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1. Query Web Service for list of Messages?

Is there a straightforward way to query a web service to see which messages it supports? The C# .NET application I'm working on needs to be able to handle an older ...

2. JAXM soap message parsing

I am getting the following XML back from a .net service:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" 

3. View underlying SOAP message using

I have a VB.NET web service that calls a third party web service. How can I view the SOAP message generated by .NET before it is sent to the third ...

4. Debugging BizTalk SOAP messages ... with WireShark or what?

I'm trying to work out what a BizTalk call to a web service is failing, and want to see what the actual message content is. I found Elton Stoneman's

5. Needed: MM7 message builder in .Net


In the mobile world, MM7 is a multimedia message that uses XML/SOAP as its content and HTTP as its transport (wiki).

What I want

some kind of a message ...

6. Getting "WSE003: The input was not a valid SOAP message" on every call to an WSE 2.0 SoapHttpRouter

I already tried some different SOAP-messages, even one which has an empty header and body, but without success to get into my SoapHttpRouter-derived class :-( Also, when I hit the .asmx-URL with ...

7. SOAPMessage GZIP implementation

I want to implement GZIP for SOAPMessage. Below is normal SOAP client call code -

    // Create a new SOAP message from the factory and set the SOAPAction header.


8. Should dateTime elements include time zone information in SOAP messages?

I've been searching for a definitive answer to this, and the XML schema data types document seems to suggest that timezones are accepted, yet I found at least one ...

9. There was no endpoint listening at that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action

I have two WCF clients consuming a 3rd party web service. These two clients execute the same method call. In the one case it works every time, in the other I ...

10. Building large MTOM/XOP messages with JAX-WS

I have a question about using MTOM/XOP with JAX-WS. I'm writing a web service which sends large amounts of binary data. The client requests a number of files and ...

11. Best way to generate a soap xml message?

What is the best way to generate soap xml in c#? I prefer to use xml-serialization if possible. Also, I need to add some custom attributes to the soap ...

12. My SoapExtension is receiving the AfterSerialize message twice!

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and C# to write a web service that requires special handling that I'm solving by rolling my own SoapExtension. This SoapExtension is of course implementing the ...

13. Building SOAP message with XMLDocument VB.NET

I am having some problems building a properly formatted SOAP message using XMLDocument in VB.NET(C# answers are fine though). I am using the following code to manually create my SOAP message, what ...

14. Is there a better way of manipulating SOAP messages than Jaxws SOAP Handler Interceptor before the message gets to the container?

I am currently using the jaxws and apache CXF framework to create webservices using the top down approach. I am using the SOAP interceptors to add remove SOAP header elements, using SAAJ, ...

15. How do I send/Receive SOAP messages usiung .NET

I am new to SOAP. I have to send XML using SOAP to an external web service on the internet and parse the response. How can I do this using the ...

16. Java library to form and parse soap messages

I've tried Axis 2. It dies when trying to parse my WSDL from Seibel. I don't want anything that requires a container (Metro). All I want to do ...

17. Toolkit for parsing SOAP message

as part of my project, i need to be able to parse a SOAP response from a remote service end-point, and convert it into a custom XML format. my project should ...

18. Web service Listener for soap messages in C#

I want to create a listener for soap messages. Can this be done using a web service in c sharp? The soap messages contain xml data inside the soap body. I want ...

19. How to map a c# object to a soap message

I just wandering if I can generate a SOAP message from a object. The class of the object was generated from an xml schema .xsd file by xsd.exe. The problem is that ...

20. Using LINQ to XML to Parse a SOAP message

I am getting up to speed in Linq to XML in C# and attempting to parse the following message and don't seem to be making much progress. Here is the soap ...

21. how to handle eBay SOAP message

i am working with EBay API, using .net C#. on ebay their is a way to register for platform notification ebay notification platform i get the notification to my url address that ...

22. soap message generator

I need a tool that I give wsdl url and operation name after return me soap message construct there are some site making this but I dont find any solution this sites ...

23. creating soap message body

i would like to know how to create soap message, body and envelope in c#. Any help or links appreciated. i need to send a soap attachment to a third party webservice. i ...

24. Getting soap message without invoking web service

Using Glassfish Metro implementation of JAX-WS specification, is it possible to generate SOAP request message for specific operation without actually invoking the operation. Something like SOAPUI ability to generate sample SOAP ...

25. Deserialize a soap message

i have one provider extern that send me that xml for test

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" 
               xmlns:xsi="" ...

26. Something is tampering with the format of my signed outgoing soap messages

I have a problem calling a SOAP Web Service. When I send my signed message from my local machine to the service I get a correct response. When I do the exact same ...

27. How store URL with '&' caracter in SOAP message

I have create a Windows service which upload media files (.ts, .mpg, ...) into a CDN FTP repository then the CDN invoks a web service to get a download link for ...

28. PDF file inside a SOAP message (not as attachement)

Do you know a tool that converts a PDF in base64 format so i can sent it via a SOAP message ? I use SOAP UI.

29. how to parse data from SOAP reponse message in java

I am using Dom4j to parse SOAP message. I had a problem:
Node node = document.selectSingleNode( "/*/soapenv:Envelope/soapenv:Body/ns:addResponse" );
when I use the above XPath, I got the following exception:
Exception: ...

30. SAXException Processing instructions are not allowed within SOAP messages

I'm trying to get a simple Java application to connect to VMWare Orchestrator and the sample code they provided has little to no documentation. I'm connecting to the VMWare server, ...

31. Creating SOAP message from Sample XML via Java

I am really struggling with this . I have a webservice to call which is secured by certificate and digital signature . All this needs to be passed as a part ...

32. Soap request message in Ansi c

I need to consume a java webservice from c.i have created simple c client program and i want to construct the soap request that should be sent to soap server. Any help ...

33. FedEx "Service INTERNATIONAL_GROUND is invalid" message

i made integration with FedEx web services. All things works like a charm, but when i try to use international ground service type it raised me this error "Service INTERNATIONAL_GROUND is ...

34. Can I Construct a complete soap message using mule message enricher?

Using wso2 esb i can construct a complete soap message like this:

    <source type="inline" clone="true">
       <m0:getQuote xmlns:m0="http://services.samples">     ...

35. Xquery program to transform a soap message

I'm new to xquery so please keep that in mind when responding but please do respond. i've been trying to solve this for a week and have found the xquery help ...

36. Understanding a SOAP message and how to write one

I have recently been charged to work with creating and handling SOAP messages, and I know very little about it! (thus the 'newb' tag). Below is a pre-created SOAP message for a ...

37. Multiple soap messages communication

38. soap message size

39. soap messages using sockets

40. protocol to use with SOAP message

41. Size of XML Soap message going over the Wire

SCJP 1.2, OCP 9i DBA, SCWCD 1.3, SCJP 1.4 (SAI), SCJD 1.4, SCWCD 1.4 (Beta), ICED (IBM 287, IBM 484, IBM 486), SCMAD 1.0 (Beta), SCBCD 1.3, ICSD (IBM 288), ICDBA (IBM 700, IBM 701), SCDJWS, ICSD (IBM 348), OCP 10g DBA (Beta), SCJP 5.0 (Beta), SCJA 1.0 (Beta), MCP(70-270), SCBCD 5.0 (Beta), SCJP 6.0, SCEA for JEE5 (in progress)

42. How to retrieve SOAP message?

Hello, I am using JWSDP1.1 and I am trying to sign a SOAP message using Apache XML Security (xmlsec.jar). I know how to sign and validate xml files, but the problem is that I don't find a way to retrieve the SOAP message before transmitting. Does anybody have succeeded XML signature using JWSDP and ApacheXML Security? If so, could you please ...

44. How to view the Soap Message

Originally posted by Sachin Dere: Hi guys, How do i view the actual SOAP Message which is being posted to MSSOAP WebServices?is there any API or do i have to see at the serverside? Pls help me. thanks, Sachin OK, I'm about a year behind the rest of ya'all, but I actually have the SOAP Monitor working! Here's what I have ...

45. SOAP Message

46. Problem with empty elements is SOAP message

Hi all, I have WSDL file and need to develop a client that sends SOAP request with some required and optional elements. I use WSDL2Java tool from Axis to generate client stubs from WSDL. In WSDL optional elements are marked by attribute minOccurs in the following way: In my client I don't fill this optional element with ...

47. SOAP Message and XML

48. Element name in SOAP message

49. Can this soap message be consumed ?

50. returning xml rowset in soap message

51. how to xsi:type attribute for elements in soap message

Hi All, I have a web service developed using .NET and I trying to consume it using AXIS 1.2.1 Final. When I request the service I am getting "org.xml.sax.SAXParseException ocument root element is missing" AxisFault from the service. I was suggest that because of lack of "xsi:type=xsd:string" in the request soap message generated by Axis client I am getting this exception ...

52. Embedding XML within SOAP message

53. Encrypting a SOAP message

I have written the code below to send a soap message built from a file to a webservice. It does exactly what I want, but I need to encrypt the message using TLS. Can anybody give me any pointers on how to go about doing this? public static String sendPDSMessage(String destination, String messageFilename) { StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer(); try { ...

54. Wrong element appearing in soap message

I have below wsdl generated using AXIS 1.2 Final : ...

55. How to order the elements in soap message?

I am following bottom up approach for developing and deploying my web service using AXIS. I first hava POJO that needs to be exposed as web service and then I did java2wsdl and then I have created the server-config.wsdd and deployed the service and generated finally the wsdl. If I change wsdl then it is not going effect the way I ...

56. Undefined schema definition in request soap message

I have below soap message with WS Security Signature generated by Axis 1.2.1: .... .... ... ...

2200 W VEGAS 34343 BLAH USA
.... .... "AddressType" is declared to be belonging to the namespace "" however "AddressType" is not defined in the ...

57. digest value mismatch and disabling pretty printing/formatting of soap message

I am trying to validate a signature produced using AXIS+WSS4J client. The validation is performed by using AXIS+WSS4J on the provider side. The signature is performed on the body element in soap message However during signature validation process I am getting an error "digest value mismatch". I think the message after it is signed is modified and this may be the ...

58. Using xmlbeans to create a soap message

I am using xml beans 2.1.0 to construct a simple blank soap message and am having an issue with the first line of the method below, where it is creating the message factory. I have been stuck on this for a while. Has anyone done this before? public static void createSoapEnvelope() throws SOAPException { MessageFactory messageFactory = MessageFactory.newInstance(); SOAPMessage message = ...

59. Pretty Print SOAP message

You can use the following code to pretty print the soap message xml (code excerpted from samples code with XercesJ 2.8.0 distribution). import*; import org.w3c.dom.*; import java.lang.reflect.Method; public class DomWriter { /** Print writer. */ protected PrintWriter fOut; /** Creates a new instance of DomWriter */ public DomWriter() { } // // Public methods // /** Sets the output ...

60. Unable to create proper SOAP message

Hi All, I am trying to add an attribute to the soap body in the following way: Name bodyAttribute = requestMessage.getSOAPPart().getEnvelope().createName("Id", "wsu", "http://docs.oasis-open-arg/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-utility-1.0.xsd"); requestBody.addAttribute(bodyAttribute,"Body"); However the result is not as expected. Expected result: Current Result: Why is the value of the prefix changing? Can anyone help me resolve this problem? Thanks in advance, Anup

61. SOAP messages and Firewalls

Hi, If a server within a firewall makes a synchronous RPC SOAP call to another system outside the firewall, then a port in the firewall needs to be opened by the administrator to allow this SOAP call out. My question is, does another port need to be opened to allowed the SOAP response back in through the firewall to the server ...

62. How to make SOAP request with UTF8 charactes in message body

Hi all, I am new to web services technology. My question is how do we call a web service with UTF8 characters in the request body. I am using following code for calling a web service. But, when I receive a request on server side it displays ??? instead of UTF8 characters. URL soapUrl = new URL(requestUrl); Service pService = new ...

63. ClassCastException for SOAP message

64. handle SOAP messages

65. SOAP message

hi Rahul, I have done the same thing but im facing the following error. com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.SOAPPartImpl lookForEnvelope SEVERE: SAAJ0514: Unable to create envelope from given source because the root element is not named Envelope Jul 31, 2007 12:13:01 PM com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.EnvelopeFactory createEnvelope SEVERE: SAAJ0511: Unable to create envelope from given source Jul 31, 2007 12:13:01 PM com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.soap.SOAPPartImpl getContentAsStream SEVERE: SAAJ0547: Error while trying ...

67. Converting a SOAP file/string to message - Help for a $

I have a SOAP message I coding by hand to mimic the response a server should send me if I sent a SOAP message and got a response back (since I can't atm get a response I just added what I thought I would get back to a .xml file and read it in) All seemed to work fine until I ...

68. Rampart sample not encrypting soap message

Hello all, In need to encrypt the body of SOAP messages on a service. I'm using Axis2 so therefore I'm working through some of the Rampart examples to try and understand how it can be applied in Axis. Sample 03 is perhaps the closest to what I want to do, so I'm focusing on that. However I can't seem to get ...

69. Can I decide The Soap message path ?

70. Badly formed SOAP Message when calling Web Service

Hi All, I am facing problem to send a string of size more than 32KB when invoking the webservice. Its working fine upto 32KB.I need to send string of size 80KB to web service. I Used the jax-ws 2.0, WebSphere Application Server (Web service feature pack). Is there any where i need to set size in program or in Application ...

71. How I handler SOAP messages

72. Conversion of message to SOAP in web service

Hi, I am a new bie to web services. I have developed a web service that takes as input two parameters and returns a string. My web service is working fine. I just wanted to identify the flow of my web service. So, I had set the verbose value to true in my client and passed my parameters to my web ...

74. customizing soap messages

75. How to refer the current SOAP message?

76. Problem with SOAP message

There is a client who is sending a SOAP message to my web service, but he is getting the following error message. What could be wrong and how can I correct it? System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: WSE600: Unable to unwrap a symmetric key using the private key of an X.509 certificate. Please check if ...

77. Multiplue lines in soap message

I am creating a declaration webservice which should recieve a declaration with one ore multiple declarationrows. I have a class definition Declaration which contains an array of DeclarationRows. Of course there are other datatypes in declaration to, but they don't give me problems. Declaration { String amount; Declarationrow[] row; } my webservice contains the method: cudDeclaration(Srting Action, Declaration declaration) when i ...

78. maximum length of a data element for containing text in a SOAP message

Hello, What is the maximum length (number of bytes) of a data element (which contains text) in a SOAP message? I don't mean the value that is set by maxLength, of a given xsd:string, but what is its maximum value capacity? Is the length of xsd:string "infinite", for example in the range of positive integers? Are there other types besides xsd:string ...

79.  in SOAP message

80. need help tracing soap messages

Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to trace soap messages. I can use tcpmon but would really like to use Metro's jaxws-rt.jar version since with the Metro version I don't have to alter my code. Here's how to do it accoring to the book Java Web Services Up and Running: In the book Java Web Services Up and ...

81. Generate SOAP message from Java class

Gaurav, First thanks for the reply. I have the j2ee.jar added. But the complaint is about an IBM file. My enironment is eclipse and I dont have [I dont need to have any IBM dependancy] So thats why I am confused when it threw an IBM related exception I want to use javax.xml.soap package. Thanks

82. Get the body content in SOAP message

Hi, Kriszan! Firstly, sorry for my late contact. I saw the page indicated for you and I have a doubt. On the section about signing SOAP messages is it explain how to signing all SOAP messages (the header and body) or just parts of the message? Just for clarify the things, on XML that wrapped over the body has a tag ...

84. Enable gzip in soap message. Apache soap caller.

Hi, I want to zip my soap request message. below is the code i use to send. I do not use axiz. i use just soap caller. { Message message_ = new Message (); ApacheMessageBody ourBody = new ApacheMessageBody (); ourBody.setSoapxmlMessage(this.__mSoapxmlMessage); this.envelope_.setBody (ourBody); message_.send (this.getEndPoint(), this.soapActionUri_, this.envelope_); this.soapMessage_ = this.message_.receive(); return this.soapMessage_.getInputStream(); } please let me know how to enable gzip ...

85. class ..Merlin Not Found when trying to sign SOAP message

Hi, could someone please give direction to what could be causing "" Not Found" ..when trying to sign SOAP message? The class is in the same path as libraries that are found, so the error message does not make sense to me. Would you suspect: 1) configuration mistake (with e.g. axis)? 2) some encryption related issue? 3) something else? I would ...

86. Creating a SOAP message

Hello, Currently, our batch job transmits a text file to our external business partners. But a new requirement from a business partner is that message be sent as a SOAP to them. Any suggestion as to what technology/tools would be more appropriate to create a SOAP message? I am looking at SAAJ right now but would like to hear if there ...

88. How to get document object From SOAP Message?

Hi! Ah, you said nothing about reading a message from a file in your original post. First you read the entire file and separate the MIME parts from the SOAP message. For each of the MIME headers, you create an object of the class javax.xml.soap.MimeHeader. Each MimeHeader instance is added to an instance of javax.xml.soap.MimeHeaders. Then you can use the SAAJ ...

89. Printing SOAP message.

Hi! As far as I understand, you want to print SOAP messages issued by a web service client. I suspect that the most compatible way is to use a logging handler. In my SCDJWS study notes, section 9.5, there is a complete example on how such a handler can be implemented. You could investigate the JAX-WS SPI, described in section 4.6 ...

90. Regarding the Soap Message

A "SOAP message" is just an XML-based group of text characters organized in a specifc way. It is not a Java object. A programmer can create a "SOAP message" with shell script commands, a text editor, COBOL code, Java code, Perl code, etc. When a "SOAP message" is sent it is converted to bytes. The XML-based text is converted to bytes, ...

91. SOAP message to XML

Hello All, Is there a way to convert SOAP response to XML? I tried to use JAXB but it is giving error. I am pasting the SOAP response below. Please let me know how to convert this to XML. SOAP Response ============= Internal Support My Company IT Support Organization uOrch6 ...

92. while handling the SOAP message Content-Transfer-Encoding is missing.

Following problem is faced by my coworker and posting here: All SOAP request attachments has "Content-Transfer-Encoding" mime header. In our web service, we have SOAP Message Handler. While trying to dump the SOAPMessage contents, "Content-Transfer-Encoding" is missing. Below is the code snippet to dump the SOAPMessage. public boolean handleMessage(SOAPMessageContext context) { SOAPMessage soapMessage = context.getMessage(); soapMessage.writeTo(System.out); We even tried ...

93. strange soap message creation with plain old java code, any suggestions?

ok, i am trying to create a soap message, and for the most part my code works great. but I am getting a small error when I set 1 of the soap body attributes and was wondering if anyone could see what was going on here. the "body" created by the code below....(this is just the body part) correct except for ...

94. JAX-RPC web service soap message handler issues

I am having troubles creating a handler to intercept the header information in my soap message. my service works fine without the handler, but when I add the handler I get errors in the sun java app server 8.2 logs. the service takes 2 numbers in the soap request, and adds them, and then prints the result in the response. then ...

95. Choosing communication protocol for SOAP message

There are various communication protocols that can be used for SOAP. Http, Ftp, SMTP, etc.. The question is when should each one be used? I'll get the ball rolling. SMTP is good when you would like to do some multicasting or when you want to make use of its store and forward capabilities. For example, the receiver may not be up ...

96. Issues while creating a SOAP message

97. How to create a SOAP request Message from a sample XML

Hi All, Iam really struggling with this . I have a webservice to call which is secured by certificate and digital signature . All this needs to be passed as a part of SOAP request which Iam creating via Java code , but even after spending days on it the digital signature part which Iam trying to create is not getting ...

99. Help with a SOAP message

The whole point of the Base64 encoding was so that you would have a string. So your question about whether you can now send a byte array indicates a serious degree of incomprehension. Could you please review the entire thread before posting again? And yes, XML is a text format. You are using XML are you not? Therefore you need text ...

100. javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Unable to create message factory for SOAP:

Hi , I am moving my application from Tomcat to Weblogic 10.0. The application is working fine on Tomcat but on weblogic 10.0 i am getting following error message. [[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '5' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] ERROR com.independenthealth.portalbeans.drugcopay - javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Unable to create message factory for SOAP: org.apache.axis.soap.MessageFactoryImpl javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Unable to create message factory for SOAP: org.apache.axis.soap.MessageFactoryImpl at javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory.newInstance( at ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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