOAP headers in C#    stackoverflow.com

In the past I have needed to create custom SOAP headers in a C# project that was using an imported WSDL web reference. I found a way to do it but ...

6. SOAP Header with identity of final client    stackoverflow.com

The environment is in-house service based applications running in a Windows environment with WCF.

  • There are several "middle-tier" ASP.NET Web Applications and Web Services that authenticate the final client using Windows authentication, ...

7. How do I add a SOAP Header using Java JAX-WS    stackoverflow.com

A typical SOAP client request using JAX-WS might be

FooService service = new FooService();
FooPort port = service.getFooPort();
FooPayload payload = new FooPayload();
payload.setAlias("The Hat");
This generates an HTTP request content something like
<?xml ... ?>
<S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://...soap-envelope">

8. Add soap header - update a node - copy document    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to add Soap headers to my document and update the first RS node with

 <Rs xmlns="http://tempuri.org/schemas">
all while copying the remainder of the document nodes. In my real example ...

9. Custom Headers in WCF    stackoverflow.com

I've want to add specific custom headers on my wsdl for incoming soap message so i've added the required tags into the header node of the web.config like below:


10. Inserting tags into soap header using XSLT    stackoverflow.com

I am processing a soap response file and our requirement is add certain data captured during request to the response. I have this xml reponse here and like a add certain ...

11. SOAP WSE .Net issue with Action header    stackoverflow.com

We have a SOAP Web Service we wrote that accepts work fine testing without a WSE policy set on the class using the Policy Attribute on the class that implements the WS

"<Policy("ServicePolicy")> _"
once ...

12. How do I prevent my .NET SOAP client from including "Connection: KeepAlive" in the HTTP headers. (using WSE3.0)    stackoverflow.com

In the HTTP Connection header, my web service client is including: Connection: Keep-Alive I want to disable this. After doing some research, it appears the way to do this is to ...

13. How to add custom soap headers in wcf?    stackoverflow.com

Can I add Custom SOAP header in WCF incomming/outgoing messages in basicHttpBinding, like we can add custome authenticatino header in ASMX web services? Those custome SOAP header should be accessble using ...

14. How does a custom SOAP header relate to a custom WCF header?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to send more info in each message from the client (Mobile Device) to my service. In my research I am finding about interceptors and custom ...

15. SOAP Prototype Ajax SOAPAction Header question    stackoverflow.com

So I am trying to make a request and pass in a SOAP object, the problem is that it comes back fine (onSuccess) but the responseXML is not there. I ...

16. Adding SOAP:HEADER username and password with WSE 3.0    stackoverflow.com

I have successfully created a WS client that works correctly when NOT using authentication. However, the server (WebSphere) now requires adding a ws-security username token, and I'm having a hard time doing ...

17. WCF Soap Actions in HTTP header or SOAP header?    stackoverflow.com

I'm a little confused about how SOAPAction is implemented in WCF (and other web service frameworks for that matter). In a test client, I have a Client Message Inspector configured to grab ...

18. JAX-WS - Adding SOAP Headers    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to create a standalone client to consume some web services. I must add my username and password to the SOAP Header. I tried adding the credentials as ...

19. What is the correct method used to encrypt the SOAP header?    stackoverflow.com

I know that the SOAP Header is used to transmit auxiliary information relevant to the Web Service processing that isn't part of the method signature.I want to know how to encrypt ...

20. How to I get the value of a custom soap header in WCF    stackoverflow.com

I have created a custom soap header, and added it into my message via IClientMessageInspector

public object BeforeSendRequest(ref System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message request, System.ServiceModel.IClientChannel channel)

21. gSOAP: How to pass info inside soap header    stackoverflow.com

I wish to send some information like authentication token inside SOAP header. I am using gSOAP/c/Linux. Please help me how to pass? My SOAP_ENV__Header looks like

/* SOAP Header: */
struct SOAP_ENV__Header

22. gSOAP: How to send encrypted SOAP header    stackoverflow.com

I want to send some info, like user credentials in the SOAP header from my gSOAP client to my WCF webservice. I wish I could send them in encrypted form. I ...

23. WCF: Use a Message Contract to make a Soap Header    stackoverflow.com

I need to add a soap header to my web service. I plan to use this to validate my clients (Windows Mobile Devices). I found this link: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/rog_21/soapheaders05172007120046PM/soapheaders.aspx Which is ...

24. What is the default http user agent header sent by the .NET SoapClient class?    stackoverflow.com

What is the default http user agent header sent by the .NET SoapClient class?

25. Web service soap header authentication    stackoverflow.com

I have a web service, i want to authenticate the user from the soap header. That is, i want to check a token id (random number) in soap header and validate ...

26. In a WCF Client How Can I add SAML 2.0 assertion to SOAP Header?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to add the saml 2.0 assertion node from the soap header example below - I came across the samlassertion type in the .net framework but that looks ...

27. Adding Soap Message Header for every request in WCF?    stackoverflow.com

In my old asmx web services I used to have AuthHeader which contains the UserName & password and the AuthHeader is mandatory for every web method request. User will ...

28. http status from gsoap header    stackoverflow.com

does anybody knows how to retrieve the http status in gSoap? I have "HTTP/1.1 202 ACCEPTED..." and I want to print the 202 somehow.

29. WCF soap service - add http headers    stackoverflow.com

I and consuming a soap web service using the Service Reference interface in visual studio. The service requires that I include some http headers in the request for authentication. How can I ...

30. How do I get the SOAP headers as XML?    stackoverflow.com

How can I get the SOAP header of my web service function as xml? I need an XML version of my working SOAP header to use as an example for someone ...

31. Understanding SOAPAction in http header (Java somewhat involved)    stackoverflow.com

I noticed my home router has some configuration field "TR-069 CLIENT CONFIGURATION" and some obscure address that I noticed gets resolved quite often each day. (Yes obviously to config the router ...

32. How to modify a WCF message header's MustUnderstand using ClientInspector    stackoverflow.com

I am calling a non-WCF service from a WCF client. The WCF client includes the "MustUnderstand" header attribute set to "1". Here's a typical SOAP request:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:u="http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-utility-1.0.xsd">

33. Alternative to .NET WSE 3.0    stackoverflow.com

I'm using .NET 2.0. There are any alternative to .NET WSE 3.0? Is it possible to pass username and password in soap header without any toolkit, only using code? Thanks

34. Serialize SOAP Header as Document Style XML    stackoverflow.com

I have a proxy to a SOAP web service that requires a session object in the SOAP header. The web service is unable to read the session information from the header ...

35. Send information in Soap Header to WCF service in C#    stackoverflow.com

i want a web application to create a service reference to my WCF service, insert information to the header of the soap call and call my WCF method. i read about MessageContract ...

36. Why am I not getting the soap header?    stackoverflow.com

Why is this so hard in WCF 4.0 I add a custom header in my client Authorization: 18732818 gfdsgShoyh3sfayql6jWCRc= so that my header looks like the following

GET http://HOSTNAME/Public/Xml/SyncReply/TestClearUsername?Id=1 HTTP/1.1 ...

37. Preventing BizTalk from emitting a "To" Soap header in an outgoing request to a WCF BasicHttp service    stackoverflow.com

Using BizTalk 2010 to consume a WCF webservice with BasicHttp binding. My service is rejecting the requests coming from BizTalk. I can see using tracing and soapUI that the reason is the ...

38. Creating a SOAP Header with WS-Addressing and WS-Security from scratch    stackoverflow.com

I am sending out a SOAP message from a windows service to an http endpoint (regular aspx page that will just accept the whole SOAP envelope). The overall operation is async, ...

39. How to send SOAP request header in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have a WSDL file (the web-service has written by .NET) and i can generate the java web-service client proxy classes and codes in IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.4 by its tool. the web-service ...

40. how to add encryption to soap header using a username token profile in wcf    stackoverflow.com

I have a working USername token profile working using WCF, I am trying to add support for encryption on the client call, the webservice is expecting an encrypted soap header. I ...

41. Modify SOAP header Mustunderstand attribute in WCF client    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a WCF client for a service (not WCF). Getting an error that Unprocessed 'mustUnderstand' header element: {http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing}Action, because request SOAP contains header with mustunderstand='true'. I have to ...

42. An HTTP Content-Type header is required for SOAP messaging and none was found    stackoverflow.com

maybe you could help me. i am trying to use wcf to transfer a string between client and server. most of the time it is working. but at some clients (one ...

43. getting request object instead of paramaters for wcfextras soap header send    stackoverflow.com

I have the following contract method call in a soap wcf service contract: [SoapHeader("UserId", typeof(Header), Direction = SoapHeaderDirection.In)] [OperationContract] string DeleteVideoRequest(Guid id); I'm using the wcfextras library to read in a userid header value (or ...

44. JAX-WS - get SOAP headers in web method    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to get a list of all SOAP headers in a web method with plain JAX-WS? I know this can be done by using Metro specific classes (HeaderList ...

45. basic wcf message contract soap header question    stackoverflow.com

I have the following operation contract method:

MyOutputMessageType DeleteVRequest(DeleteVRequest type);  

public class DeleteVRequest

    [MessageHeader(Name = "UserId")]
    public Guid ...

46. Add custom SOAP header in PowerShell using New-WebServiceProxy    stackoverflow.com

In C# I can do the following:

var header = MessageHeader.CreateHeader("MyHeader", "http://mynamespace", "Header value");
That adds the following to the SOAP message:
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">

47. Webservices invalid SOAP header    stackoverflow.com

I have a GUID & token to be passed whenever a webmethod (webservice) is called, from client app that is consuming the webservice.

  1. Client app throws an "Error:undefined" javascript error & it ...

48. SOAP basic auth header    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to send a Autentication header throught to a WSDL service that does not have the authentication requirement specified on the WSDL. How can I add the Auth header to the ...

49. Are HTTP headers same for ASMX and WCF service calls?    stackoverflow.com

We are trying to consume 3rd party secured WCF service programatically. I am trying to programatically add the soap request parameter and the HTTP Headers. Is there a mandatory or standard ...

50. Should the SOAP header be specified in the XSD?    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a web service, thus also writing an XSD to pass to the appropriate collegues to tell them what the web service expects. The service has a SOAP header ...

51. Can SOAP fault contain a header?    stackoverflow.com

Can SOAP fault contain a header? I was reading that it was optional (not 100% sure) and you may have to do it manually. Is that correct?

52. Exposing Soap Headers using WCF .net 4 for soap 1.1. & 1.2    stackoverflow.com

Having trouble exposing the soap header (want to use it for id / pd authentication) via the wsdl. Are there web.config parms that need to be set and or can ...

53. WWSAPI and setting "soapenv:Header" values    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to connect to a web service from a C++ app using WWS. I got the base connection working just fine. My XML message has two parts though, ...

54. How to get message contract to send soap action in body and not header    stackoverflow.com

When i use the "/messageContract" in my svcutil command, my soap message sends the action or operation in the header of the soap envelope and not the body. The remote endpoint ...

55. Add header to SOAP message    stackoverflow.com

I need add custom soap header, like login I do it in way like this

class Foo implements SOAPHandler<SOAPMessageContext> {
    public boolean handleMessage(SOAPMessageContext context) {

56. Adding a custom SOAP header using c#    stackoverflow.com

I have created a proxy class in c# using Wsdl.exe from the WSDL structure. I need to serialize the proxy class and send to an HttpWebRequest. This is the code I used ...

57. gSoap: HTTP Header, Content-Length: 0    stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to use gSoap in a c++ client to access the salesforce.com API using the below code:

struct soap soap;


_ns1__login loginReq;
_ns1__loginResponse loginRes;

loginReq.username = "XXXX";
loginReq.password = "XXXX";

if(soap_call___ns1__login(&soap,NULL,NULL,&loginReq,&loginRes) == 0){

58. Add soap header to a webservice in .net    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to access to a webservice in my .net aplication, but the webservice needs credentials. how can i add the soap header in .net? the webservice in a NO-.net webservice.

59. How to add soap header in java    stackoverflow.com

i have a NO-.net webservice from oracle To access i need to add the soap header. How can i add the soap header in java?

Authenticator.setDefault(new ProxyAuthenticator("username", "password"));

60. How to parse Soap Header with xpath in SoapHandler    stackoverflow.com

I have develop a soap handler which intercept inbound message and retrieve values from SoapHeader. i use following code to read soapheader

SOAPMessage soapMessage=  context.getMessage();
SOAPPart soapPart = soapMessage.getSOAPPart();
SOAPEnvelope soapEnvelope = soapPart.getEnvelope();
SOAPHeader soapHeader ...

61. Need to add username and password to SOAP header in VB.NET Web Service Client    stackoverflow.com

I need to query a web service that basic authentication, putting the username and password in the request header. My client is written in VB.NET Visual Basic Express Edition 2010. ...

62. SOAP header Action was not understood    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to consume a webservice in C#. Whenever i try to call the function from the web service class I am getting a "SOAP header Action ...

63. Extract Soap Header variables in wcf c# to authenticate user?    stackoverflow.com

I am creating the following soap request in a php soap client. To generate the UserCredentials header section, I am doing the following in my php script:

$header = new SoapHeader(

64. Getting WCF to accept unsigned 'To' Header    stackoverflow.com

I have a WCF web service that is using WSHttpBinding. The security is TransportWithMessageCredential. I have a client connecting to me that is sending a Soap message with the To ...

65. Unique ID/SOAP header format question    stackoverflow.com

I'm having an issue with a specification change outside of my environment. We have an application that sends SOAP messages, and the message ID is a Unique ID that we ...

66. SOAP 1.1 message to .NET web service; SOAP message has # instead of / before the method name in header field SOAPAction    stackoverflow.com

Using C#, building a web service. I am writing the web service to receive SOAP messages from another application that I have little control over. This application is sending the SOAPAction ...

67. Is it possible to change the request header, from the receiving web-service?    stackoverflow.com

I am working with a SOAP message, from an application I have no control over. It places a "#" before the SOAPAction parameter, but .NET won't recognize that - it needs ...

68. How to declare that the WCF service is using mandatory SOAP headers?    stackoverflow.com

I have a WCF service which uses some custom SOAP headers. I manage to pass the headers - but how can I declare that they are mandatory thus forcing the client to ...

69. C# - Obtaining a value within a SOAP Header from the OperationContext    stackoverflow.com

I have the following code in C# that looks for an apiKey in the the following SOAP header: SOAP Header:


70. Why do i get a signature over the certificate in my soap header    stackoverflow.com

I need to communicate with a soap service that supports Soap1.1 en WS Security 1.0. I have put up some code in C# that communicates with this service, but it's returning an ...

71. Writing a data contract to the SOAP envelope headers for an outgoing FaultException?    stackoverflow.com

I am in a bit of a pickle with a current project. We have an integration partner who is refusing to conform to contract, and they are expecting a fault contract ...

72. One request of a WCF client is interpreted as two requests by Apache (header and body are splitted)    stackoverflow.com

I have a WSDL file of a webshop (ERP-SOAP interface of an Oxid Webshop) and generated with svcutil.exe some C# classes to access the shop. It worked for over a year ...

73. java web service client, adding http headers    stackoverflow.com

Having created a java web service client using wsimport on a wsdl, I need to set the Authorization header for each soap message embedded in an http request. Having generated a ...

74. Adding SOAP Headers to Request (wsdl2objc client)    stackoverflow.com

I'm using a client generated by wsdl2objc successfully, but the service it consumes will soon be changed to require a user identifying string in the SOAP header. The closest thing ...

75. Signature and Timestamp order on a SOAP Header    stackoverflow.com

I’ve been developing a vb.net client that connects to a Webservice using SOAP. This Webservice needs the SOAP message to be signed and have a timestamp. To this point all is possible, ...

76. Why aren't my soap headers (wcf service) being created by soapui when creating new request?    stackoverflow.com

I have a WCF service with soap header using the WCFExtra dll. When copy-pasting my wsdl to SOAPUI i expected the SOAPUI to create the request with the headers properties already ...

77. Action mustUnderstand header someone please explain it    stackoverflow.com

I've been trying to find a simple explanation on the web on this header. What is its use? When do we need it? What does it do? What does it mean? and so ...

78. SOAP Header and soap:operation Style    stackoverflow.com

I have a program that interferes with wsdl of given web services and changes them automatically then a program calls the service in to add reference to it. among other things it ...

79. Need help with manipulating SOAP header in my WCF client before sending request    stackoverflow.com

I have a unique requirement where I need to send a highly customized soap header in a request to a external vendor. The only way my WCF client can interact ...

80. Add custom SOAP headers to Service Reference in Windows Phone 7    stackoverflow.com

in my windows phone 7 app i added a Web Service with "Add service reference". The webservice i want to use excepts some custom soap headers. How can i add custom headers ...

81. SOAP Header Using    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to establish a connection to SOAP web service.But,I need to send username and password with through header tag. So I have to send inside the wsse:UsernameToken tag.Otherwise,I don't have ...

82. SBL-ODU-01007 The HTTP request did not contain a valid SOAPAction header    stackoverflow.com

I am hoping someone can help get me in the right direction... I am using Powerbuilder 12 Classic and trying to consume a Oracle CRM OnDemand web service. Using Msxml2.XMLHTTP.4.0 commands, I have ...

83. Encrypt SOAP header using AES 256    stackoverflow.com

I need to write one client application using gSoap. The server expects client to encrypt SOAP header. Server is using the Basic256 algorithm suite. I read that it is equivalent ...

84. When adding a web service client in Eclipse I am unable to add soap:headers    stackoverflow.com

I have to write a java client that consumes a WCF. Below is a snippit of the WSDL.

<wsdl:binding name="BasicHttpBinding_IFileTransferService" type="tns:IFileTransferService">
<soap:binding transport="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http" /> 
<wsdl:operation name="Upload">
<soap:operation soapAction="http://tempuri.org/IFileTransferService/Upload" style="document" /> 
<wsdl:input name="UploadRequest">
<soap:header message="tns:UploadRequest_Headers" part="MessageData" ...

85. WCF SOAP request with UsernameToken AND Signature in header    stackoverflow.com

tl;dr: I need a way to configure a WCF client to make a SOAP request including BOTH UsernameToken and Signature elements in the Security header. I have been trying to configure a ...

86. how to set default namespace to SOAPHeaderElement    stackoverflow.com

My goal is building up SOAP message. I am using axis2-saaj (it can be changed if you let me know a better one).


87. How do I attach a SOAP Header to my C# client?    stackoverflow.com

I have my web service set up to recieve a soap header of name "TestHeader" with param "Name" How do i create a soap header in my client AND send it to ...

88. How to pass header information to the soap header SOAP_ENV__Header, in c++ using gsoap    stackoverflow.com

I am working on calling the webservices using the gsoap packages in c++ and get the responses. I have to pass some header information as well, which I am not sure how ...

89. Nested SOAP Header Element    stackoverflow.com

I want to create nested SOAPHeaderElement in Metro web services... It sould be something like I am using JAVA .JAX-WS 2.2.5 (Metro)

  <UserName> data1
  <Password> ...

90. Adding WS-Security Credentials to SOAP headers using WCF    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to communicate with a Java web service that I have no control over, and I'm trying to create a binding that'll work.

  1. Timestamp is not allowed in the header, ...

91. Who is responsible to set the To WS(Ws-Addressing) namespace in SOAP header in an outgoing message?    stackoverflow.com

I have a created a .Net client to access a Webservice. The SOAP request xml generated in client side constructs with WS-Addressing namespace as “xmlns:wsa=http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/08/addressing.”, but in the Service side it ...

92. WebService Client Adding Soap Header    stackoverflow.com

enter code hereI want to create a web service client. I need to send some data in soap header. How can i do that?

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">

93. Passing authentication token in SOAP Header    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to send request to a .net web service through soap.The service needs a authentication token in the soap header.Whats the format to specify the token. I found The ...

94. Missing WS-Addressing elements in Soap header using WCF / .NET Compact Framework    stackoverflow.com

I'm required to use WS-Addressing/WS-Security in our WCF services. The services are called by a mobile device, Windows Mobile 6 / .NET Compact Frameowk 3.5. I have just about everything working, ...

95. WCF web service without SOAPAction header    stackoverflow.com

How can I implement a web service in WCF such that it does not require the SOAPAction header to be present in the request, and would thus dispatch the call using ...

96. How to modify tag in soap header in C# client?    stackoverflow.com

The Request xml generated by C# proxy client for a java web service created empty tag. Please help me how to modify this issue in client code.

97. Adding SOAP headers to ASMX service requests    stackoverflow.com

We were given a set of ASMX services to consume. We have no say in how these services are implemented. We have generated a number of proxies with wsdl.exe tool but ...

98. Removing certain Elements from Header - that were created by WSE 3.0    stackoverflow.com

I am working with a wsdl which is automatically adding extra elements into the xml. In order for it to comply with an external web service that do not use these ...

99. Default header (Still playing with the SOAP stuff)    jmeter.512774.n5.nabble.com

Good day everyone! I'm very grateful for this group and I hope I don't drive anyone insane with all my questions! I'm primarily a web site tester but have been given the task of testing back end stuff now. I'm trying to understand the default header business in Jmeter regarding SOAP/XML requests. in the example simple test case described ...

100. How to create SOAP Header elements in SAAJ?    coderanch.com

I am facing a problem when adding header elements under SOAP Header using SAAJ(api). I want to create a structure as following: I get a empty SOAP header obejct by writing code--> SOAPHeader header = envelope.getHeader(); But not able to add SOAP header elements as specified in example below. I tried but its giving me error as "HeaderElements must be namespace ...

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